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What follows is a list of all Pike entries in the Methodist records from Channel that are held at PANL as of June 2007. This list constitutes a typescript of my handwritten extraction from photocopies of the original records, which is to say that I may have inadvertantly introduced some errors while transcribing and typing... as always, you should double-check against the original records. That said, if you spot any mistakes that I have made, please let me know at Additional Pike entries from other Newfoundland church records can also be found on my website.

Some comments about this list:

At PANL these records are in volumes as follows:

Baptisms (1862 - 1963)

Number Name Birthdate Birth Place Baptism Parents Abode Mother's Maiden Name
645 Pike, Walter Kitchener 25 May
25. May. 1916 George & Louisa Pike Port Aux Basques
746 Pike, Martha Ellen 17. Dec. 1921
30. Jan. 1922 Francis & May Pike Port-aux-Basques
812 Pike, James Hubert 1. Aug. 1924
19. Mar. 1924 Francis & May Pike Port Aux Basques
837 Pike, Francis William 14. Nov. 1925
12. Jan. 1926 Frank & Mary Pike Port Aux Basques
878 Pike, George Bell 7. Jan. 1928
13. Apr. 1928 Frank & Mary Pike Port Aux Basques Bell
893 Pike, Mack Renfrew 28. Feb. 1929
20. Jun. 1929 Frank & Mae Pike Port Aux Basques
1008 Pike, Stewart Augustus 3. Dec. 1933
1. Apr. 1934 Augustus & Hilda Pike Channel
1044 Pike, Robert Herbert 7. Sep. 1936
1 Nov [1936] Augustus & Hilda Pike Channel
1227 Pike, Elsie Florence 1. Dec. 1947
30. Jan. 1948 Philip & Ida Jane Pike Channel Dicks
1350 Pike, Francis William 27. Mar. 1953 Corner Brook 17. May. 1953 George Bell & Hilda Margaretta Pike Port Aux Basques Stone

Marriages (1862 - 1965)

The format of the marriages entries that follow is as follows:

37   George Pike                     66 widower         Fisherman       Isle eau Mort           father: John Pike         Fisherman
     Elizabeth Osmond                27 widow                           Isle eau Mort           father: William Roberts   Fisherman
     19 Oct 1877 in the house of the bride's father, Isle eau Mort
     George Troke, William Troke

51   William Stickland             full bachelor                        Channel                 father: Josiah Stickland
     Selina Pike                   full spinster                        Channel                 father: Samuel Pike
     3 Aug 1881 in the Minister's Residence
     George E Moores, Alice Butt, Philip H [E or G] Brock, Henry W Garland

100  Samuel Wesley Dingwell          25 bachelor        Fisherman       Channel                 father: Donald Dingwell   Carpenter
     Elizabeth Norman                20 spinster        Servant         Channel                 father: Thomas Norman     Fisherman
     7 Nov 1893 in the Methodist Church Channel
     John Pike, Alexander Dingwell

135  Lambert Billard                 22 bachelor        Fisherman       Burgeo                  father: Albert Billard    Fisherman
     Laura Billard                   18 spinster        School Teacher  Channel                 father: William Billard   Fisherman
     19 August 1900 in the Methodist Church Channel
     John Bennett, Thos Pike

155  Edward M Squarey                   bachelor        Merchant        Channel                 father: R [I or S] Squarey   Merchant
     Allie Poole                        spinster                        Channel                 father: John Poole           [Mariner?]
     14 June 1905 in the Methodist Church
     Alfred E March, Lizzie J Wyse, George [E?] Pike, Mary Rideout [plus perhaps 1 additional witness, whose signature is unclear]

180  Andrew Humber                   25 bachelor        Policeman       Channel         Methodist
     Alice White                     22 spinster                        Channel         Methodist
     6 Dec 1910 in the home of Albert Beer, Channel
     Francis Pike, Albert Beer
     The bride is the adopted daughter of Albert & Mary Beer

190  George W Figary                 30 bachelor        Laborer         Channel                 father: Antonio Figary
     Elizbeth Muffitt                20 spinster                        Channel                 father: Thos Muffitt
     26 Nov 1912 in the house of Chas Pike, Channel
     James Crowly, Edwina Figary

205  John C Ford                     41 widower         Sea Captain     Port-aux Basques
     Julia M Howe                    35 widow                           Port-aux Basques
     19 April 1915 in the residence of Mrs Julia M Howe
     Percival Bowden, Francis Pike

216  Thomas H Perry                  27 bachelor                        Detroit, Michigan, USA
     Adelaide Inkpen                 34 spinster                        Burin
     11 July 1917
     [an unclear signature], Mrs M Pike, Francis Pike

250  Harold James Garcin             28 bachelor        Light-keeper    Channel         Anglican
     Nina Burt                       19 spinster        Teacher         Rose Blanche    Anglican
     17 Dec 1924 in the Methodist Parsonage, Channel
     John Hardy, Lenora Pike

275  Thomas Q Kendall                39 widower         Steward         Codroy
     Elsie Pike                 [blank] spinster        Domestic        Channel
     24 Nov 1927 in the Parsonage
     Samuel Rideout, Florence Francis

300  Norman Percival Bragg           33 widower         Clerk           Deer Lake               father: Henry Bragg
     Marjorie Wellon                 22 spinster        Clerk           Deer Lake               father: William Wellon
     16 January 1934 in the Church, Channel
     Nina Bragg, Hector Howe, Robert Pike

343  Henry Norman Leamon             27 bachelor        Labourer        Channel         United Ch of Canada
     Greta Bond                      24 spinster        Domestic        Stone's Cove    Ch of Eng
     26 March 1943 in the United Church, Channel
     Philip Pike, Elizabeth Lemon

356  William Alley                   26 bachelor        Labourer        St Davids       Anglican
     Alice Bailey                    28 spinster        Domestic        Grand Falls     United Church
     19 July 1944 in the home of Mrs J Dingwell, Channel
     Mack Pike, Louise Norman

13   Philip Pike                     23 bachelor        Ry Employee     Channel         Ch of Eng
     Ida Jane Dicks                  18 spinster        Domestic        Channel         Ch of Eng
     27 Aug 1946 in the United Church, Channel
     Rosie Anderson, Irene Bobbett

72   Robert Benjamin Burridge        21 bachelor        Freight Handler   Channel                       United Ch
     Shirley Maloney                 19 spinster        Domestic          Westmount, Nova Scotia        Ch of Eng
     15 January 1954 in the United Church Parsonage, Channel
     William Thomas Pike, Mildred Anderson

135  Samuel W Anderson               27 bachelor        CNR Freighter   Channel         C of E
     Beryl Bateman                   18 spinster        Waitress        Channel         U Church
     2 May 1962 in the Channel United Church
     Dulcie Anderson, Clifford Pike

Burials (1863 - 1983)

Number Name Abode Age Death Date Place of Death Burial Date Place of Burial Notes
226 Pike, James Kendall Port Au Basque 29 21. Dec. 1915 Montreal

Killed by train accident at Montreal
427 Pike, Mrs. Martha L. Port-aux-Basques 84 14 Aug
16. Aug. 1944

578 Pike, Hon Frank Channel 83 4. Feb. 1970 Channel 6. Feb. 1870 Sydney Cancer

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