St. John's Wesley Methodist Marriages

What follows is a list of all Pike marriages in the St. John's Wesley Methodist Church records held at PANL as of August 2004. This list constitutes a typescript of my handwritten extraction from photocopies of the original records, which is to say that I may have inadvertantly introduced some errors while transcribing and typing... as always, you should double-check against the original records. That said, if you spot any mistakes that I have made, please let me know at Additional Pike entries from other Newfoundland church records can also be found on my website.

Some comments about this list:

At PANL these records are in several volumes as follows:

The format of most of the entries that follow is as follows:

Entries are separated by one or more blank lines.

4   Hugh William Pike     29 bachelor   Carpenter       Carbonear               Father: Wm Henry Pike
    Gertrude Russell      28 spinster                   St. John's              Father: [blank]
    15 September 1905 at 117 Hamilton Street
    Thomas Pottell, Fanny Pike

75  James Simmons         25 bachelor   Labourer        Odam Ave, St. John's    Father: Joseph Simmonds
    Annie Brentnall       23 spinster                   St. John's              Father: Robert Brentnall
    11 August 1909 at Wesley Meth. Parsonage
    Wm Simmons, Beatrice Pike

132 Moses Pike            31 widower    Fisherman       Broad Cove              Father: [blank]
    Lucy Delaney          26 widow                      Old Perlican            Father: [blank]
    14 May 1912 at home of bride's sister
    Simon Rogers, [M ?] Edith Benson

143 William Stull         27 bachelor   Labourer        Springdale              Father: [blank]
    Beautrice Pike        24 spinster   Domestic        Fogo                    Father: [blank]
    7 October 1912 in the Parsonage
    Thomas William Graham, Emily Penney

145 George Woodland       23 bachelor   Mine            Old Perlican            Father: [blank]
    Millie Jane Pike      19 spinster   House Keeper    Old Perlican            Father: [blank]
    15 October 1912 in the Parsonage
    W H Button, Jemima Swires

158 Charles Edward Quick  26 bachelor   Moulder         St. John's              Father: [blank]
    Julia Pike            24 spinster                   St. John's              Father: [blank]
    6 March 1913 in the home of father
    Hilda Pike, [Wm ?] Quick

159 George Allan Bussey   24 bachelor   Constable       St. John's              Father: [blank]
    Alice Janes           24 spinster   Domestic        St. John's              Father: [blank]
    13 March 1913 in the Parsonage [88 Springdale St ?]
    Eli Jones, Fred Pike, Blance Moore, Theodore [Harnam ?]

202 William Pike Taylor   22 bachelor   Electrician     St. John's              Father: [blank]
    Elsie Ethel Couch     22 spinster                   St. John's              Father: [blank]
    17 June 1914 at St. John's
    Julia [L ?] Taylor, Walter H Jones, Egbert Eugell, Ella Barter

252 Fredrick John Weston McKay  23 bachelor   Mechanic  St. John's      Presbyterian
    Margaret Chancey Pike       20 spinster             St. John's      Methodist
    1 June 1916 at home of bride, Alexander St
    Dorcas Pike, Moses Pike, Hayward Pike, Jessie M Pike, W A McKay, Mrs W A McKay

282 Arthur Wyatt          41                                            Methodist
    Mabel Pike            21                                            Methodist
    19 July 1917 at home of A Goobie, Esqr, 248 Hamilton Ave
    Ephraim Hull, Beartha Hull

286 Arthur Fredrick Pretty      25 bachelor   Engineer  St. John's      Methodist
    Jessie May Pike             27 spinster   Domestic  St. John's      Methodist
    9 October 1917 in the Wesley Parsonage
    Hayward Pike, Margaret Chancey McKay

299 Edwin Baker           30 bachelor   Fisherman       Elliston T.B.   Methodist
    Ethel May Pike        21 spinster   Domestic        St. John's      Methodist
    13 December 1917 in the Wesley Church
    William Pike, Reuben Hudson, Sadie Piercy, A J Daisy Lilly

307 Maxamiliam Pike    [27?] bachelor   Wireless Operator       St. John's      Methodist
    Edith Butler        24   spinster   Domestic                St. John's      Methodist
    23 January 1918 in the Wesley Parsonage
    Allan E Withycombe, Ida Withycombe

381 Aubrey Wilson Loveys  24 bachelor   Accountant SS Mayor     St. John's      Methodist
    Gladys Boyd           22 spinster                           St. John's      Methodist
    29 October 1919 in the Wesley Church
    Hayward E Pike, Gladys M Loveys

385 John Hudson Squires  23 bachelor    Draper                  St. John's      Methodist
    Gladys Pike          22 spinster                            St. John's      Methodist
    26 November 1919 in the Wesley Parsonage
    John Randolph Budgen, Mrs Maggy Bugden

424 George Edward Pike   26 bachelor                            Harbour Grace   Methodist
    Hazel Maud Sellars   22 spinster                            St. John's      Methodist
    4 October 1920 in the Wesley Parsonage
    Thos Sellars, Sarah Sellars

448 Robert Pyke          27 bachelor                            St. John's      C of E
    Mary Louise Ash      25 spinster                            St. John's      C of E
    3 April 1921 in the Wesley Parsonage
    Walter Pyke, ["Mrs Ernest Ash" is crossed out and followed by:] Mary Ash, Jennie Ash

451 William Hinton Churchill  26 bachelor                       Carbonear       Methodist
    Nellie Estella Peters     24 spinster                       St. John's      Methodist
    26 May 1921 in the Wesley Methodist Church
    W H Pike, Harry K M Wilson, Beatrice [T ?] Churchill, Hildah Pike

490 Ernest Pike          27 bachelor                            Freshwater      Methodist
    Mollie Rumson        22 spinster                            St. John's      Methodist
    2 December 1922 in the Wesley Parsonage
    Sandy Rumson, E May Rumson

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