Grand Bank Methodist Records

What follows is a list of all Pike entries in the Grand Bank Methodist records held at PANL as of April 2006. This list constitutes a typescript of my handwritten extraction from photocopies of the original records, which is to say that I may have inadvertantly introduced some errors while transcribing and typing... as always, you should double-check against the original records. That said, if you spot any mistakes that I have made, please let me know at Additional Pike entries from other Newfoundland church records can also be found on my website.

Some comments about this list:

At PANL these records are in volumes as follows:

Baptisms (1817 - 1957)

Number Name Birthdate Baptism Parents Abode Birthplace Occupation Denomination
795 Pike, Deborah 8. Jun. 1868 19. Oct. 1868 William & Martha Pike Saint Pierre
2062 Pike, Margaret 15. Jun. 1897 17. Jul. 1897 Thomas & Ruth Pike Grand Bank

Pike, Mary Elizabeth 10. Mar. 1900 17. Apr. 1900 Thomas & Ruth Pike
Grand Bank Fisherman Methodist

Pike, Ruth 25. Aug. 1903 5. Sep. 1903 Thos & Ruth Pike
Grand Bank Fisherman Methodist

Pike, William Wallace 26. Feb. 1906 5. Apr. 1906 Thomas [“Robert” is crossed out] & Ruth Pike
Grand Bank Fisherman Methodist
647 Pike, Mildred Jane 28. Jul. 1930 4 Oct [1930] William & Bertha Pike
Grand Bank Fisherman
4276 Douglas, Edward Ross 9. Apr. 1950 2 July [1950] Leslie & Ada L Pike Douglas
Grand Bank Fisherman
4362 Douglas, Randy William 25. Jan. 1954 21. Mar. 1954 Leslie & Ada Pike Douglas
Grand Bank Seaman
4400 Piercy, Joanne Elaine 28. Jun. 1955 7 Aug [1955] Harold & Abigail E. Pike Peircy
Toronto, Ont. Accountant
4414 Douglas, Garfield Lawrence 20. Jan. 1956 1 April [1956] Leslie & Ada Pike Douglas
Grand Bank

Marriages (1817 - 1961)

The format of the marriages entries that follow is as follows:

265     John Pike               bachelor                        Fortune
        Esther Burton           spinster                        Fortune
        15 Feb 1877 in the Wesleyan Methodist Church, Fortune
        Elizabeth Bennett, Sarah Bennett

408     Noah Pike      of Belleoram in the Electoral District of Fortune Bay
        Jessie Rose    of the same place
        5 June 1890 at Grand Bank
        [Eli or Cli] Rose, Mary Ann Brown

490     Thomas Pike          25 bachelor        Fisherman       Grand Bank      father: [Daniel or David] Pike
        Ruth Penwill    [blank] spinster                        Grand Bank      father: William Penwell
        8 Dec 1896 in the Methodist Church, Grand Bank
        Thomas Pen["or"?]ll, Charlotte Tibbo
        [for the first witness above, my guess is that the surname is a poorly written "Penwell"]

536     James Thornill       25 bachelor        Fisherman       Fortune
        Maggie Hutchings     26 spinster                        Cox Harbour, Bay of Islands
        18 June [1900] in the Parsonage, Grand Bank
        Ruth Pike, Maigge [Malin?]

202     Morgan Penwill       24 B               [blank]         Grand Bank
        Eliza Reeve          22 S                               [blank]
        14 Nov [19]05 in the Church, Grand Bank
        Ruth Pike, Rose Stoodley

126     Thomas Snook         24 bachelor        Sailor          Grand Bank                denomination: Methodist
        Alice Rose           19 spinster                        Grand Bank                denomination: Methodist
        3 Sept 1919 in the Methodist Church, Grand Bank
        George Rose, Mary Pike

129     James Jos. Pike      43 widower         Fisherman       St Lawrence                             C of E
        Emily Harding        44 spinster        Clerk           Grand Bank                              Meth
                                                                [between "St Lawrence" and "Grand Bank" above is written "(Lamaline, 18 yrs)"   ]
                                                                [but it is not clear which person this comment is meant to be for               ]
        26 Nov 1919 in the home of Mr Geo Harding, Grand Bank
        George Harding, Bessie Harding

198     Malcolm [T?] P Foote 21 bach            Fisherman       Pardy's Isld Burin                      United Ch
        Mary Patten          26 spinster                        Grand Bank                              United Ch
        24 Feb 1927 in the United Church, Grand Bank
        Reuben Forsey, Mary [Pike?]

208     Albert Heber Keeping 30 bach            [blank]         Hr Breton                               C of E
        Mary Elizabeth Pike  27 spin                            Grand Bank                              United Ch
        18 January 1928 in the United Church, Grand Bank
        John Penwell, Elsie Tibbo

442     Ambrose Thornhill    23 B               Fisherman       [Brunnette?]                            C of E
        Emily Hillier        20 S               Domestic        [Brunnette?]                            C of E
        10 July 1940 in the United Church, Grand Bank
        John Pike, Janet Barnes

69      George Frederick Buffett Tibbo   22   B   Bookkkeeper   Grand Bank                              U.C. of C.
        Nellie Marion Dunford          21 3/4 S   Typist        Grand Bank                              U.C. of C.
        30 August 1951 in the Church, Grand Bank
        Chesley Raymond Tibbo, Abigail Elaine Pike

Burials (1817 - 1917)

Name                            Abode           Death Date      Burial Date     Age             Cause of Death

Theresa Pi[k or n]e             G.Bank          3 Feb [1905]    6 Feb [1905]    1.5 years       [Brivelitis?]

Alfred Isaac Pike               Grand Bank      17 Aug 1916     25 Aug 1916     9 months        Mal-Nutrition

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