Thomas Pike and Gosse Pack & Fryer, 1824

The following is an extract of the information found in the Registry of Deeds, Northern District, Volume 1, Page 23. My transcription was made on 20 September 2004.

Additional records that relate to the Pike family can also be found on my website.

Thomas Pike                to                        Gosse Pack & Fryer
                     Memorial of
An Indenture of Mortgage bearing date the First day of
December in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred
and twenty four made between Thomas Pike of Carbonear Planter
of the one part and Gosse Pack and Fryer of the same place
Merchants of the other part whereby the said Thomas Pike for and
in consideration of the sum of Fifteen pounds, demised unto the
said Gosse Pack and Fryer, all that Plantation situated in
Carbonear in the Island of Newfoundland aforesaid, situate on
the south side of Carbonear and bounded as follows: on the West
by the Harbor Grace Road, on the East by Samuel Pike's Plantation
on the North by John French's place and on the South by Thomas
Fraize's place, together with all and singular the Dwelling Houses
and other erections whatever thereunto belonging:  To hold unto
the said Gosse Pack and Fryer until the before mentioned sum
of Fifteen pounds shall be paid off by an annual payment
to be made by the said Thomas Pike of Two pounds sterling or
the value thereof in Merchantable Fish - subject nevertheless to a
proviso that the same shall be void on the payment of the sum
of Fifteen pounds sterling money - which said Indenture of
Mortgage is witnessed by Robert Bayly and James C Godwin
both of Carbonear aforesaid
   The due execution of the Indenture of Mortgage of which the
foregoing is a Memorial was acknowledged before me by Thomas
Pike a party thereto on the Twenty fifth day of April one thousand
eight hundred and twenty six and the same is hereby actually
Registered by me this day.
   Witness my hand at Harbor Grace Newfoundland
   this First day of May one thousand eight hundred
   and twenty six 1826.
                                  John Stark

No 12 Fee L0-10-0

Original delivered to Robert
Pack 17th May 1826 J.S.

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