St. John's George Street Methodist Church Marriages

What follows is a list of all Pike marriages in the St. John's George Street Methodist Church records held at PANL as of August 2004. This list constitutes a typescript of my handwritten extraction from photocopies of the original records, which is to say that I may have inadvertantly introduced some errors while transcribing and typing... as always, you should double-check against the original records. That said, if you spot any mistakes that I have made, please let me know at Additional Pike entries from other Newfoundland church records can also be found on my website.

Some comments about this list:

At PANL these records are in several volumes as follows:

The format of most of the entries that follow is as follows:

Entries are separated by one or more blank lines.

5   Edward Whitten                              St. John's
    Annie Elizabeth Pike                        Carbonear
    11 August 1882
    Jonathan Noseworthy, Murial Noseworthy

    Joseph Pike                 widower         St. John's      Fisherman       Father: ["Moses" is crossed out] Ives Pike, Fisherman
    Louisa Primer               spinster        Twillingate                     Father: Richard Primer, Master Mariner
    24 November 1883 in in the Parsonage
    Eliza Tucker, Edmund Taylor

    Reuben Pike                 bachelor        St. John's      Mariner         Father: John F Pike, Master Mariner
    Bennett Garland             spinster        St. John's                      Father: Henry Garland
    31 December 1883 in the Parsonage
    Richard Garland, Jacob Trapnell, Grace Dymond

    William Augustus Scaplin    bachelor        St. John's      Clerk           Father: Edward Scaplin, Bookkeeper
    Marianne Jackman            spinster        St. John's                      Father: Edward Jackman, Cordwinder
    1 January 1884 at residence of the bride
    Alfred Pike Jr, Geo F Bowden, Annie Jane Williams

    John Rice                   bachelor        Twillingate                     Father: Joseph Rice, Fisherman
    Rosanna Snow                spinster        Twillingate                     Father: George Snow, Fisherman
    16 January 1886 in the Methodist Parsonage
    Joseph Pike, Louise Pike, Susanna Bartlett

    Mark Seager Pike            bachelor        Carbonear       Sailmaker       Father: Edward S Pike, Sailmaker
    Mary Ann Soper              spinster        Carbonear                       Father: John Soper, Planter
    19 January 1887 at house of bride's uncle
    L [T ?] Chancey, Phenie C Soper, W H Whiteley, John Angel

    Silas Moores                bachelor        Blackhead Con Bay    Labourer   Father: Robert Moores, Fisherman
    Susanna King                spinster        St. John's                      Father: John King, Labourer
    26 February 1887 at brides' father's house
    George [Toffy ?], John Pike, Jessie Hollett

    Richard Pike                bachelor        St. John's      Engineer        Father: Richard Pike, Captain
    Emily L Paul                spinster        St. John's                      Father: Thomas Paul, Captain
    16 May 1887 at bride's father's house
    Em L Paul, Amelia L Collins

    Theodore Pelley Soper       27 bachelor     Carbonear       Fisherman       Father: Nathaniel Soper
    Annie [S?] Benson           23 spinster     Little Bay                      Father: Jonathan Benson
    14 January 1893 at residence of W [G?] Withycombe
    G J Withycombe, M Hannah Pike

    Charles Garf                26 bachelor     Sans voul Sweden    Mariner     Father: John Garf, Carpenter
    Laura Whidden               22 spinster     St. John's                      Father: William J Whidden
    3 June 1893 in St. John's
    Robert Whitten, Silas N Halfyard, M Hannah Pike, Leah Whitten

    Percy Warren                20 bachelor     St. John's      Wheelwright
    Etta Parsons                18 spinster     St. John's
    5 August 1893 in the West Parsonage
    George Pike, Mary Pike

    Charles Noseworthy          25 bachelor     St. John's      Seaman
    Sarah White                 25 spinster     Greenspond
    14 May [1894] in the Parsonage
    George Pike, Mary Pike

    Alfred M Pike               bachelor        St. John's      Accountant
    Lillian M Gushue            spinster        St. John's
    17 July 1894
    Elizabeth Gushue, Jessie E Ellis

    Newman Benson               [23?] bachelor  St. John's      Labourer
    Sarah Kates                 23 spinster     St. John's
    9 March 1894 [but I think it's really 1895]
    James Pike, Kate Westcott

153 Mark Pike                   25 bachelor     St. John's      Carman          Father: Francis Pike, Fisherman
    Carrie Hiscock              23 spinster     St. John's      Servant         Father: Robert Hiscock, Fisherman
    12 November 1896 in the Parsonage W
    Sarah Newman, Maggie Forsey

161 James [G ?] Pike            25 bachelor     St. John's      Carpenter       Father: Lorenzo Pike, Labourer
    Catherine Westcott          20 spinster     St. John's      Servant         Father: Henry Westcott, Sailor
    16 February 1897 in the Parsonage
    A Withycombe, [Mary F ?] Westcott

164 Edward Pike                 20 bachelor     St. John's      Labourer        Father: William Pike, Labourer
    Maud Louisa Spencer         19 spinster     St. John's      Servant         Father: William Spencer, Shoemaker
    19 March 1897 in the Parsonage
    Thomas H Paton, Sarah Newman

175 James Pike                  23 bachelor     St. John's      Clerk           Father: William Pike, Labourer
    Annie Simmonds              24 spinster     St. John's      Servant         Father: Levi Simmons, Planter
    22 November 1897 in the Parsonage W
    Robert Simmonds, Minnie Herald

257 Robert Gudger               21 bachelor     Catalina        Fisherman       Father: George Gudger
    Bertha Patten               24 spinster     32 Convent Sq                   Father: William Patten
    9 November 1906 in the George St Parsonage
    Samuel Porter, William Gudger, Lizzie Pike

302 Nathaniel Pike              widower         41 Scott St     Examiner of Customs     Father: George Pike
    Mary Dove Coultas           spinster        369 Water St                            Father: Joseph Coultas
    30 Sept 1908 in the house of Mrs Edgar, 369 Water St
    Arthur W Martin, [Hy Jessees ?], Henrietta Colton, Maggie Edgar

314 Jonathan Mercer             27 bachelor     North West Arm NDB      Engineer        Father: Reuben Mercer
    Susanna Harriet Poole       21 spinster     Hermitage Bay                           Father: Thos Poole
    13 January 1909 in house of Mr Jas Pike, Power St
    J A Pike, Catherine Pike

361 Wm Heny Pike [signed as: Will H Pike]   bachelor      Edmonton Alberta Canada      Clergyman
    Florence N White                        spinster      St. John's
    15 June 1911 in house of C Hutchings Esq
    George E Pike, Jennie C White

368 William Nosworthy           widower         St. John's      Machinist
    Clara Louisa Mews           spinster        St. John's
    21 August 1911 in house of the bride
    W H Ebsary, A F Mews Collins, [Eileen?] M Pike

369 Samuel Janes                20 bachelor     St. John's      Fisherman
    Mary Anna Norris            24 spinster     St. John's
    31 August 1911 in the Parsonage
    Jessie Pike, Hezekiah Janes

397 Joseph Penney               21 bachelor     St. John's                      Methodist
    Gertrude Pike               20 spinster     St. John's                      Salvation Army
    26 December 1912 in George St Parsonage
    Jennie Pike, William Pike

421 Thomas Pike                 45 bachelor     St. John's      Carpenter       Methodist
    Margaret LeDrew             33 spinster     Change Islands                  Methodist
    13 January 1914 in George St Parsonage
    Miss Sophie Simmonds, Miss Mary Dyke

424 Richard Thomas James Pike   26 bachelor     St. John's      Engineer        Methodist
    Selena King                 25 spinster     St. John's                      Methodist
    25 February 1914 in house of the bride
    Joseph Edwd Taylor, [W ?] King

483 James Frederick Pike        24 bachelor     St. John's      Engineer        Methodist
    Jessie Sparkes              24 spinster     St. John's      Clerk           Methodist
    [21 or 22] June 1916 at Ross Farm, Quidi Vidi
    W Howard [Pike or Pine], Violet Sparkes

562 Samuel Taylor               30 bachelor     Carbonear CB    Master Mariner  Methodist
    Emma Evely                  25 spinster     Flat Rock B de V                Methodist
    29 July 1919 at George St Parsonage, 117 Hamilton St
    Capt Samuel Janes Gosse, Huldah Pike

570 Charles Pyke Penney           30 bachelor   Stephenville    Salesman        Methodist
    Violet [Acedireus ?] Thomson  26 spinster   St. John's                      Methodist
    29 Oct [1919] in home of Mr William Thompson
    John Rorke, Gertrude Christian

615 Harold Pike                 26 bachelor     St. John's      Painter         Methodist
    Ethel May Noftall           24 spinster     St. John's                      Methodist
    23 August 1921 at George St Parsonage
    Harvey Pike, Laura Noftall

639 Joseph Seaward              25 bachelor     St. John's      Constable       Methodist
    Margaret Cummins            25 spinster     St. John's                      Methodist
    4 October 1922 in No 1 Gilbert St, St. John's
    William G Pike, Stephanna Cummins

653 Alexander Gilbert           26 bachelor     Bay Bulls Arm   Fisherman       Methodist
    Mabel Julia Pike            23 spinster     St. John's                      Methodist
    20 December 1923 in the George St Methodist Church
    Arthur John Pike, Mary Gilbert

661 Frederick N Pike            25 bachelor     St. John's      Clerk           Congregational
    Lily Hatcher                22 spinster     St. John's                      Methodist
    15 September 1924 in the George St Methodist Parsonage
    Alice Gillian, W M Hatcher

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