Newfoundland Pikes Lost at Sea

Trying to piece together family histories and genealogies is a challenging task, especially when records that should exist don't. In the case of deaths, one possible reason for a burial to not be properly recorded could be due to a death that occurred at sea.

Information about persons lost at sea is can be hard to obtain (sometimes there just isn't anything left of a vessel or its passengers and crew, and so even a place or date of loss is difficult to accurately determine). So on this webpage I plan to list snippets of information about Newfoundland Pikes who are known to have been lost or buried at sea.

If you know of a burial/loss at sea that is not listed, or if you have additional information about one of the entries below, feel free to contact me at Citing sources of information is particularly helpful.

If you came to this page directly, then you might want to know that I have additional information about the Pike families of Newfoundland on my website.

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