Port de Grave Methodist Records

What follows is a list of all Pike baptisms and marriages in the Port de Grave Methodist records held at PANL. This list constitutes a typescript of my handwritten extraction from photocopies of the original records, which is to say that I may have inadvertantly introduced some errors while transcribing and typing... as always, you should double-check against the original records. That said, if you spot any mistakes that I have made, please let me know at dapike@mun.ca. Additional Pike entries from other Newfoundland church records can also be found on my website.

Some comments about this list:

At PANL these records are contained in several volumes as follows:

I extracted baptisms from the 1836-1910 volume in January 2007. In August 2008 I went through the 1889-1896 volume of baptisms (and found no Pike entries) as well as the marriages for 1837-1910.

Baptisms (1836 - 1910)

No Name Birthdate Baptism Parents Abode Occupation
929 Pike, Thomas Ainsworth 30. Nov. 1869 26. Jun. 1870 Archibald & Drucilla Pike Red Bay Labrador Fisherman
933 Pike, Edith Ann 14. Jan. 1870 14. Aug. 1870 John & Mary Ann Pike Wild Bight Labrador Fisherman

Marriages (1837 - 1910)

The format of the marriages entries that follow is as follows:

143 Francis Pike							Carbonear
    Fanny Parsons							Bay Roberts
    13 May 1859 at Bay Roberts
    Francis Parsons, Robert Pike

151 John [W or N] R Thompson		Telegraph Operator		Carbonear
    Louisa Ann Pike
    14 Sept 1860
    John Ellis Pike, Tryphena Pike, Chs [unclear], William Ford Tapp, Dinah [Seasbn ?]

286 Nathaniel Mugford			Fisherman			Port de Grave
    Elizabeth A [Pake ?]						Port de Grave
    1 Nov 1881
    Jno Mugford, Julia Mugford 

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