Red Bay (Labrador) Methodist Marriages

What follows is a list of all Pike marriages up to 1931 in the Red Bay Methodist church records held at PANL as of January 2005. This list constitutes a typescript of my handwritten extraction from photocopies of the original records, which is to say that I may have inadvertantly introduced some errors while transcribing and typing... as always, you should double-check against the original records. That said, if you spot any mistakes that I have made, please let me know at Additional Pike entries from other Newfoundland church records can also be found on my website.

Some comments about this list:

At PANL these records are in several file folders as follows: I haven't yet extracted entries from the 1932 to 1973 volume, though I may do so at some later date.

The format of most of the entries that follow is as follows:

Entries are separated by one or more blank lines.
2   Alfred Yetman                       bachelor        Fisherman       Red Bay
    Alice Maud Pike                     spinster                        Red Bay
    28 September 1877 [I suspect this really should be 1878]
    Cicily Penney

4   Albert Ash                  25      bachelor                        Red Bay
    Isabella Targett            24      spinster                        Red Bay
    12 October 1878
    Albert Pike, George Ash, Cicily Penney, Jane LeGrow

5   William Henry Yeatman       20      bachelor                        Red Bay
    Alice Maud Howell           18      spinster                        Red Bay
    [25 or 26] October 1878
    Albert Pike, Archibald Ash, Janet LeGrow, [James?] Gibbons, Elizabeth Thurman

6   William Boorne              23      bachelor        Fisherman       Venison Tickle
    Elizabeth Pike Janes        22      spinster                        Square Island
    27 August 1879
    William Janes, John Martin Penny, Olivia Pike, Cicily Ann Janes

25  Charles White                                                       Carbonear
    Mary Jane Pike                                                      same place
    28 September 1885 at Carroll's Cove
    William Taylor, Annie Taylor

33  Henry William Yeatman       30      widower         Fisherman       Red Bay
    Drusilla Pike               43      widow                           Red Bay
    2/11/88  [02 November 1888 ?] at Red Bay
    Orestes Yeatman, William Howell, Jessie Howson, Jessie [March?] Yetman

40  Archibald Poland            22      bachelor        Fisherman       West St Modeste
    Charlotte Ann Pike          23      spinster                        West St Modest
    16 February 1893 at West St Modeste
    William Fowley, Sidney Fowler

43  John Davis                  26      bachelor        Fisherman       Lance au More
    Jessie M Yetman             25      spinster                        Red Bay
    31 October 1893 at Red Bay
    Campbell Yetman, Gilbert Pike, Elizabeth Howell

44  Robert A Fowler             28      bachelor        Fisherman       Capstain Island
    Kate Pike                   21      spinster                        Red Bay
    6 November 1893 at Capstan Island
    Frederick Butt, John Fowler, Clarissa Fowle

46  John Leyden                 33      bachelor        Fisherman       Barge Island
    Martha Powell               24      spinster                        Red Bay
    10/4/94 at Red Bay
    Thomas [Moors?], Harriett Leyden, Rosalie Powell, Edward Pike, Campbell Yetman

53  Thomas A Pike               26      bachelor                        Red Bay
    Elizabeth Howell            26      spinster
    5 November 1896 at Red Bay
    William Howell, C Yetman

59  William Albert Lilly        28      bachelor        Fisherman       East St Modeste
    Mary Jane Pike              19      spinster                        Carbonear
    19 October 1897 at Red Bay
    John Penney, Fred Lilly

60  Alfred Yetman               55      widower         Fisherman       Red Bay
    Elizabeth Reid              40      spinster                        Red Bay
    4 December 1897 at Red Bay
    William Y Pike, Wesley Yetman

70  William Thomas Howell       37      bachelor        Fisherman       Red Bay
    Sarah Jane Pike             26      spinster                        Red Bay
    27 November 1900 at Red Bay
    Horatio Wm Pike, Mary Pike

72  Edward Tracey               22      bachelor                        Halifax
    Lillian Pike                21      spinster                        Mosquitto
    12 September 1901 at Carrols Cove
    Hayward W Taylor, [Wm or Mrs] Tracey

75  Wesley Yetman               27      bachelor                        Red Bay
    Mary Ann Yetman             21      spinster                        Red Bay
    20 November 1901 at Red Bay
    William Y Pike, Mary M Yetman

82  Thomas Macey                38      bachelor        Fisherman       Fry's Cove              Methodist
    Charlotte Curl              22      spinster        Domestic        Deep Water Creek        C of Eng
    7 November 1904 at Red Bay
    Leonard Yetman, Mary E Pike

83  Leonard Yetman              28      bachelor        Fisherman       Red Bay                 Methodist
    Harriett Ledden             26      spinster        Domestic        Barge Bay               Methodist
    9 November 1904 at Red Bay
    Wm Y Pike, Mary E Pike

86  Wm Yetman Pike              29      bachelor        Fisherman       Red Bay                 Methodist
    Mary Ann Powell             30      spinster                        Red Bay                 Methodist
    24 December 1905 at Red Bay
    Horatio Wm Pike, Sarah Moores

87  John Charles Butt           27      bachelor        Fisherman       East St Modeste         Methodist
    Elizabeth Martha Pike       25      spinster                        Red Bay                 Methodist
    6 January 1906 at Red Bay
    William Butt, Wess Willey Butt

90  Ernest Isreal Doane   40 on 28 January 1907   widower   Fisherman   West St Modeste
    Sarah Powell          27 on 11 May 1907       spinster  Teacher     Red Bay
    23 April 1907 at Red Bay
    Hazel Powell, Mary E Pike, Allan Moors, Horatio Wm Pike, Sarah [H or A] Moors

93  William Bridle              30      bachelor        Fisherman       Red Bay
    Amelia Ann Pike             29      spinster                        Red Bay
    19 December 1907 at Red Bay
    Archibald Pike, Mary Pike, Mary E Pike, Allan Moors

94  William March Pike          32      bachelor                        Red Bay
    Mary Susanna Canning        24      spinster                        Red Bay
    19 February 1908 at Red Bay
    James Canning, Asenath Canning, James Pike, Isabella Canning

95  Ezekiel Moores              30      bachelor                        Red Bay
    Adelaide Rachel Powell      21      spinster                        Red Bay
    13 March 1908 at Red Bay
    William Y Pike, Sarah Moors

96  James Pike                  25      bachelor                        Red Bay
    Asenath Ann Canning         23      spinster                        Red Bay
    28 April 1908 at Red Bay
    Wilson Pike, Isabella Canning, William March Pike

100 Archibald Pike              30      bachelor        Fisherman       Red Bay                 Methodist
    Mary E Pike                 28      spinster                        Red Bay                 Methodist
    14 December 1908 at Red Bay
    Wilson Pike, Phebe Ann Macey

101 Joseph [T?] Pike            28      bachelor        Fisherman       Red Bay                 Methodist
    Mary D Pike                 31      spinster
    28 January 1909 at Red Bay
    John Pike, Minnie Pike

103 Thomas Pike                 64      widower         Fisherman       Red Bay                 Methodist
    Jane Powell                 58      widow                           Red Bay                 Methodist
    9 June 1909 at Red Bay
    Horratio W Pike, Phebe An Macey

107 William H Hillyard          24      bachelor                        Freshwater              Methodist
    Diadean D Davis             23      spinster                        Freshwater              Methodist
    10 January 1910 at Red Bay
    William Y Pike, George [F?] Pike, Mary A Pike

114 Thomas Mansfield            32      bachelor        Fisherman          East St Modeste      Methodist
    Hlena Pike                  24      spinster        Domestic servant   Red Bay              Methodist
    27 October 1914 at Red Bay
    John Pike, Minnie Fowler

115 Wilson Pike                 27      bachelor        Fisherman          Red Bay              Methodist
    Ethel Fowler                19      spinster        Domestic servant   Capstan Island       Ch of England
    5 February 1915 at Red Bay
    John Pike, [faint] Fowler

119 James Canning               37                                      Red Bay
    Amelia Baker                17                                      Bonne Bay (District of St Barbe)
    13 October 1915 at Red Bay
    John Pike, Isabella Canning

121 Nathanuel Pike              28      bachelor        Fisherman       Red Bay                 Methodist
    Minnie Fowler               18      spinster        Domestic        Capstan Island          Church of E
    18 February 1916 at Red Bay
    Horatio Wm Pike, Gertie Howell

124 Robert P Moors              45      widower         Fisherman       Red Bay
    Julia Wheeler               23      spinster        School Teacher  Bonne Bay
    [unclear] August 1917 in house of Robert Moores
    Horatio W Pike, Annie R Ash

131 John Pike                   42      bachelor        Fisherman       Red Bay
    Isabella Cannings           26      spinster        Housemaid       Red Bay
    12 June 1919 in Methodist Church
    Horatio William Pike, Lucy Yetman

137 Abner Cannings              39      bachelor                        Red Bay                 Methodist
    Alice Maud Bell             23      spinster                        Eng Pt                  Methodist
    27 February 1922 in the school-house at the Basin (Red Bay)
    Max Pike, Nellie Moores

140 Alfred Yetman               42      widower                         Red Bay                 Methodist
    Ethel Pike                  27      widow                           Red Bay                 Methodist
    24 May 1923
    [Willie ?] S Moores, Mary E Yetman

143 J. [G or T or Y]. Pike      43                      Fisherman       Red Bay                 Methodist
    Edna Suley                  27                      Housemaid       Red Bay
    24 February 1927 at Red Bay
    William S Moores, Mary E Macey

145 Malcolm Bridle              24      bachelor        Fisherman       Red Bay
    Patience Moores             20      spinster        Housemaid       Red Bay
    25 December 1928 at Red Bay
    Flora Moores, Llewelyn Pike

153 Eli Earle                   23      bachelor        Fisherman       Red Bay
    Clara Mooris                25      spinster        Housemaid       Red Bay
    28 July 1930 at Red Bay
    Thomas W Gibbons, Beatrice P Pike

156 Llewelyn Pike               23      bachelor        Fisherman       Red Bay
    Adelaide Yetman             21      spinster        Housekeeper     Red Bay
    4 November 1931
    Graham A Moores, Violet L Moores

158 Ambrose Miner               40      bachelor        Fisherman       Red Bay
    Elsie Macey                 20      spinster                        Red Bay
    30 December 1931
    Enos Yetman, Elsie M Pike

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