St. John's Anglican Records - St. Thomas Parish

What follows is a list of all Pike entries in the Anglican records from the parish of St. Thomas in St. John's that are held at PANL as of May 2006. This list constitutes a typescript of my handwritten extraction from photocopies of the original records, which is to say that I may have inadvertantly introduced some errors while transcribing and typing... as always, you should double-check against the original records. That said, if you spot any mistakes that I have made, please let me know at Additional Pike entries from other Newfoundland church records can also be found on my website.

Some comments about this list:

At PANL these records are in volumes as follows:

Baptisms (1830 - 1918)

Number Name Birthdate Baptism Parents Abode Occupation
490 Pike, Sarah Jane 20. Sep. 1841 [unclear] 44 William & Sarah Pike St John's Fisherman
491 Pike, John [unclear] 4th [unclear] [1844] William & Sarah Pike St John's Fisherman
541 Pike, Mary Florence 22. May. 1877 17. Jun. 1877 William George & Jane Pike St John's Labourer
701 Pike, Arthur [McDougall or McDongatt]
25. May. 1879 William & Jane Pike Chapel St Joiner
414 Pike, Bell Halpin 11. Feb. 1883 15. Apr. 1883 William Geo & Jane Pike Queens Road Labourer
181 Pike, [Elise or Elsie] May 24. Oct. 1898 1. Jan. 1899 James & Susannah Pike Forest Road School Teacher
232 Pike, Edgar George 14 March 12 April [1910] John & Bertha Pike Barnes Road Steward

Marriages (1830 - 1921)

The format of the marriages entries that follow is as follows:

440     Simeon Robert Pike      bachelor of St John's
        Margaret Emma Burford   spinster of the same place
        2 March 1873 in this church with consent of friends
        George Anderson, Archabald Taylor, Alexander Stevenson, Margaret Jane Hughes, [James?] Pike

Pg 22   Thomas Pynn             bachelor
        Catharine Skinner       spinster        both of this parish
        7 Feb 1853 in this church
        Jordan Pike, W D Morison, [Gilward?] Skinner, Susanna [Lanzed?], Catharine [Skinner?], Sarah J [chipman?]

1       Henry Hopkins           31 bachelor     Private Royal Canadian Rifles   Fort Townsend           father: Thomas Hopkins          Mason
        Mary Ann Pike           22 spinster                                     St John's               father: William Pike            Carpenter
        5 Oct 1868 in St Thomas's Church
        W [Gulter?], I Ashbee

23      Edward Cunningham       28 bachelor     Carpenter                       Cochrane Street         father: John Cunningham         Clerk in Holy Orders
        Eliza Furniss           22 spinster                                     Livingstone Street      father: James Furniss           Carpenter
        9 June 1886 in the Parish Church
        Frederick Lewis, Jas Cunningham, Katie Pike

178     Edward Brooking         20 bachelor     Coachman                        Mullock Street          father: Edward Brooking         Farmer
        Annie Georgina Jackman  21 spinster                                     Lime Kiln Hill          father: George Jackman          Mariner
        17 July 1892 in the Parish Church
        Enoch Pike, John Martin England

181     Isaac Bishop            26 bachelor     Mariner                         George Street East      father: George Bishop           Carpenter
        Harriet Collins         27 spinster     Dom.Servant                     Bannerman Street        father: Henry Wm Collins        Fisherman
        11 Oct 1892 in the Parish Church
        John Pike, Sarah Pike

352     Thomas Joseph Murphy    22 bachelor     Courier                         Waterford Bridge Rd     father: William Murphy          Carman
        Cicely Ann Scaplen      21 spinster                                     Pleasant St             father: John Scaplen            Brewer
        17 Dec 1899 in the Parish Church
        William S Pike, W G Hammond

155     George Pike             28 bachelor     Fisherman                       Bay De Verde            father: James Pike              Fisherman
        Mary Ann Blundon        26 spinster                                     Bay De Verde            father: Moses Blundon           Fisherman
        28 Nov 1907 in the Parish Church
        Stephen Russel Emberly, Mary Jane Froud

182     John Pike               29 bachelor     Chief Steward                   Barnes Road             father: James Pike              Clerk
        Bertha Elford           26 spinster                                     Parade St               father: William Elford          Mailman
        27 April 1909 in the Parish Church
        Louis Elford, A Wellar

56      George Edward Cook      55 widower      Cooper                          Southside               father: Robert Cook             Fisherman
        Minnie Frances Pike     38 widow                                        Southside               father: William H Weatherton    Coachman
        7 Dec 1911 in the Parish Church
        Alexander Cook, Maud Heath

103     George Hayward Pike     27 bachelor     Engineer                        Carbonear               father: John Pike               Carpenter
        Louise Parker Roberts   24 spinster     Nurse                           Lakeview Avenue         father: John Roberts            Porter
        26 Sept 1913 in the Parish Church
        John Roberts, M Roberts, V W Hellyer

35      Herbert Edgar Pike      30 bach         [Sealer?]                       St John's               father: William Pike            Tinsmith
        Emma Snow               31 spinster                                     St John's               father: Joseph Snow             Supervisor in Mun Council
        30 July 1918 in the Parish Church
        Stella M Pike, Joseph Moyst

173     Walter Patton Pyke      22 bachelor     Baker                           St John's               father: Edward Pyke             Contractor
        Jenivive Ash            22 spinster                                     Sudbury St              father: Charles Ash             Carpenter
        23 June 1921 in the Parish Church
        Lesetta Jean Graham, Charlie Prince, Ian Dick Graham

Burials (1865 - 1942)

Number Name Abode Date of Death When Buried Age Notes
69 Pike, Eliza

28 Sept 1868 49 G.5.4 [maybe this is a burial plot reference?]
5 Pike, Mary Florence St. John's
18. Aug. 1879 2y 3m
1542 Pike, Anne Barnes Road 16. Dec. 1906 18. Dec. 1906 86
34 Pike, William [S---ds (maybe Symonds?)] Bond Street 27. Aug. 1908 30. Aug. 1908 53
466 Pike, James 27 Barnes Road 1. Apr. 1918 3. Apr. 1918 65
675 Pike, Fannie 61 Hayward Av
18. May. 1922 65 Carcinoma of stomach
730 Pike, Herbert 45 McDougal St 28. Aug. 1923 31. Aug. 1923 36 Drowned
684 Pike, Susanna 27 Barnes Rd 20. May. 1940 22. May. 1940 84

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