New Harbour (Trinity Bay) Anglican Marriages

What follows is a list of all Pike marriages in the New Harbour (Trinity Bay) Anglican church records held at PANL as of April 2005. This list constitutes a typescript of my handwritten extraction from photocopies of the original records, which is to say that I may have inadvertantly introduced some errors while transcribing and typing... as always, you should double-check against the original records. That said, if you spot any mistakes that I have made, please let me know at Additional Pike entries from other Newfoundland church records can also be found on my website.

Some comments about this list:

At PANL these records are in several file volumes as follows:

The format of most of the entries that follow is as follows:

Entries are separated by one or more blank lines.

9   James Pollett                       bachelor
    Ann Pike                            widow                           both of New Harbour
    26 December 1863 at St George's Church, New Harbour
    George Cranford, William Sully

164 Joseph Pike                         bachelor
    Susannah Sully                      spinster                        both of South Dildo
    19 November 1883 in Church of All Saints, Dildo
    [Eve ?] Newhook, Samuel Pretty, John Pike, Tryphena Pretty, Elizabeth Newhook

26  George Day                          bachelor                        Old Shop
    Honora White                        spinster                        Long Cove
    30 April 1892 in Church of St John the Baptist, Normans Cove
    Thomas White, William Pike, Naomi White, Emma Ann Day

41  Samuel Pike                 24      bachelor        Fisherman       South Dildo             father: George Pike     Fisherman
    Sarah Jane Sharpe           20      spinster                        Blaketown               father: James Sharpe    Fisherman
    12 October 1895 in St Augustine's Church, New Harbour
    Levi Sharpe, Annie Sharpe, Martin Reid

62  William Pike                27      bachelor        Fisherman       South Dildo             father: George Pike     Fisherman
    Emma Day                    24      spinster                        Old Shop                father: William Day     Fisherman
    24 December 1895 in school-room at Old Shop
    H B Winton, Susanna Day, Elizabeth Day, Albert Pike

73  Joseph Pretty               24      bachelor        Fisherman       South Dildo             father: James Pretty    Fisherman
    Mary Georgina Snow          18      spinster                        South Dildo             father: Charles Snow    Fisherman
    29 September 1896 in school chapel at Old Shop
    Samuel Pike, Sarah Pike, Elijah Pretty, Rebecca Sharpe, Albert Pike

136 John Albert Pike            20      bachelor        Labourer        South Dildo             father: Samuel Pike     Fisherman
    Fannie Reid                 21      spinster                        South Dildo             father: (Deceased)
    2 July 1917 in school chapel at S.Dildo
    Annie Pike, William James Reid

170 George Pike                 22      bachelor        Cooper          Whitbourne              father: Edward Pike     Labourer
    Susy Clarke                 21      spinster                        Whitbourne              father: James Clarke    Railroader
    28 June 1920 in St Augustine's Church, New Harbour
    [Hoyall ?] Clarke, Walter Pike

198 John Drover                 62      widower         Labourer        South Dildo             father: William Drover  Fisherman
    Eliza Pretty                46      widow                           South Dildo             father: Samuel Warren   Fisherman
    19 January 1923 in school chappel at South Dildo
    John Pike, Robert Reid

199 William Crane               22      bachelor        Labourer        S.Dildo                 father: William Crane   Fisherman
    Mary Elizabeth Pretty       20      spinster                        S.Dildo                 father: James Pretty    Fisherman
    13 July 1923 in school chapel at S.Dildo
    James Pike, Mrs [Bell ?] Garge

200 James Day                   26      bachelor        Labourer        Old Shop                father: Abner Day       Labourer
    Dinah Suley         2[second digit unclear] spinster                Old Shop                father: William Suley   Labourer
    23 December 1923 in school chapel at Old Shop
    Norman Pike, Sadie Pike

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