Trinity Anglican Records

The following list of Pike entries comes from transcripts that I made back in the late 1980s and/or early 1990s, from the microfilm copy held at the National Archives of Canada (microfilm number M-1947). The time period covered by these records is 1753 - 1867.

This should hopefully be a complete list of Pike entries (as well as possible spelling variants of Pike) from these records, but I was not primarily looking for Pike entries among the Trinity records back in the 1980s so there may well be some entries that I've missed below. If you notice any entries that I've missed then please let me know.

Additional Pike entries from other Newfoundland church records can also be found on my website.


19 Oct 1783     a young woman that answered for herself named Jeane Pike age 19 years

03 Jan 1789     Mary, daughter of Catherine Bettice by Geo Peck, servt to Mr Street   (Bastard)

05 Nov 1796	George, son of George & Mary Peck of this Hr (pub 26 Dec 1798)

01 Oct 1798	John, son of George & Mary Pick of this Hr (pub 24 sept 1799)

15 July 1823    George (age 4 years) and John (age 2 years), sons of John & Dorothy Pike, British Hr, planter
[baptism #173]

15 July 1823 	John (age 2 years), son of John & Dorothy Pike, British Harbour, planter
[baptism #179]

16 Aug 1824     James (age 1 year), son of George & Susan Pike, New Hr, planter

16 Aug 1824     William (age 2 months), son of John & Dorothy Pike, New Hr, planter

25 Aug 1830     Mary, daughter of John & Dorathy Pike, New Harbor, planter


Note: the second marriage listed below is one that I have seen repeatedly cited as being a Pike marriage, but the surname that is written in the original records is Pile (not Pike). The accuracy of "Pile" is further reinforced by information from Lloyd's Registers of 1789 and 1790, both of which list the Brig Prosperous and her master "J. Pile". Incidentally, the Prosperous is described as being 62 tons, built in 1766 at Weymouth, owned by Jenkins and Co, having a single deck with beams, and having a draught of 9 feet when fully loaded.

04 June 1773    James Gooby & Mary Pike
                at Old Perlican

12 Oct 1789	Capn John Pile (Comr of Brige Prosperous) of Tidmouth Devon
                & Elizabeth Waterman, daughter of Sarah Waterman of this Hr, widow

01 March 1794	Geo: Pick of XtChurch Hants
                & Mary Anderson, widow of the late Saml Anderson

25 Jan 1800	Benjn Higdon Junr of English Hr
                & Judith Pick Junr of Old Perlican

30 Oct 1845     George Pike of New Hr
                Hannah Fifield of Trinity
                witnesses:  David James, Wm Pike


03 Aug 1763     Stephen Pick, servant to Captn John [Lemon]

06 Nov 1796     John Pack, servant to Benjn Lester Esqr, who was accidentally drowned

22 March 1811   Samuel, son of the late Samuel & Mary And--- (now Pike) of this harbour
                aged 19 years and 11 months

19 Oct 1826     Mary Pike, age 64, of British Hr

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