St. John's Cochrane Street Methodist Church Marriages

What follows is a list of all Pike marriages in the St. John's Cochrane Street Methodist Church records held at PANL as of May 2006. This list constitutes a typescript of my handwritten extraction from photocopies of the original records, which is to say that I may have inadvertantly introduced some errors while transcribing and typing... as always, you should double-check against the original records. That said, if you spot any mistakes that I have made, please let me know at Additional Pike entries from other Newfoundland church records can also be found on my website.

Some comments about this list:

At PANL these records are in several volumes as follows:

The format of most of the entries that follow is as follows:

Entries are separated by one or more blank lines.

49   Ernest Augustus Pike       22 bachelor     Upholsterer     St John's                       father: Francis
     Margaret Victoria Thompson 26 spinster                     St John's                       father: Ebenezer
     18 Sept 1893 at the Methodist Parsonage, Military Road
     Freeman Parsons, Mary Parsons

101  Frederick Garland          24 bachelor     Shoemaker       St John's                       father: John
     Sarah Smith                21 spinster                     St John's                       father: Martin
     6 Aug 1895 in the Methodist Church, Cochrane St
     [N N ?] Pike, Alice Smith

118  Christopher Joyce          28 widower      Fisherman       Flat Islands, Placentia Bay     father: Christopher
     Margaret Denty             28 widow                        Flat Islands, Placentia Bay     father: Wm Keepin
     16 Nov 1896 in the Methodist Parsonage, 10 Gower St
     William Henry Collins, Edith Pike

130  Simeon Dunn Ellis          25 bachelor     Fisherman       Hants Harbour                   father: Samuel
     Mary Louisa Mercer         26 spinster                     Bay Rogerts                     father: Jacob
     4 Nov 1897 in the Parsonage, 10 Gower Street
     Martin Hopkins, Edith Pike

149  Robert Freeman             34 bachelor     Accountant      St John's                       father: [blank]
     Maria Foote                23 spinster                     St John's                       father: Orestes Foote
     15 Feb 1899 in the house of the bride's father
     John McKnight, Annie Pike, Mabel Foote

179  Solomon Baggs              48 widower      Fisherman       St John's West                  father: John Baggs
     Isabella Pike              41 widow                        St John's East                  father: Edmund Moores
     1 July 1900 in the Parsonage, Cochrane St
     [unclear initial] Vincent, Carrie Pike

187  William Pike               40 widower      Fisherman       Lance Cove T.B.                 Meth
     Harriet Norman             25 spinster                     Bay Roberts                     Ch of Eng
     5 Nov 1900 in the Meth Parsonage, East End
     Abel Armstrong, Mary Jacobs

196  Enoch Pike                 52 bachelor     Tanner          St John's                       father: John [T or P?] Pike
     Drucilla Young             38 widow                        St John's                       father: Joseph Berry
     27 Nov 1901 in the Parsonage, 62 Cochrane St
     Louis Young, Edith Pike

Archibald H Milligan               B                            St John's
Laura Cornick                      S                            St John's
25 Aug 1903 in the Cochrane St Parsonage
P B Gowans, H A [T?]ishop, Ethel Pike, [H?] Pike
[May 2009 update:  I'm told by an email correspondent that the first two witnesses above were        ]
[                  Prudence B. Gowans and Harold A Bishop, who were themselves married in June 1904. ]

Rueben Pike                     29 W            Seaman          St John's
Bessie Matthews                 27 S                            St John's
11 April 1904 in the Parsonage
Joseph R Matthews, Julia Hallahan

Charles Joyce                   27 B            Carpenter       Paradise, P.B.
Edith Ann Pike             [blank] S                            St John's
14 March 1905
Patience Spencer, Moses A Spencer

William Pike                    21 B            Painter         Carbonear                       father: William John Pike
Eliza Jane Sweetapple           20 S                            St John's                       father: [blank]
28 June 1906 in the Parsonage
Mrs Alfred Morgan, Minnie Ash

Gordon Hay                      22 B            Stone Cutter    St John's                       father: William Hay
Margaret Roberts                21 S                            St John's                       father: Azariah Roberts
5 July 1906 in the Parsonage
E F Taylor, L ["Leigh" is written below the "L"] Pike

299  Solomon Shepherd           49 widow        Fisherman       Harbor Grace
     Louise Marshall            46 widow                        12 Pilot's Hill, St John's
     9 January 1908 in the Parsonage
     Mrs C Coffen, William Pike

303  Martin Billard             26 bachelor     Labourer        St John's
     Elizabeth Jane White       23 spinster                     St John's
     10 March 1908 at 18 Fleming Street
     Mrs Jane Pike, James Billard

338  George Clarke              27 bachelor     Mason           St John's
     Amy Butler                 24 spinster     Domestic        Robin Hood
     30 Dec 1909 in the Parsonage (Cochrane St)
     Mrs [C or E] W Pike, P J Raynes

434  Martin Sweetapple          24 bachelor     Driver          St John's                       Meth
     Annie House                21 spinster                     Greenspond                      Meth
     16 June 1914 in the Cochrane St Meth Parsonage
     Wm J Downton, Mrs J Pike

488  Peter Parsons              21 bachelor     Fisherman       Gooseberry Island               Episcopalian
     Alice House                23 spinster                     Gooseberry Island               Methodist
     31 May 1917 in the Cochrane St Methodist Parsonage
     Jeanie Pike, William Pike

495  Stephen John Pike          29 bachelor     Meth.Minister   [Chelsea?] Quebec               Methodist
     Alice Maud Knight     [blank] spinster                     St John's                       Methodist
     24 Oct 1917 in the Cochrane St Methodist Centennial Church
     [Josiah?] Marshall, [--- Knight?]

544  Herbert Warwick Darby      23 bachelor     Clerk           St John's                       Methodist
     Irene Parsons              25 spinster                     St John's                       Methodist
     25 June 1919 in the Cochrane St Methodist Church
     Ethel M Darby, George Harold Parsons, Mazie Pike

610  Charles Newberry           27 B            Printer         St John's                       Methodist
     Violet Maunder             21 S                            St John's                       Methodist
     10 Nov [19]21 in the Parsonage 7.45 am
     Harvey Pike, Florence Maunder

693  Ewen S Hennebury           33 B            Printer         St John's                       C of E
     Winifred L Pike            31 S                            St John's                       Methodist
     24 June [19]26 in the home of Mr Ernest Pike, 18 Bellvedere Street
     Gladys Garland, J A Hennubury

697  Howard Douglas Pike        34 B            Druggist        St John's                       Methodist
     Miriam Grimes              22 S                            St John's                       Methodist
     7 July 1926 in the United Church (Meth Centennial) St John's
     Geo Siddall Hutchings, Emma Grimes

733  Thomas Brown               27 B            Labourer        Bay Roberts                     Salvationist
     Madge Moore                25 S            Domestic        St John's                       United Church
     24 January 1929 in the Manse, Cochrane St
     C Russell, H Pike, John Smith

743  William George Morgan      29 B            Conductor              St John's                C of E
     Pearl Oakley Pike          29 S            Business Commercial    St John's                United Church
     18 Sept 1929 in the Cochrane St United Church
     Samuel Morgan, Mark Pike, Clara Studley, Elsie Morgan

803  John Morgan                54 widower      Planter         Bay Roberts                     U Ch
     Cicely May Janes           35 spinster                     Carbonear                       U Ch
     8 April 1935 in the United Church Parsonage
     Harold Morgan, Clara Pike

817  Walter R Pike              41 bachelor     Mining Engineer        St John's                United Church
     Mary Strange               30 spinster                            St John's                United Church
     13 Nov 1935 in the residence of the Minister [Levi Curtis]
     [Ma?] S Curtis, [Florence Andrews ?]

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