St. John's Gower Street Methodist Church Marriages

What follows is a list of all Pike marriages in the St. John's Gower Street Methodist Church records held at PANL as of February 2006. This list constitutes a typescript of my handwritten extraction from photocopies of the original records, which is to say that I may have inadvertantly introduced some errors while transcribing and typing... as always, you should double-check against the original records. That said, if you spot any mistakes that I have made, please let me know at Additional Pike entries from other Newfoundland church records can also be found on my website.

Some comments about this list:

At PANL these records are in several volumes as follows:

The format of most of the entries that follow is as follows:

Entries are separated by one or more blank lines.

John Charles Taylor                             St John's
Annie Louisa Parsons                            St John's
30 March 1893
Mark Pike, [Telora?] Pike

47  Richard Rodway              33 bachelor     St John's       Carpenter       Father: Richard Rodway
    Sarah Eleanor Hickman       27 spinster     Grand Bank                      Father: Henry Hickman
    11 Dec 1893 at the Gower St Parsonage
    Thomas Winsor, Cicily Pike

118 Stephen Freeman             35 bachelor     St John's       Shoemaker       Father: Stephen Freeman
    Fanney Moores               29 spinster     St John's                       Father: Edmund Moores
    12 May [1896] at the Gower St Parsonage
    Isabella Pike

William Frye                    25 bachelor     St John's       Coachman        Father: Wm Frye         Denomination: M
Evelyn Pike                     25 spinster     "(Portugal" Cove Freshwater.)   Father: George Pike     Denomination: M
28 Nov 1896 at St John's
[Lillie?] Curtis, Lousia Reid

Alfred F Pike                   24 bachelor     St John's       Clerk           Father: Francis Pike
Bertha Barlett                  24 spinster     St John's                       Father: John Bartlett
16 August 1897 in the Parsonage, St John's
Joseph Werks, Melina Bartlett
["(73 Queens Road.)" is written at the bottom of this entry]

Thomas Pike                     24 bachelor     St John's       Seaman          Father: Chas Pike       Denomination: M
Lydia Jacobs                    21 spinster     St John's                       Father: Simeon Jacobs   Denomination: M
21 Dec 1897 in the Parsonage, St John's
Carl Stentiford, Edward Quinton

George White                    22 B            St John's       Storekeeper
Ida Bursey                      22 S            St John's
7 Nov [1901] in the Gower St Parsonage, St John's
Reuben Pike, Mira Hopkins
["Barron St 23" is written near the top of this entry]

57  Stanley Elliott             23 B          238 Theatre Hill  Draper          Father: Archibald
    Jessie S. N. Pike           25 S          238 Theatre Hill                  Father: Joshua
    15 June [1905] in the home of R.W. Cram, 238 Gower Street
    Ella M Pike, Flora Pike, R W Cram

87  Edward Walter Pike          21 B          9 Pennywell Road    Painter       Father: Wm John Pike
    Edith Clarke                21 S          26 William Street   Tailoress     Father: Edwin Clark
    19 Dec 1905 in the Gower St Parsonage
    Thomas Pike, Eliza Sweetapple, William Pike

139 Charles Oke                 28 B          South West Arm    Merchant        Father: Joseph R Oke
    Jessie Benson               25 S          St John's                         Father: J J Benson
    8 August [1907] in the home of the Bride
    Jessie Pike, Arthur Benson

166 Leigh Pike                  20 bachelor   35 Alexander St   Carpenter       Father: Moses Pike
    May Taylor                  20 spinster   396 South Side                    Father: William Taylor
    4 June 1908 at the Gower Street Parsonage
    Albert Snow, Emmie Snow, Jessie Pike

190 John Archibald Sheppard     28 bachelor   28 Boncloddy Street  Shoemaker                    Denomination: Church of Engd
    Rebecca Noseworthy          23 spinster   93 Cabot Street                                   Denomination: Church of Engd
    13 Feb 1909 at Gower Street Parsonage, St John's
    Edward W Pike, [Jennie or Jemmie] Pike

214 Isaac Newell                22 bachelor   14 Nunnery Hill      Cabinet Maker                Denomination: Methodist
    Kate Tremblett              21 spinster   Queen's Road                                      Denomination: Methodist
    31 March 1910 at Gower Street Parsonage
    Moses Pike, Elizabeth Tremblett

227 Isaac Snow                  57 W          Longs Hill           Fisherman                    Denomination: Meth
    Drusella Pike               48 W          Hayward Ave                                       Denomination: Meth
    15 Dec 1910 at 68 Hayward Ave
    James Young, Jessie Osmond

230 Moses Pike                  29 B          [B?]arnes Rd         Printer                      Denomination: Ch of Eng
    Elizabeth Tremblett         25 S                                                            Denomination: Meth
    3 June 1911 at 241 Duckworth St
    Isaac Newell, Kate Newell

231 James B Peet                52 W          87 Long's Hill       [blank]                      Denomination: Meth
    Charlotte Annie Octon       40 S          New Gower St                                      Denomination: Meth
    18 June 1911 at 47 New Gower St
    Harold J Peet, Flora M Peet, George E Pike, Gordon Peet

236 Reuben Pike                 21 bachelor   St John's            Labourer                     Denomination: Methodist
    Winnie Jacobs               20 spinster   St John's                                         Denomination: Methodist
    2 Sept 1911 in Methodist Parsonage, Gower Street
    Thomas Davis, Beatrice Davis

270 Eli Driscoll                26 bachelor   St John's            Machinist                    Denomination: Methodist
    Annie Benson                27 spinster   St John's                                         Denomination: Methodist
    25 Sept 1912 in home of the bride, 40 Carter's Hill, St John's
    Arthur Pike, Ethel Benson

362 Charles Guy Pike            20 bachelor   St John's            [Pte Soldier ?]              Denomination: Methodist
    Marion Green                22 [blank]    St John's                                         Denomination: Methodist
    21 June 1917 at Methodist College House, St John's
    Thomas Kelly, Florence Watson

417 Ernest Pike                 24 B          St John's            Engineer                     Denomination: Methodist
    Elsie Harvey                23 S          St John's                                         Denomination: Methodist
    18 August 1919 at home of the bride, 55 Patrick St, St John's
    Cora Harvey, Richard Alex Harvey

419 Nathanael Cole              31            Trinity              Clergyman                    Denomination: Methodist
    Gertrude M Pike             29            St John's                                         Denomination: Methodist
    23 August 1919 in the home of Mrs P J Duley, 51 Rennies Mill Rd, St John's
    Jennie Angel, Thomas J Duley, Margaret S Pike, Emma Cooper Thwaik, Ethel Angel Jones, Laura Currie, Gladys Duley Courtney, Flora L Currie, [unclear iniitals] Duley, Margaret Duley

497 Francis Pike                33 B          Port au Basque       Merchant                     Denomination: Methodist
    May Bell                    31 S          St John's                                         Denomination: Methodist
    31 March 1921 in the Crosbie Hotel, St John's
    [Mr Hlie ?] Bell, S K Bell, John Anderson, Robt Crosbie

512 Richard E Fennimore         27 B          Grand Falls          M.Teacher                    Denomination: Methodist
    Sarah Mriam Lander Giles    28 S          New Harbour          T.Operator                   Denomination: Methodist
    29 Sept 1921 in home of Mrs Joyce, 44 Le Merchant Road, St John's
    Chas [N?] Giles, Martha G Pike

578 Charles Brantom             24 B          Trinity Bay          Carpenter                    Denomination: Methodist
    Mary Madigan                23 S          Cape Royal                                        Denomination: R Catholic
    [18?] Oct 1923 at Gower Street Parsonage, St John's
    William Long Ingram, Willam C Pike

634 William George Pike         25 B          Old Perlican         Fisherman                    Denomination: Methodist
    Fannie Mercer               21 [blank]    Bay Roberts                                       Denomination: Anglican
    2 Sept 1925 at Gower Street Parsonage, St John's
    Clarence M French, Thomas Chalker

710 Maxwell Mitchell            26 B          Spencer St, St John's     Grocer                  Denomination: United Church
    Isabela Youden              18 S          Goodview St, St John's    at home                 Denomination: United Church
    14 July 1928 at Gower St Manse, St John's
    Thurza Fizzard, Hayward A Pike

811 Robert Pike                 36 B          St John's                 Carpenter               Denomination: U.C.
    Elfreda Crane               36 widow      St John's                 Housework               Denomination: Ang
    5 January 1932 at St John's
    Norman Ralph, Emma Upshall

848 Elexander Thomas Butcher    44 W          Placentia Bay             Coaster                 Denomination: Ang
    Bessie Maud Pike            26 S          Flat Islands              Housework               Denomination: U.C.
    8 Feb 1933 at St John's
    Lillian Ingram, Robert Pike

857 Ralph Pike                  23 B          St John's                 Laborer                 Denomination: S.Army
    Effie Noseworthy            20 S          St John's                 Housework               Denomination: U.C.
    14 June 1933 at St John's
    Lizzie Hollett, Albert Hollett

898 William Allen Tiller        25 B          St John's                 Plumber                 Denomination: United Church
    Florence Goodyear           23 S          St John's
    30 Oct 1934 at Gower St United Church, St John's
    Edward Tiller, Madge Pike

899 Gideon Squires              22 B          St John's                 Police Constable        Denomination: United Church
    Sarah Pike                  23 S          St John's                                         Denomination: Church of England
    1 June 1935 in the Parsonage, St John's
    William G Pike, Madge Pike

926 William Pike                22 B          Carbonear                 Fisherman               Denomination: United Church
    Greta Pardy                 23 S          St John's                 Housework               Denomination: United Church
    16 Oct 1936 in the Parsonage
    Ronald Goodridge, Evelyn Gibbons

930 Robert Warren Goodwin       33 B          Harbour Grace             Farming                 Denomination: U.C.
    Myrtle Matilda Pike         31 S          Bristols Hope             Housework               Denomination: U.C.
    24 Nov 1936 at United Church College Residence
    Edwin Martin, Ina Vaters

991 Lorenzo Pike                34 bachelor   Harbour Grace             Business Man            Denomination: United
    Doris Grace Noseworthy      33 spinster   Clarkes Beach             Business                Denomination: United
    18 Feb 1939 at Gower St United Church, St John's
    Emily B Simmons, [A or G ?] W [Simmions ?]

1005 Algermar Ferguson [Crummey?]  27 bachelor   1 Murray St            Schoolmaster            Denomination: U.C.
     Olive Noseworthy              26 spinster   Pouch Cove             at home                 Denomination: U.C.
     6 July 1939 at Cochrane St Vestry, St John's
     W B Pike, Serena Pike

1107 Christian Theel            26 B          St John's                 American Army           Denomination: Lutheran
     Lillian Blanche Pike       23 S          St John's                 at home                 Denomination: United
     10 Nov 1941 at Gower St United Manse, St John's
     Cyril Janes, Bella Pike

1165 John N Plank               31 divorced   39 Campbell Ave           steel foreman           Denomination: Methodist
     Minnie Pike                31 spinster   St John's                 cook                    Denomination: United
     2 Sept 1942 at Gower St Manse, St John's
     Alma Bradbury, Archibald Bradbury

1212 Wendell Douglas McCollum   42 B          Ft Peperall               [Sergean?] US Army      Denomination: Presbyterian
     Henrietta Pike     [32 or 37] S          St John's                 Schoolteacher           Denomination: United Ch
     2 June 1943 Gower St Church, St John's
     Christina Pike, Edward H Schaller

1244 Leslie Walter Douglas      24 B          St John's                 Sailor                  Denomination: U Ch
     Ada Lillian Pike           19 S          St John's                 Domestic                Denomination: Ch of E
     5 Oct 1943 in the home of the officiating minister [Charles R Blount], 25 Cook St, St John's
     Marion Lawrence, Graham Mercer, James Mercer

1287 James John Sturgeon        22 B          St Johns, Blackville N.S.   Can Soldier           Denomination: U.C.
     Laura Elizabeth Power      21 S          St John's                   Saleslady             Denomination: U.C.
     14 Aug 1944 at Gower St United Church, St John's
     John Minken, Maxine Pike

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