Freshwater (Conception Bay) Methodist Marriages

What follows is a list of all Pike marriages in the Freshwater (Conception Bay) Methodist church records held at PANL as of April 2005. This list constitutes a typescript of my handwritten extraction from photocopies of the original records, which is to say that I may have inadvertantly introduced some errors while transcribing and typing... as always, you should double-check against the original records. That said, if you spot any mistakes that I have made, please let me know at Additional Pike entries from other Newfoundland church records can also be found on my website.

Some comments about this list:

At PANL these records are in several file volumes as follows:

The format of most of the entries that follow is as follows:

Entries are separated by one or more blank lines.

    Samuel Pike                 53      bachelor        Fisherman       Clownes Cove
    Elizabeth Parsons           40      widow                           Freshwater
    6 December 1883 at Freshwater
    Victoria Pike, Henriett Pike

13  Mark Pike                           bachelor        Sail Maker      Carbonear
    Martha Pike                         spinster                        Freshwater
    17 June 1884 at Methodist Church, Freshwater
    Albert Pike, William Pike

26  Jordan Pike                         bachelor        Mate            Carbonear
    Isabella Moores                     spinster                        Freshwater
    6 May 1885 in house of the bride, Freshwater
    William Long, Fanny Moores

44  William Winsor                      bachelor        Fisherman       Carbonear
    Victoria Pike                       spinster                        Clown's Cove
    15 May 1886 at the house of the bride's father, Freshwater
    Flora Parsons, Edwd Parsons, Mark Pike

73  Stephen Andrew Parsons              bachelor        Fisherman       Freshwater
    Alfrida Davis                       spinster                            "
    17 January 1889 at Freshwater
    Albert Pike, Ida Pike

110 Eleazer Henry Parsons               bachelor        Teacher         Freshwater
    May J Pike                          spinster        Doct            Harbor Grace
    18 June 1891 in Methodist Church, Freshwater
    Frederick [Gorden ?], Emma S Pike

135 William Taylor              39      widower         Fisherman       Carbonear
    Naomi Pike                  34      widow                           Freshwater
    4 January 1893 at Wm Vatcher's house, Freshwater
    Samuel Jeffers, Ada Vatcher

183 Joseph Pike                 34      bachelor        Tradesman       Mosquito        father: Moses
    Louisa Pike                 35      spinster                        Mosquito        father: Edward
    16 July 1895 at Perry's Cove
    Eleazar H Parsons, May Parsons

189 John Hillyard               25      bachelor        Fisherman       near the Pond, Freshwater
    Fanny Pike                  20      spinster                        Clown's Cove, Freshwater
    30 November 1895 at Freshwater Parsonage
    Georg E Pike, Jonathan Noel

190 Reuben Pike                 25      bachelor        Sailor          Carbonear       father: George
    Caroline Moores             25      spinster                        Freshwater
    30 November 1895 at bride's mother's, Freshwater
    Jonathan Moores, Arthur Moores

212 George Wm Parsons           24      bachelor        Fisherman       Clown's Cove, Freshwater
    Cicely Moores               23      spinster                        Freshwater                      father: Saml
    6 May 1897 in house of Leonard Parsons, Freshwater
    George Pike, Leonard Parsons

221 Jacob Pike                          widower         Fisherman       Clownes Cove
    Elizh Ash                           widow                           Clownes Cove
    22 December 1897 at Mr Fs Davis Sr House, Clownes Cove
    Peter L Legrow, John Davis

234 George Broderick                    widower         Fisherman       Freshwater
    Mary Nicholl                        spinster                        Victoria Village
    5 November 1898 at Freshwater
    Oresthes Parsons, George E Pike

235 Richard Parsons                     bachelor        Fisherman       Freshwater
    Laura Noel                          spinster                            do
    13 November 1898 at the Parsonage, Freshwater
    Clara Noel, George E Pike

259 George Ed Pike                      bachelor        Fisherman       Clownes Cove
    Clara Noel                          spinster                        Freshwater
    25 January 1900 at the home of the bride, Freshwater
    Wilsan Joyce, Blanche Pike, James Noel

274 Wilson Joyce                        bachelor        Fisherman       Freshwater
    Blanche Pike                        spinster                        Clownes Cove
    16 May 1901 at the brides home, Clownes Cove
    George E Pike, Sophie Pike

284 Joseph Jeffers                      bachelor        Planter         Freshwater
    Bertha Paine Moors                  spinster                        Clownes Cove
    2 January 1902 at the bride's home, Clownes Cove
    Sophie Pike, Willam C Moores

323 Eleazar Davis               26 3/4  bachelor        Fisherman       Freshwater
    Harriet G Pike              23 1/4  spinster                        Freshwater
    19 September 1904 at the house of the bride, Freshwater
    George E Pike, Sophia Pike, Clara Pike

409 Walter F Pike               25      bachelor        Fisherman       Clown's Cove
    Minnie Moores               20      spinster                        Freshwater
    24 March 1910 at home of the bride, Freshwater
    Janie Harvey, Joseph Harvey

490 Stewart Kelloway            24      bachelor        Fisherman       Salmon Cove
    Sarah Snow                  21      spinster                        Freshwater
    28 December 1916 at Freshwater
    Mrs John R Snow, George E Pike

492 William Penny               62      widower         Fisherman       Otterbury
    Maria Pike                  60      widow                           Freshwater
    13 November 1917 at the Parsonage, Freshwater
    Bretta Broughton, Katie Attwood

18  William James Mortimer Pike 26      bachelor        Telegraphist    Carbonear       Church of England
    Annie Elsie Moores          27      spinster        Telegraphist    Freshwater      Methodist
    15 December 1920 in the Freshwater Methodist Church, Freshwater
    Winifred Moores, [Fredrick P Pike ?]

26  Mark Forward                23      bachelor        Fisherman       Carbonear Is    Methodist
    Elsie Sinclair Evely        23      spinster        Servant         Flat Rock       Methodist
    29 November 1922 in the Methodist Church, Freshwater
    Gilbert Pottle, Arthur Francis Pike

29  Llewellyn Crane             22      bachelor        Engraver        St. John's      Ch. of E.
    Hilda Pike                  22      spinster        Nurse           Freshwater      Methodist
    28 June 1923 in the Methodist Church, Freshwater
    Archibald Crane, Phyllis Taylor

32  Mark Pike                                                           St. John's
    Flora Taylor                                                        St. John's
    9 April 1925 in home of Mr Herbert Davis, Freshwater
    Herbert Davis, Sophie Davis

    Charles A Clark                     bachelor                        Freshwater      Meth
    Ada Jane Pye                        spinster                        Carbonear
    24 February 1927 in the Parsonage, Freshwater
    George Pike, William Davis, Joshua Butt, Laura Taylor

91  Joseph Pike Sheppard                bachelor                        Bell Island     UC
    Evelyn Julia Clarke         18      spinster                        Freshwater      UC
    2 December 1939 at Freshwater Church
    Edward Martin Sheppard, Addie Charlot Clarke

93  Jonathan Moores Noel        27      bachelor        Undertaker      Freshwater      UC
    Sophie May Kirby            26      spinster                        Freshwater      UC
    9 December 1939 at Freshwater Church
    Rueben Noel, Marjerie Pike

97  Mark Reuben Pike          [29 ?]    bachelor        Carpenter       Freshwater      United Church
    Ada Durnford              [21 ?]    spinster                        Rencontre West  C of E
    16 March 1940 in home of Mr Reuben Pike
    [Leslie ?] M Tuck, Marjorie Pike

120 Elmo Courtland Small        23      B               Lumberman       Summerford      UC
    Gladys Mae Pike             20      S               Teacher         Freshwater      UC
    11 October 1943 at United Church Parsonage, Freshwater
    Eli Cecil Kirby, Mrs Cecil Kirby (Minnie)

139 Jorden Woodrow Noel         2[second digit is unclear]   B  [Sailor?]   Freshwater          UC
    Myra Pike                   25                           S  Domestic    Old Perlican        UC
    23 December 1946 at United Church, Freshwater
    Wm H Marshall, Edith L Walters

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