Rose Blanche and La Poile Anglican Records

What follows is a list of all Pike entries in the Rose Blanche and La Poile Anglican records held at PANL as of May 2008. This list constitutes a typescript of my handwritten extraction from photocopies of the original records, which is to say that I may have inadvertantly introduced some errors while transcribing and typing... as always, you should double-check against the original records. That said, if you spot any mistakes that I have made, please let me know at Additional Pike entries from other Newfoundland church records can also be found on my website.

At PANL these records are on Reel 36 of the parish records collection, which contains entries as follows:

The first set of records (starting in 1856) appear to be from La Poile, whereas the others are from Rose Blanche itself). There is a note in this first volume (from La Poile) as follows:
   The old Register from the year 1847 to the end of
   the year 1855 contains the following Numbers
           Baptisms  322
           Marriages  58
           Burials    60
PANL does not appear to have a copy of these records from 1847 - 1855.

Baptisms (1856 - 1910)

In addition to the single baptism that mentioned the name Pike, I also extracted several other baptisms that appear to involve the same couple (William Bond/Pond and Adelaide Pike). Note that there is an 1880 marriage in the Anglican records from Channel for a "Mary Ann Ponn" who is described as being a 17-year-old daughter of "William Pon" and from Isle aux Mortes. My belief is that this Mary Ann is the same person as shown in the first baptism listed below.

Number Name Birthdate Baptism Parents Abode Occupation Notes

Pond, Mary Anne
18. Oct. 1863 William & Adelaide Pond Eastern Point Fisherman

Pond, William
25. Jun. 1865 William & Adelaide Pond Frenchmens Cove Fisherman
56 Bonde, Uria Thomas 9 Oct [1866] 16 Dec [1866] Willia & Adelaide Bonde Little Harbour Skipper
70 [Pike or Ponde], Charles 11 Feb [1867] 12 March [1867] William Ponde, Anne Pike Eastern Point Fisherman
139 Bond, Alfred Charles 27 Oct [1868] 2 Nov [1868] William & Adelaide Jane Bond Little Bay Fisherman

Bond, Emma Adela 19. Feb. 1874 12. Jul. 1874 William & Adelaide Bond Little Bay Master of Schooner

Bond, Louis Philip Alex 10. Jul. 1876 20 Aug [1876] William & Adelaide Bond Little Bay Capt of Schoo

Bond, Winifred Anna 28. Apr. 1878 4. Aug. 1878 William & Adelaide Bond Little Bay Master of Schr

Bond, Winifred Hannah 28 April 3. Jul. 1880 William & Adelaide Bond

Bond, Walter John 20. Jun. 1880 19. Jul. 1880 William & Adelaide Bond

351 Purchas, William 24. Jul. 1884 15. Feb. 1885 William Bond, Frances Purchas Little Bay Fisherman Illegitimate
439 Bond, Emma Frances 8. Nov. 1886 23. Nov. 1886 William & Frances Bond Little Harbour Fisherman
489 Bond, Edith Victoria 29. Sep. 1887 7. Oct. 1887 William & Adelaide Bond La Poile Master

Marriages (1856 - 1901)

The format of the marriages entries that follow is as follows:

51  William Pond           bachelor                             Eastern Point
    Adelaide Pike          spinster                             French Mans Cove
    8 Sept 1862 at the Church of St Thomas, La Poile
    William Dupe, William Organ

85  Joseph Vickers         bachelor                             La Poile
    Martha Pike            spinster                             La Poile
    15 Sept 1865 at the Church of St Thomas, La Poile
    William Upwards, George Payne

105 Charles Taylor         bachelor                             Grand Bruit
    Ann Pike               spinster                             Frenchman's Cove
    9 Sept 1870 at La Poile, in the Church of Saint Thomas the Apostle and Martyr
    Henry [Even?], Francis Luce

135 Philip John Hubert  23 bachelor             Clerk           La Poele                father: Philip John Hubert (deceased)   House Painter
    Emma Adelia Bond    20 spinster                             Little Harbour          father: William John Bond               Sailor
    14 January 1894 in the School House, Little Harbour, La Poele Bay
    Robt J Henderson, [J or L] C LeSeelleur

178 Joseph Paschal Hiscock   32 bachelor        Fisherman       Little Bay              father: Davis Hiscock           Fisherman
    Winifred Hannah Bond     21 spinster        Nil             Little Bay              father: William Bond            Fisherman
    10 January 1899 in the School House, Little Bay, La Poile
    Joseph C LeSeelleur, James Mauger, George Purchase Junr

Burials (1856 - 1882)

I found no Pike burials.

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