The following poem was authored by my grandmother's brother Bramwell Quinton of Charleston, and sent to me by Neal Tremblett. It was printed in The Clarenville Packet, page 9, on November 29, 1979.

When Father Read the Bible

O how well do I remember
Boyhood days when I was young,
When at eventide we rested
Work for the day was done
Then father took the Bible and from its pages read
The stories true for everyone if we would just take heed
If the world felt cold and cheerless
We could never lose our way
When father read the Bible at the close of every day.

Some hard times he did encounter
In those days so long ago
But always with his faith in God
It always brought him through
When the world around him crumbled
And his friends they him forsook
He found comfort.  There was solace
In the pages of that book.

We as children had to listen
As he read the word of God
And we have not forgotten
As down life's road we've trod
In my memory I can picture
Wherever I may go
How father read the Bible
In them days so long ago.

Only now do I appreciate things learned so long ago
God's plan for man's redemption
Although we've sunk so low
I've learned more from the Bible
As I've travelled down life's way
Because father read the Bible
At the close of every day.

How we loved to hear the storeis
That he read from that old book
About Moses and of Aaron and the journey that they took
God who led them through the wilderness
Was their guide for all the way
Father read this from the Bible
At the close of every day.

He read of David and Goliath
How the giants head he took
How we loved to hear those stories
That he read from that old book
He also read of punishment that God he would repay
All those who would reject His word
And His laws not obey.

Now father long has passed away
Beyond this vale of tears
But his impression on our lives
Remains throughout the years
The ways of life he taught us then
Will stay were'er we go
Because he read the Bible
To us so long ago.

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