Fogo Methodist Records

What follows is a list of all Pike entries in the Fogo Methodist records held at PANL as of January 2006 (except that for baptisms I've only recorded entries up to 1962). This list constitutes a typescript of my handwritten extraction from photocopies of the original records, which is to say that I may have inadvertantly introduced some errors while transcribing and typing... as always, you should double-check against the original records. That said, if you spot any mistakes that I have made, please let me know at Additional Pike entries from other Newfoundland church records can also be found on my website.

Some comments about this list:

At PANL these records are in volumes as follows:

Baptisms (1863 - 1962)

Number Name Birthdate Baptism Parents Abode Birthplace
141 Pike, Lilias Elizabeth 20. Sep. 1866 10. Dec. 1866 John & Fanny Pike Seldom Come By
309 Pike, Sophia Taylor 29. Jul. 1870 9 Dec [1870] Alfred & Mary Sarah Pike
St John's

Pike, Alice May 27 [obscured] 1874 28. Jun. 1874 Alfred & Sarah Pike
Change [obscured?]
416 Pike, Alice May 27. May. 1874 28. Jun. 1874 Alfred & Sarah Pike
Change Islands

Pike, Jessie Bertha 16. Jul. 1883 2. Aug. 1883 Samuel & Annie Pike

Pike, Willie 19. Sep. 1885 [blank] 1885 Samul & Anna Pike

Pike, Sarah [M?]aggie 5. Jun. 1888 4. Jul. 1888 Samuel & Annie Pike

As a side note, there is a baptism in Vital Stats Volume 84 from Carmanville, for a Daisy Belle, daughter of Samuel & Annie Pike, born 27 April 1890 at Seldom, baptised 6 June 1890.

Marriages (1890 - 1972)

The format of the marriages entries that follow is as follows:

26  Alfred Pike         23 bachelor     Fisherman               Springdale              father: Sam'l Pike
    Annie Blake         20 spinster     Domestic                Seldom                  father: Francis Blake
    21 Sept 1915 in the Methodist Church at Seldom Come-By
    Job Green, Theresa Denney

242 George Robert Pope  27 bachelor     Fisherman               Lock's Cove             father: William
    Susanna Pike        28 spinster                             Fogo                    father: Bathol
    1 Oct 1890 in the Methodist School House, Fogo
    Matthias Hawkins, Allan Peckford

275 Arthur Normore      25 bachelor     Fisherman               Little Seldom Come By   father: Robert Normore
    Hannah Nippard      21 spinster                             Little Seldom Come By   father: Martin Nippard
    19 January [18]97 in the Methodist Manse, Fogo
    Samuel Pike, John Nichol

320 George Penny        52 widower      Fisherman               Little Seldom Come By   father: [blank]
    Annie Pike          47 widow                                Fogo                    father: [blank]
[Note that Annie signed with a surname other than Pike.  It's hard to read but looks kind of like "Hadpercy"]
    20 Nov 1902 at Fogo
    William Pike, Lucy Coombs

334 Reuben Penney       33 widower      Fisherman               Little Seldom           father: George Penney
    Jemime Nippard      20 spinster                             Little Seldom           father: Martin Nippard
    13 June 1905 in home of Mrs Penney, Seldom
    William Pike, Theresa Penney, Aquilla Geo Penney, Dina Penney

365 Josiah Brown        19 bachelor     Fisherman               Joe Batts Arm           father: Archibald Brown
    Carrie Boone        23 spinster     Domestic                Joe Batts Arm           father: Issac Boone
    24 Oct 1910 in Methodist Church, Bard Islands
    Mary Brett, Eleazer Brown, Esau Pike

As a side note, there is a marriage in Vital Stats Volume 84 (on Reel J at PANL) from Fogo as follows:

    James Oake		  bachelor	Miner			Tilt Cove
    Agnes Pike		  spinster				Tilt Cove
    20 Oct 1868 at Tilt Cove
    Henry Ebsary, John Moyles

Burials (1890 - 1972)

I found only two Pike burials:

Samuel Pike             age 42          abode: Fogo             died: 20 January 1900           buried: 22 January 1900         (Consumption)

Daisy Pike              age 11          abode: Fogo             died: 8 July 1901               buried: 10 July 1901

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