The following poem was authored by my grandmother's brother Bramwell Quinton of Charleston, and sent to me by my aunt Violet Quinton. It was printed in a newspaper, presumably The Clarenville Packet, although the publication date is not known, except that it was in March.

God's Promise to Abram

Long, long ago when God did tell
Old Abram where he should dwell
God said to him, "Life up they face,
This land is yours and for your race."

"Look North and South and East and West,
On all the land they eyes shall rest;
For all that land thy eyes shall see,
That will I surely give to thee."

Your seed I'll greatly multiply
As dust upon the earth doth lie,
If anyone can number it
The answer then to this he'll get.

This promise made so long ago
Is valid still, we all should know
If we the Word of God would read
His promises we then should heed.

Leades of nations small and great
Will try their best this land to take,
They do not know God's power is strong,
And right will triumph over wrong.

Mr. Sadat may rant and rave,
His prestige he may want to save,
Bur surely with him God will deal
His nostrils too the hook will feel.

Sure that poor man must have heard
Of Pharoah's armies - how they fared
In the Red Sea so long ago,
How God, He caused their overthrow.

The Jewish people don't forget
God's promise, they remember yet.
A promise made by God's command
That peace will be within their land.

By Bramwell Quinton, Charleston

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