Carbonear Methodist Marriages (1794 - 1985)

What follows is a list of all Pike marriages up to 1944 in the Carbonear Methodist church records held at PANL. This list constitutes a typescript of my handwritten extraction from photocopies of the original records, which is to say that I may have inadvertantly introduced some errors while transcribing and typing... as always, you should double-check against the original records. That said, if you spot any mistakes that I have made, please let me know at Additional Pike entries from other Newfoundland church records can also be found on my website.

Some comments about this list:

At PANL these records are in several bound volumes as follows: I extracted the entries from 1794-1944 in August 2004. I extracted the entries from 1944-1985 in July 2008.

The format of most of the entries that follow is as follows:

Entries are separated by one or more blank lines.
3   John Buckingham of Carbonear
    Mary Davis of same place
    5 May 1795 with consent of friends
    Francis Pike, Thomas Chancey

13  William Simmonds of Island Cove
    Mary Pike of Miskitty, widow
    12 January 1798 with consent of friends
    [no witnesses were listed]

[on a loose leaf of paper:]
    The Revd James Bulpit during his Ministry at
    Carbonear (for what reason we know not) omitted
    to register both Marriages and Christenings.
    Nevertheless it appears that he gave Marriage Certifi-
    -cates to those whom he Married.  The following I
    have Copied by request of Mr John Gosse  Jany 16th 1815
                                         S. Busby M.Missionary
    Feb 29th 1804
        These are to Certify that I James Bullpitt a
        Preacher of the Gospel Did Marry John Gosse
        and Mary Pike at Carbonear Newfoundland
        According to the Form rites & Ceremonies
        of the Church of England.  James Bullpitt
     Witnesses Present   Thos Chancey    James Parsons
                         Henry C Watts   Geo Best

[on another loose leaf of paper:]
    A certificate of the Marriage of M C Watts
    March 15th 1804
               These are to certify that I James
    Bullpitt A preacer of the Gospel did marry
    Henery Watts & Mary Pike according to the
    forms rites & ceremonies of the Church of England
    in Carbonear Church Newfoundland
    Present  George Best                     James Bullpitt
         Jon Gosse
         Thos Chancey

[the following entry looks like it's mostly crossed out:]
26  William Taylor of Carbonear
    Patens Pike of Freshwater
    3 January 1809 with consent of parents and friends
    Joseph Taylor, Wm Taylor

27  Joseph Taylor of Carbonear
    Marey Pike of Miskittea
    25 January 1809 with consent of parents and friends
    Francis Pike, Wm Simmms

39  William Taylor of Carbonear
    Patience Pike of Freshwater
    3 January 1809 with consent of parents and friends
    William Taylor, Joseph Taylor

40  Shiperd Pin of Misquito
    Elisabeth Pike of said parish
    22 January 1810 with consent of parents and friends
    Edward Pike, Henery Taylor

47  Benjeman Rowe of Carbonear
    Elisabeth Parsons of Bear Cove
    26 January 1811 at Bear Cove with consent of parents and friends
    Henery Rowe, John Pike

51  Samuel Pike of Clowns Cove
    Sarah Squire of Freshwater
    19 June 1811 with consent of parents and friends
    John Moors Senr, Thomas Parsons

54  John Parsons of Clowns Cove
    Mary Moors of Freshwater
    27 February 1812 with consent of parents and friends
    Thomas Parsons, Edward Pike

58  John Pike of Carbonear
    Ellenor Clark
    3 December 1812 with consent of parents and friends
    Wm Thissel, William Taylor, Timothy Pike

65  William Pike of Carbonear
    Eliza McLean, widow, of Carbonear
    12 January 1814 with consent of parents and friends
    George Lilly, Edward Pike

69  John Pike, widower, of Carbonear
    Patience Pike of Musquito
    26 November 1814 with consent of parents and friends
    Edward Pike, William Pike

88  Thomas Oates of Carbonear
    Jane Pike of Carbonear
    2 December 1817 with consent of parents and friends
    John French, Jane Walsh

90  Edward Pike of Carbonear
    Elizabeth Butt of the same parish
    16 January 1819 with consent of parents and guardians
    Geo Davis, Thomas Hays

91  John Row of Hart's Content
    Ellonar Pike of Carbonear
    12 February 1819 with consent of guardians
    William Thistle, Timothy Pike

92  Thomas Fraze of Carbonear
    Mary King of Broad Cove
    25 November 1819 with consent of parents and guardians
    John Pike Taylor, Joseph Fraze

94  John Luther of Carbonear
    Susan Marshal of Carbonear
    8 December 1819 with consent of parents and guardians
    Joseph [Pack ?], Samuel Pike

96  Henery Norman of Brigus
    Julia Spencer of Carbonear
    22 December 1819 with consent of parents and guardians
    John Pike, John Pike Taylor

97  Joseph Taylor of Carbonear
    Mary Spencer of Carbonear
    5 January 1820 with consent of parents and guardians
    John Pike, Robert Pack

[the following entry, which appears between entries dated 20 Nov 1823
and 8 January 1824, only has the marked signatures of the bride and groom:]
104 Christopher Pike
    Prudence [Garden or -urde- ?]

106 William Davy Tucker of Carbonear
    Elizabeth Spencer of the same place
    20 February 1825
    John Pike, Francis Taylor

116 William Penny of Carbonear
    Catherine Pike fo the same place
    26 December 1823
    P Tocque, Wm Udell

127 William Spencer of Carbonear
    Catherine Taylor of the same place
    [blank] 1834 with consent of all friends
    George Rowe, Nathaniel Pike

134 George Oats of Carbonear
    Jane Pike of the same place
    19 November 1834 with consent of parents and friends
    Robert Hawkins, John Pike

135 George Rowe of Carbonear
    Susan Watts of the same place
    26 November 1834 with consent of friends
    John Pike, Sampson B Parsons

139 John Pike of Carbonear
    Sarah Rachel Pike of the same place
    21 December 1834 with consent of friends
    [there is just 1 witness:  W H Tuqesr ??]

154 George Butt of Misquetto
    Timuthus Pike of the same place
    4 December 1835
    Charles Pynn, George Taylor

186 Nathanial Pike of Carbonear
    Florence March of Old Perlican
    30 May 1837
    John E Pike, Thomas Thistle, Edmund Pike

190 John Ellis Pike of Carbonear
    Mary Ann Best of the same place
    23 November 1837 with consent of parents and friends
    James C Pearce, E F Danson

192 Joseph French of Carbonear
    Phebe Clark of the same place
    6 December 1837 with consent of friends
    Robert [Hoskins ?], Timothy Pike

197 William Pike Taylor of this parish
    Elizabeth Ann Taylor of the same place
    3 January 1838 with consent of parents and friends
    John [Bemister ?], [Thos ?] Chancey Taylor, Solomon Taylor, [Henry ?] Taylor,
    Richard Taylor, Susanna [C ?] Taylor, Georg Taylor, Martha [C ?] Taylor

206 Timothy Pike of this parish
    Jane Clark of the same parish
    30 December 1838 with consent of friends
    Charles Pike, Frederic Pike

212 John Penny of this parish
    Charlottee Spencer of the same place
    19 May 1839 with consent of friends
    George Apsey, Nathaniel Pike, Wm F Gould, Jane Wagg

217 Henery Power of this parish
    Mary Ann Pike of the same place
    3 December 1839 with consent of friends
    [no witnesses.  Also, the signatures/marks of bride and groom are absent]

220 Joseph Pike Taylor of this parish
    Hariet Rowe of the same parish
    2 February 1840 with consent of parents and friends
    Frederick R Taylor, George Rumson, John Ellis Pike

228 Donald McLean of Carbonear
    Eliza Penny of the same parish
    17 November 1840 with consent of parents and friends
    Henry Ash, Hannah Burton, Lewis Pike, Lucretia Pike, Robert Pike, Henry Butt

235 Robert Ash of Carbonear
    Rachel Pike of the same place
    7 January 1841 with consent of parents and friends
    Nathaniel [Pike ?], Mary Ann Ash, George Ash, Louis Pike

249 George Rumson of Carbonear
    Amelia Rowe of the same place
    15 December 1841 with consent of parents and friends
    Gregory Mh Major, Louis Pike, Ebenezer Taylor, Susana E Taylor, Stephen Valentine Taylor

254 John Pike of Carbonear
    Olivia Penny of the same place
    30 December 1841 with consent of parents and friends
    Wm Udell, Elizth Penny, Mary Taylor, Moses Pike, John Penney, Solomon Penny

264 Francis Pike of Clowns Cove
    Frances Penny of Carbonear
    5 January 1843
    Wm Udell, Elizth [Reaie ?], John Penny, Eliza Legg

265 Edmond Pike of Carbonear
    Elizabeth Penny of the same place
    18 January 1843 with consent of parents and friends
    John Penny, Louisa Pike, [Frdek ?] Pike, Wm Udell, Mary A Ash, Solomon Penny

266 John Frederic Pike of Clowns Cove
    Julia Parsons of the same place
    28 January 1843 in Freshwater with consent of parents and friends
    George Parsons, [Martha ?] Pike, Francis Pike, [Thonesita Sahane ??], Richard Parsons

271 William Laurence of Carbonear
    Mary Puddy of Carbonear
    13 September 1843
    Edward [S ?] Pike, Wm [H--- ?], Fredric Wright

272 James Burdon of Carbonear
    Ann Winsor of Misqutta
    12 October 1843 with consent of parents and friends
    John Winsor, John Pike, William Winsor

273 James Gudgar of Carbonear
    Ardelena Pike of the same place
    9 November 1843 with consent of parents
    Joseph [Taylor ?], Luis Pike, Edward Pike

281 John Thomas Pike of Carbonear
    Mary Ann Burton of the same place
    25 December 1843 with consent of parents and friends
    Nathaniel Pike, John Bruden, Frederic Rowe

282 Richard Davis of Clowns Cove
    Mary Bransfield of [Croeles ?] Cove
    8 May 1844 with consent of parents and friends
    John Penny, Solomon Penny, Richard Taylor, [unclear] Davis, Lucreca Pike

299 William Pike of Carbonear
    Jane Howell of the same place
    3 December 1844 with consent of parents and friends
    Christopher Pike, Nathaniel Pike, Louisa Pike, Frederick Howell, Frances Penny

301 Solomon Taylor of Carbonear
    Elizabeth Giles of the same place
    5 December 1844 with consent of parents and friends
    Johseph Hayward Taylor, William Gile, George Pike, Richd H Taylor

317 Joseph Pike of Carbonear
    Ann Burdon of the same place
    13 June 1845 with consent of parents and friends
    William Bridle, Jane Burden, Joseph Powell,

318 George Ferris Bulley of Dowlish, Devonshire
    Anna Maria Legg of Carbonear
    16 July 1845 with consent of parents and friends
    Bridget Elson, Louisa Legge, Mo B Bukley, Moses Wilshiar, Robert Peckham, E [G ?] Chancey,
    G [W ?] Birmingham, Cornelia Chancy, Mary Pike, Julia Chancey, Emily Pike

321 Joseph Luther of Carbonear
    Matilda Trencherd of Bay Roberts
    7 November 1845 with consent of parents and friends
    John Thos Pike, Christopher Pike, Mary Luther, Sarah Oates, John Babstock, Collin Parsons

325 John Powell of Carbonear
    Mary Ann Penny of the same place
    9 December 1845 with consent of parents and friends
    Joseph Powell, Richard Hopkins, Ellen Noel, Edward Pike, Ann Butt

328 Richard Parsons of Freshwater
    Henrietta Parsons of the same place
    10 January 1846 with consent of parents and friends
    Tryphena Moores, Samuel Parrans, Jonathon Pasons, J H Parrons, Edward Pike, Catharine Parsons

332 Denis Stanley of Dorsetshire
    Mary Badstock of Carbonear
    14 November 1846
    Edmund Pike, [Fredrick ?] Pike, Charles Young

349 Edward S Pike of Carbonear
    Mary Pike of the same place
    23 December 1847
    Francis Taylor, [F F ?] Bemister, [F Batewell ?]

353 Henry Howell of Carbonear
    Mary Ann Pike of the same place
    31 December 1847
    Thomas Thistle, Charles Pike, Nicholas Howell

354 Fredrick Moores of Blackheard
    Triphena Moores of Freshwater
    20 January 1848 at Freshwater
    George V Parsons, Sophia Parsons, Jabez Pike

1   Abel Taylor, fisherman, Carbonear
    Julia Pike,             Carbonear southside
    23 May 1848 by consent of parent and friends
    John Pike, Joseph Taylor, Robert Taylor

9   John French             Carbonear
    Charlotte Clark         Carbonear
    19 December 1848
    Timothy Pike, Mary Luther, George French

12  George Pike             Carbonear
    Mary Pitman             Carbonear
    9 January 1849
    [J H ?] Taylor, Charles Pike

22  Edward Pike             Clowns Cove
    Susan Best              Carbonear
    4 October 1849 at Carbonear
    William H Taylor, Eliza Legg, Francis Pike

23  Francis William Pike    Freshwater
    Sophia Parsons          same place
    1 November 1849 at Freshwater
    Stephen [E ?] Parsons, Francis Parsons, Elizabeth [Vandenehaff ?], Eliz Parsons

38  Edward Willman          Carbonear
    Tryphinia Pike          same place
    [6 ?] June 1850 at Carbonear
    Henry Howell, Therisa Butt, Eliza Pike

59  Thomas Homer            Freshwater
    Sarah Jane Pike         Clowns Cove
    20 May 1851 at Freshwater
    Edward Pike, Joseph Jeffers, [Fredericc or Thederece ?] Churchill

66  Samuel Vey              St. John's
    Louisa Pike             Carbonear
    16 November 1851 at Carbonear
    John E Pike, C Forward, E S Pike, Mary E Davis, Julia Ann Pike, Elfrida Pike,
    Julia [D ?] Taylor, Tryphena Pike, John S Addy

67  James Reid              Musquito
    Georgiana Pynn          same place
    20 November 1851 at Carbonear
    Fredeirck Pike, Susanna Pynn

69  Richard H Taylor        Carbonear
    Julia Ash               same place
    29 November 1851
    Joseph H Taylor, Joshua [or maybe John?] Pike, Emily [middle name: Laura or Louisa?] Taylor,
    Solomon Taylor, Louisa Julia Taylor, Jane Bemister Taylor

75  Mark Pike               Carbonear
    Maria Ann Hiscock       same place
    20 December 1851 at Carbonear
    William Bemister, Josiah Pike

85  Charles Pike            Carbonear
    Elizabeth Thomas        Carbonear
    6 December 1852 at Carbonear
    William Guy, Mark Forward

89  George French           Carbonear
    Mary Luther             Carbonear
    22 December 1852 at Carbonear
    George Apsey, Richard Pike, Ambrose Pike

112 Francis Pike            Carbonear
    Ann Moors               Adams Cove
    8 November 1853 at Carbonear
    Geo Apsey, Albert Taylor

124 Charles Power           Carbonear
    Eliza Pike              Carbonear
    24 December 1853 at Carbonear
    [Edward or Edmond] Wellman, James French

129 Charles Taylor          Carbonear
    Martha Pike             Carbonear
    12 January 1854 at Carbonear
    Josiah Pike, Robert Taylor

154 Henry Garland           Lower Island Cove
    Charlotte Jane Oates    Carbonear
    19 May 1855 at Carbonear
    [Edward or Edmund] Garland, Josiah Pike

161 Josiah Pike             Carbonear                 Planter
    Catherine Moors
    22 November 1855
    Mark Pike, Amelia Guy

170 John Broderick          Freshwater                Fisherman
    Jane Pike               Carbonear
    27 December 1855
    William George Pike, Henrietta Pike

173 Robert maddock          Carbonear                 Trader
    Amelia Guy
    17 January 1856
    James Guy, Lydia Foot, Tryphena Pike

178 Joshua Pike             Carbonear                 Master Mariner
    Lavinia Julia Taylor
    17 July 1856
    Philip Rorke, Stephen B Pike, [Frances or Francis] Pike, Jane B Taylor,
    Emily [T ?] Pike, [Naomi Nuhok ?]

182 John Ellis Pike         Carbonear                 Sailmaker
    Julia Ann Pike
    27 November 1856
    [Robt ?] Bemister, [Enyenitt ?] Taylor, [Frances or Francis] Pike, Emily [G ?] Pike

192 William Stickley        Carbonear                 Fisherman
    Susan Luther
    17 December 1856
    William Pike, Virtue [Taffer's ?], [French Pike ??]

196 William Perry           Carbonear                 Fisherman
    Amelia Pike
    18 December 1856
    Elizabeth Perry, George Pike

200 Reuben Bemister         Carbonear                 Planter
    Emily Pike
    15 January 1857
    M Wilshiur, [F ?] Apsey, Sarah Bemister, Jane E Pike,
    [Eugenett ?] Taylor, Stephen B Pike

206 George Pike             Carbonear                 Fisherman
    Elizabeth Janes
    29 May 1857
    Moses Pike, Lorenzo Pike, Eleazor Pike, Jane Janes, Samuel Pike

220 Lorenzo Pike            Carbonear                 Fisherman
    Amelia Pelly
    10 Feb 1858
    Samuel Pelley, Rebecca Jane Pelly, Joseph Taylor

238 Timothy William Pike    SS Carbonear              Fisherman
    Harriet Pike
    19 May 1859
    Edward Taylor, Julia Guy

243 Samuel Pike             Carbonear South           Fisherman
    Jane Janes              Carbonear South
    2 June 1859
    Frederick Pike, Stephen Luther

244 Thomas Pike             Carbonear South           Ship Captain
    Lenora Sophia Davis     Carbonear South
    2 August 1859
    Edw'd [---erhe ?], W C Fitzgerald

245 William Pottle          Clowns Cove               Fisherman
    Lavinia Best            Freshwater
    5 November 1859
    George Moors, Thomas Pottle, Louisa Pike

254 Stephen B Pike          Carbonear                 Merchant
    Sarah Jane Bemister     Carbonear
    15 December 1859
    Thomas E Sheastone, Edgar Pike, John Waterhouse, Robt Bemister

255 Francis R Taylor        Carbonear South           Fisherman
    Henrietta Pike          Carbonear South
    20 December 1859
    Nathaniel W Taylor, William G Pike, Lavinia Taylor, Alfrida Taylor,
    Sarah Taylor, Geo Apsey

260 Joshua Rowe             Carbonear                 Fisherman
    Charlotte Rogers        Carbonear
    24 December 1859
    John Ellis Pike, Simeon F Pike

263 Robert F Pike             Carbonear               Captain
    Charlotte Maria Thompson  Carbonear
    6 January 1860
    James Lord, Edgar Pike, Philip Rorke, George Forward, [Jn Wm ?] Thompson,
    Lavinia Fanny Pike, Lavinia Ayles

269 Samuel Smith            Dildo Cove Trinity Bay    Fishing
    Ann George              Dildo Cove
    2 April 1860
    Edward S Pike, John Smith

279 Edward Spencer          Carbonear                 Fisherman
    Mary A Stevenson        Carbonear
    9 June 1860
    Edgar Pike, Joshua Rowe, Edward Pike

280 Josiah Pike             Carbonear                 Fisherman
    Harriet Giles           Carbonear
    24 October 1860
    John Giles, [S ?] E Sheastowe, Louisa Penney, Robt Penney, Charles Taylor

290 William Joyce           Carbonear                 Planter
    Elizabeth A Taylor      Carbonear
    20 December 1860
    Lorenzo Pike, Elizabeth A Pike, Leah P Joyce, Martha Taylor

298 [Frederick or Francis] Pike      Carbonear        Planter
    Naomi Ann Nichole                Carbonear
    18 May 1861
    George Apsey Nichol, Nicholas Nichole, James Pike, Tryphena P Nicholl,
    Jane Taylor, Fanny Pike, Eliza Pike, Cecely L Parsons

300 Frederick Davis         Carbonear South           Planter
    Mary Gordon             Mosquito
    4 June 1861
    Eleazor Pike, George Carrington

305 Frederic Pike           Carbonear                 Fisherman
    Caroline Sewer          Carbonear
    22 November 1861
    William Ash, Albert Pearce, Martha Penney, Mary Ash,
    Emily J Penney, William Davis, Harriet Ann Penney

313 Eleazer Pike            Carbonear                 Fisherman
    Selina Luther           Carbonear
    21 February 1862
    Mark Luther, William Luther, Mary Ann Luther, Julia Luther

314 James Lord              Carbonear
    Mary J Rorke            Carbonear
    1 May 1862
    John Rorke, A [Dorman?], P Rorke, Nicholas [V--- ?], George Rorke,
    [--- Best ?], [Wm ?] Wilton, [Joseph Udell ?], George Nicholl,
    Elizabeth Rorke, Jane [C or E] Pike, Tryphena [Udell ?], [----- ------ ?],
    Lavinia F Pike, Grady S [---d ?]

323 Stephen Luther          Carbonear                 Fisherman
    Mary Jane McLean        Carbonear
    16 December 1862
    Wm George Pike, Thomas Pike

338 Joseph H Parsons        Freshwater                Teacher
    Amelia Moors            Freshwater
    25 August 1863
    Nicholas Nicholl, [Agness ?] Parsons, George S Nicholl, [Marie A or Harriet] Pike

340 Richard Clarke          26 Carbonear              Fisherman
    Celia Lang              21 Carbonear
    21 November 1863 at the house of the bridegroom's father
    Francis Pike, Hy Clarke

341 Joseph Pike             23 South Side Carbonear   Fisherman
    Sarah Butt              18 South Side Carbonear
    10 December 1863
    Jane Stone, Will Ed Butt

357 William Vatcher         22 Freshwater             Fisherman
    Charlotte Ann Moores    19 same place
    24 December 1864 at Freshwater
    Edward Pike, Jas Ed Joyce, Cicily Vatcher, Louisa Waterman

365 Joseph Samuel Nichole      Freshwater             Tailor
    Mary Hannah Pelley         South Side             Spinster
    7 June 1865 at house of the bride's father, South Side
    W L [Geor ?] Pike, Cicely E Vatcher, Samuel Wesley Pelley, Ebenezer G Pelley

371 Henry Spencer              Carbonear              Fisherman
    Mary Ash                   Red Bay Labrador
    10 October 1865
    Robert Ash, Nathaniel Pike, Willis Ash

372 Archibald Pike             Red Bay Labrador       Fisherman
    Drucilla Butt              East St Modest Labrador
    10 October 1865
    James Yetman, George Lilly, Albert Pike

373 William Parsons            Harbour Grace          Planter
    Mary Pike                  Harbour Grace
    11 September 1865
    Josiah Parsons, Harriet Parsons

374 Elias Warren               Hearts Content         Planter
    Elizabeth Pottle           Carbonear
    3 November 1865
    John Pike, Lydia Taylor

376 Lorenza Taylor             South Side             Planter
    Tryphena Pike              at the Beach
    7 December 1865
    Francis Pottle, Edgar Pike

380 Richard Taylor             Carbonear              Fisherman
    Louisa Pike                Carbonear
    29 May 1866
    [no witnesses were listed]

386 Ebenezer Thompson          Pushthrough, Fortune Bay      M.D.
    Lavinia Pike               Carbonear
    3 July 1866
    James Haddon, George S Sorrell

393 John Pike                  Carbonear              Fisherman
    Cicilia Power              Carbonear
    5 December 1866
    David Power, Ed W Pike

396 William Ash                Carbonear              Fisherman
    Emma Legrow                Carbonear
    10 December 1866
    George Apsey, William Pike

401 Thomas Pike                Carbonear              Sea Captain
    Julia Guy                  Carbonear
    3 January 1867
    John Maddock, George Willey

408 Simeon Pike                Carbonear              Sailmaker
    Caroline Taylor            Carbonear
    19 March 1867
    Benoui Taylor, Edward S Pike

415 John Lindberg              St John's              Watch Maker & Jeweler
    Rosamond Taylor            Carbonear
    6 November 1867
    Edward S Pike, Eugine Taylor

420 Samuel Pike                Southside              Fisherman
    Sarah Noftall
    28 November 1867
    William Guy, Moses Fraize

428 Moses Fraize               South Side             Fisherman
    Mahala Pearcey             Carbonear
    24 December 1867
    George Perry, Samuel Pike

435 Henry Ash                  South Side             Fisherman
    Naomi Pike                 South Side
    6 May 1868
    Moses Pike, George Apsey

441 William F Rowe             Carbonear              Fisherman
    Martha [G or O] Pike       Carbonear
    16 June 1868
    George Rowe, George E Peach

444 Thomas Churchill           Carbonear              Fisherman
    Melina Pike                Carbonear
    17 August 1868
    Ephraim Pike, Sarah Scaplin

453 W E Butt                   Carbonear              Fisherman
    Priscilla Luther           Carbonear
    23 December 1868
    Joseph Pike, Jane Luther

454 David Oates                Carbonear SS           Fisherman
    Louisa Pike                Carbonear SS
    29 December 1868
    Robert Penny, Betsy Oates

464 Jacob Millar               Harbour Grace
    Jessie Pike                Freshwater
    31 May 1869
    George Pike, Sarah Joyce

467 Frederic Jillett           Carbonear              Fisherman
    Susannah Pike
    8 November 1869
    Reuben Pike, John Jillett

469 Nathaniel Spencer          Carbonear              Fisherman
    Mary Ann Mills
    10 December 1869
    Reuben Pike, William Penny

472 Charles Taylor             Carbonear              Fisherman
    Lavinia Pike
    21 December 1869
    Edward Taylor, Moses Pike

485 Moses Fraize               Carbonear              Fisherman
    Mary Jane Scaplin          Carbonear
    6 April 1870
    Ephraim [T or J] Pike, Dinah Scaplin, George [Stilley or Tilley]

487 Charles [S or T] Warren    Harbour Grace          Mechanic
    Laura Julia Pike
    27 April 1870
    George Forsey W.M., Jessie Rorke

488 David Henry Burbidge BA    Carbonear              Principal of the Wesley Grammar School, Carbonear
    Leah Pike Joyce
    17 May 1870
    Fielding Taylor, George Nichole, W F Penny

490 Tobias Taylor              South Side             Fisherman
    Sophia Janes               South Side
    28 May 1870
    Cephus Pike, Patience Taylor

503 Joseph H Pike              South Side Car         Fisherman
    Sarah J Earle              Harbour Grace
    31 December 1870
    John Butt, Julia A Earle

505 Reuben Pike                Carbonear
    Julia Giles                Carbonear
    19 January 1871
    William Giles, Adaline Taylor, William [Penny ?], Rd A Giles

533 Edgar Joyce                Carbonear              Planter
    Jessie Scaplin             Carbonear
    25 January 1872
    Edward S Pike, Edgar F Taylor, Dinah Scaplen, [H J ?] Gould, Julianna Pike, J H Penny

540 Simeon Luther              South Side
    Dorcus Rossiter            South Side
    30 April 1872
    Thomas Pike, Elizabeth Wright, Sarah Rossiter

547 Levi Pike                  Carbonear              Fisherman
    Susannah Taylor            Carbonear
    10 June 1872
    Archd Parsons, Mary A Parsons, Duan Taylor, Janet E Parsons

554 Wm Stratford Canning       St. John's             Customs Officer
    Louisa A Penny
    5 December 1872
    Edgar Penny, Tryphena Nicholl, Jonah H Penny, [Leipri ??] Penny,
    Geo A Nicholl, Julianna Pike, Alfred Penny

557 William J Day              Old Perlican           Fisherman
    Rohannah Pike              South Side Car
    20 December 1872
    Henry Pike, [Jesana Pike ?], Moses Pike, Elijah Day

569 Josiah [H ?] Penny         Carbonear              Captain
    Juliana Pike               Carbonear
    15 May 1873
    Emma Pike, E [S ?] Pike, B [T ?] Gould, E [S ?] Pike, Alfred Penny, [Laizzei ?] Penney,
    Eliza Pike, Maria [Preck ?], Phenic Nicholl, Robt Simpson, Geo A Nicholl

590 Nicholas Parsons           Freshwater
    Lavinia Parsons            Freshwater
    [no day is stated] January 1874
    James F Taylor, Henry Parsons, Eliza Pike

592 Moses Pike                 Carbonear
    Jane Butt                  Carbonear
    24 February 1874
    Priscilla Butt, William Butt, John Butt, Julia Ann Butt

610 Francis [J ?] Parsons      Freshwater             Planter
    Jemima A Vatcher
    6 January 1875
    Charles Parsons, Elizaabeth Pike, Henry C Vatcher, Maria J Jeffes

616 Richard Pike               Carbonear              Fisherman
    Sophia Knowlton            Carbonear
    26 May 1875
    Silas [Widger or Wrolger ?], Emily Knowlton

624 William Davis              Freshwater
    Catherine Parsons          Freshwater
    [no day is stated] June 1875
    Ebenezer Davis, Albert Pike, Edgar Parsons

627 Abraham Snow               St. John's
    Priscilla Pike             Carbonear
    9 November 1875
    George Taylor, Thos Pike

634 William Pike               Carbonear
    Susannah McLean            Carbonear
    4 December 1875
    Mary Ann Thomas, Catherine Murphy

639 John Charles Pike          Carbonear              Fisherman
    Tryphena Pike              Carbonear
    12 May 1876
    [Tcharles ?] Pike, William John Pike, Fanny Pike

640 Charles Butt               Carbonear
    Jane A Pike                Carbonear
    18 May 1876
    Esau Butt, Eliezer Pike, Julia A Butt, Mary A Power

650 William Thomas Gould       Carbonear              Merchant
    Emma Patience Pike
    12 October 1876
    Robt Simpson, R R Babner, Arthur B Peach, George E Taylor,
    B [T ?] H Gould, Eliza Pike, E Penney

651 James Piddle               Mosquito               Fisherman
    Janet Ann Pynn
    22 August 1876
    William Parsons, John Power, Elizabeth Pike

665 Eleazer Pike               S.Side Carbonear       Fisherman
    Maria Ash                  S.Side Carbonear
    1 March 1877
    Esau Butt, Olivia Pike

670 James [J or F ?] Pike      Carbonear              Sea Captain
    Susanna P Taylor
    3 May 1877
    John W Taylor, R [H ?] Taylor, [Dalby Go ?] Taylor, Sidney Woods, William Bemister

675 William Thomas Vatcher     Freshwater             Fisherman
    Emily Pike
    9 June 1877
    Joseph Homer, Julia Pike

676 John Erickson              St. John's             Watchmaker & Jeweler
    Jessie Louisa Pike         Carbonear
    9 August 1877
    Edward T Pike, Robt Simpson, John W Taylor, [Jessie ?] Maddock, Sidney Woods,
    Eliza Pike, E Penney, Mary E B Pike, Margeret A [T ?] Thompson, Emily Guy, Evelyn J Pike

681 Henry Herald               Carbonear              Fisherman
    Jessie Pike                South Side
    2 December 1877
    Aubrey J Crocker, Julia Butt, John Butt, Robert P Fraize, Mary Janes

687 George Penney              Carbonear              Fisherman
    Frances M Pike             South Side
    18 December 1877
    Samuel pike, Stephen Pike, Mark Penny, James [J or G] [Ash ?]

701 John Charles Forward       Carbonear              Fisherman
    Amelia Elizabeth Davis     South Side
    23 April 1878
    Wm H Davis, Mark Forward, Lenora Sophia Pike, Jack Davis

712 John George Pike           Carbonear              Fisherman
    Ann Hopkins Powell         Carbonear
    2 June 1878
    Joseph Powell, Robt Simpson, E Penney, George Powell, Elisabeth Powell, William Taylor

747 William Henry Pike         Carbonear SS           Fisherman
    Mary Ann Brandell          Carbonear SS
    8 November 1879
    Thomas French, Lenora French, [Willis ?] Howell, Olivia Pike

756 George Hedge               Carbonear              Fisherman
    Lavinia Penney             Carbonear
    25 December 1879
    Willis L Penney, Noah Penney, George Powell, Emily Penney, Sarah A Bridle, Elizabeth Pike

762 Frederick Pike             Carbonear              Fisherman
    Naomi Moores               Freshwater
    10 February 1880
    William Vatcher, Julia Pike, Josiah Vatcher, Martha Pike, Mark Pike

769 William Marshall Samways   St. John's             Bookkeeper
    Georgina Eliza Forward     Carbonear
    1 September 1880
    H [J ?] Bemister, E Forward, Diademia Bemister, Alice Taylor, Evelyn J Pike

776 Stephen Penney             Carbonear              Fisherman
    Ann Power                  Carbonear
    5 December 1880
    William Pike, Mary Ann Bable

796 George Penney              South Side Carbonear   Fisherman
    Kezia Penney               South Side Carbonear
    7 June 1881
    Stephen Pike, Mary Ellen Pike, Josiah Taylor, [Annie ?] Taylor, Richard Tucker, Sarah P Morgan

797 Charles Marshall           Carbonear              Fisherman
    Tryphena Nicholl Thoms
    7 June 1881
    [Chevye ?] Howell, Jane Priddle, Ambrose Thoms, Elizabeth Thoms, Jabez Pike, Mary Ann Thoms

800 Jeremiah Thoms             Carbonear              Fisherman
    Ellen Clark                Crockers Cove
    20 November 1881
    Nicholas Clarke, Elfrida Clarke, Richard Pike

801 Richard Power              South Side             Fisherman
    Sarah Howell               South Side
    23 Novemer 1881
    Wm Pike, Elfrida Pike

810 William Vatcher            Freshwater             Fisherman
    Eliza Pike                 Freshwater
    22 December 1881
    Thomas Parsons, Edward Joyce

819 Eleazar Pike               South Side             Fisherman
    Julia C Thistle            South Side
    18 January 1882
    William [Rumson ?], Elizabeth Thistle, Frederick Thistle,
    Dorcas Soper, Moses Pike, Fanny Thistle

820 Robert Aitken              St. John's             Clerk
    Laura Penney               Carbonear
    6 February 1882
    John Giles, Ada Penny, Willis Penney, Emie Bemister, Robert Duff, Julia Pike

823 Jabez Pike                 Carbonear              Fisherman
    Elizabeth A Thoms          Carbonear
    21 February 1882
    Ambrose Thoms, Mary Thoms, Jas Thoms, Rosalie C Pike, Urban F Pike, Jane Thoms

825 Moses Pike                 South Side             Fisherman
    Dorcas Soper               South Side
    1 March 1882
    Aubrey J Crocker, Jessie Soper, John Rumson, Mary Ellen Pike,
    Mark S Pike, [Marg or Mary] Ann [surname is too faint to read]

828 Wm Henry Soper             South Side             Fisherman
    Martha Rumson              Carbonear
    25 April 1882
    Stephen Pike, Rosanna Soper, Silas B Soper, Emily Pike, [Joseph Taylor ?], Jessie Soper

832 Samuel George Taylor       Carbonear              Fisherman
    Edith Taylor               South Side
    18 May 1882
    Stephen Penney, Wm Taylor, Sarah Ann Bridle, Mark S Pike, Mary Ann Soper

833 Francis Taylor             Carbonear              Fisherman
    Mary Ann Pike              Freshwater
    21 May 1882
    Amanda Winsor, William Pike, Thomas W[insor ?]

834 Robert Fraize              South Side Carbonear   Fisherman
    Mary Maria Janes           South Side Carbonear
    26 May 1882
    Geroge Apsey Janes, Thomas Fraiz, Cecily Pike

844 Reuben Butt                South Side             Fisherman
    Phoebe Lang                South Side
    8 November 1882
    Thomas Fraize, Mark W Pike, Elizabeth Laing

845 Ephraim Burden             Carbonear              Fisherman
    Mary Jane Baldwin
    11 November 1882
    George Vatcher, Bessie Pike

847 Thomas Pilgrim             Carbonear              Fisherman
    Elizabeth Burden
    25 November 1882
    Samuel Ash, Jordan Pike

851 William Long               Carbonear              Fisherman
    Elizabeth Pike
    1 December 1882
    Jordan Pike, Mary Parsons

856 Colin Pike                 Carbonear              Fisherman
    Sarah Ann Bridle
    27 December 1882
    Herbert J Pike, Frederick Pike, Laura Bridle, Roseley Caroline Pike

860 George William Soper       Carbonear
    Emily Olivia Pike
    1 March 1883
    Andrew Black, Wesley Pike, Sophia S Pike, [Marg or Mary] Ann [Pynn ??]

869 Thomas Howell              South Side             Fisherman
    Elfredia Pike
    27 January 1883
    William John Pike, Sophia Ann Penny

871 James Burden               Carbonear              Fisherman
    Jessie Miller              New Harbour
    30 April 1883
    William Pike, Ephraim Burden, Julia Pike

872 Stephen Pike               Carbonear              Fisherman
    Laura Horwood
    3 May 1883
    Nicholas Bowsell, Sarah Horwood, Robert Joyce, Frederick Cham, Barbara Butt, Chas Heaven

880 Albert Pike                Freshwater
    Ida Davies                 Freshwater
    23 May 1883 at Freshwater
    Alfreda Davis, Martha Pike, Francis Davis

903 John Taylor                Carbonear
    Julia Spencer
    31 May 1884
    Nathaniel Spencer, Colin Pike, Mrs Sarah A Pike

919 John Winsor                Carbonear              Fisherman
    Sophia Taylor              Carbonear
    24 February 1885
    Abel Taylor, Julia Pike

926 William Luther             Carbonear              Fisherman
    Henrietta Pike
    15 October 1885
    John Pike, William Pike

[929] Charles Pike             Carbonear              Fisherman
      Elizabeth Osmond
      17 November 1885
      Miriam Moores, Thomas Pike, William Moors

[931] William John Pilley      Harbour Grace          Joiner
      Jane Pike                Harbour Grace
      29 November 1885
      Laura Pilly, Susan Kendall

932 William Penney             Carbonear              Sailor
    Laura Pike                 St. John's
    30 November 1885
    Reuben Pike, Mary Ann Penney

[945] Shenstone Parsons        Carbonear              Trader
      Catherine E Pike
      22 July 1886
      E [S?] Pike, Tryphena Nicholl, Charles Lench, [Robt ?] Duff

[946] George Power             Carbonear              Seaman
      Elizabeth Butt
      14 August 1886
      George F Taylor, Reuben Pike

[949] Albert Hudson            Blackhead              Fisherman
      Victoria Pike            Blackhead              Fisherman
      7 October 1886
      Edmund Hiscock, Mahala Albert

[964] William H Pike           Carbonear              Sailmaker
      Mary Julia Howell [but signed as: Emma J B Howell]          Carbonear
      [no date stated, but this entry is between others dated 09 June 1887 and 17 November 1887]
      Mark Pike, James Howell, John P Howell, George W Pike, Julia A [surname is too faint to read]

967 William Garland            Carbonear SS           Fisherman
    Sarah Louisa Forward
    6 December 1887 [25 November was written and then crossed out]
    Joshua Forward, George Pike

969 Thomas French              SS Carbonear           Fisherman
    Belisant Hiscock           NS Carbonear
    4 December 1887
    John Pike, Mary Hiscock, Harriet French

970 John Charles Pike          SS Carbonear           Fisherman
    Sarah Penney               Carbonear
    6 December [1887]
    George Rossiter, William John pike, Israel L [McNeill ?]

972 Edward Frederick Janes     Carbonear SS           Fisherman
    Jane Milley                Adams Cove
    12 December 1887
    Nicholas Powell, Ambrose Janes, Samuel Janes, Cicily Milley, Cath L Penney,
    Olivia Pike, Bennett Penney, Janet Penney, Eliza Power

973 John Martin Penney         Carbonear SS           Fisherman
    [Sarah or Susannah] Mully  Mullys Cove
    13 December 1887
    Albert D Boyle MD, William Mulley, John Charles Pike, Sarah Maddock

976 Frederick Pike             Carbonear              Fisherman
    Harriet Amelia Moores      Carbonear
    5 January 1888
    Joseph Marshall, Herbert Pike, Samuel Marshall, Laura Bridle, Mary French

979 Colin Frederick Campbell Taylor   Carbonear       Planter
    Mary Ellen Pike                   Carbonear
    9 March 1888
    George Penney, Annie Taylor, James Davis, Moses Pike, Cornelia Taylor,
    Kezia T Penney, Job [Cha--- ?], Leonora S [D?]avis

992 Ambrose Janes              South Side             Fisherman
    Lavinia Pike               South Side
    13 December 1888
    Samuel Janes, John C Pike, Robert Fraize, Cecily Pike

996 Herbert Taylor Pike        Carbonear              Captain
    Laura Bridle
    24 December 1888
    Urban F Pike, Rosalie Caroline Pike

997 Urban Francis Pike         Carbonear              Planter
    Roseley Caroline Pike
    24 December 1888
    Herbert T Pike, Laura Bridle

1004 William Northcote         Carbonear              Fisherman
     Sarah Jane Cole
     6 February 1889
     Reuben Cole, George Pike

1008 John Foote                Carbonear              Sailmaker
     Sarah Susanna Winsor      Carbonear
     21 May 1889
     George Winsor, Levi Winsor, R [M ?] Duff, M Foote, Sophia Winsor, Mary Ann [Pike ?]

1010 John Charles Pike         Halls Bay              Planter
     Jessie Louisa Taylor      S Side Carbonear
     30 May 1889
     Lorenzo Taylor, Mark Pike, Geo Ed [Pike ?], Cornelia Taylor, Clara Belle Thistle

1015 John Bemister             Carbonear              Merchant
     Amelia Guy                Carbonear
     16 October 1889
     James Guy, Frank Bemister, J R Goodison, Sarah A Guy, Mary F Pike

1019 Levi Winsor               Carbonear              Planter
     Mary Ann Pike             South Side
     22 January 1890
     William Best, Julia Pike, William pike, George Winsor, Sophie Winsor, Margaret Powell

1022 Wm Ash                    Crockers Cove          Fisherman
     Alfreda Jane Howell       Carbonear
     17 May 1890
     Richard Bridle, Mary Louisa Pike

1024 Spenser John Phillips
     Cicily Sophia Penney
     22 May [1890]
     J H Penney, E R Penney, James Macpherson, Mary Penney, Annie D Penney,
     Jessie Udell, Hazel Pike, Isabelle Davis

1025 Jacob Pike                Freshwater             Fisherman
     Emily Babb                Carbonear
     12-6.90  [which I assume means 12 June 1890]
     Will [J ?] Hutcheson, Joseph Janes, Drusilla Babb

1050 Thomas Lawrence           Carbonear              Sailor
     Annabella Pike
     31 August 1891
     Richard Taylor, [Lavinia Dean ?]

1085 George Pike            24 Carbonear              Sailmaker
     Asenath Soper          21 Carbonear
     18 January 1894
     Effie Soper, Miriam E Taylor, Wm H Soper, George E Soper

1101 John Charles Pike    [27 or 23] Carbonear                   bachelor
     Sarah Laura Luther   [25 or 22] Carbonear                   spinster
     8 January 1895
     Ambrose Jeans, Joseph Pike, Robert Fraize

1106 George William Pike    24 Carbonear              Seaman
     Mary Garland           20 Carbonear
     9 July 1895
     George Power, Lily Garland, Annie Marks

[1121] William Thomas Pike  26 Carbonear
       Janet Gillispie      24 Carbonear
       13 January 1896
       Samuel Gillett, John Gillispie, Susannah Gillispie, John H McNeil

[1125] Absalom Howell       30 Carbonear
       Sarah Pike           21
       30 January 1896
       George Herald, Elizabeth Jane Howell, Mark Dean

   Cyril Horwood          30 Carbonear
   Susanna Thistle        28
   14 January 1897
   Frederick Thistle, Lily Pike

   Arthur Taylor             Carbonear
   Sarah Hippisley           Carbonear
   26 August 1897
   Frank Pike, Gertrude A Hippisley

   William Harris
   Sophia Julia Pike
   5 November 1897
   [F.R. ?] Mathews, Annie D Penney, May Gould, Frank Pike

   Jacob Pike             34
   Jessie Ann Taylor      27
   11 May 1899
   Elizabeth Taylor, Allan Vatcher

   Eugene Adams             26                       Fisherman
   Dorcus Elizabeth Taylor  19
   7 June 1899
   James Taylor, Alfreda Pike

   William Giles Pike        Carbonear                  Sailor bachelor
   Jessie M Taylor           Carbonear                         spinster
   25 December 1899 at Carbonear
   Fred E Penney, Edward Taylor, Hazel Pike, Miriam Burden

   George Pike               24 Carbonear                      bachelor
   Maria Ann Winfred Clarke  18 Caronear                       spinster
   10 January 1900 at home of Josiah Ash, Carbonear
   William Ash, Batha Taylor

   Lemuel Taylor             Carbonear                  Cooper widower
   Laura Pike                Carbonear South                   widow
   30 December 1900 at Carbonear
   John [L ?] Noel, Eliza M Noel

   George Janes           25 Carbonear South         Fisherman bachelor
   Patience Thoms         23 Carbonear South                   spinster
   19 January 1901 at Carbonear
   John Charles Pike, Susanna Janes, Wm [J Scott ?]

   Joseph Pike            29 Carbonear               Fisherman bachelor
   Mary Ann Howell        27 Carbonear                         spinster
   28 February 1901 at home of Mr Horatio Howell, Carbonear
   George W Howell, Susie N Howell, [and 2 others whose names are too faint to read]

   Job Henry Roberts      26 St. John's                  Clerk bachelor
   Effie Jane Taylor      21 Carbonear                         spinster
   7 August 1901 at Carbonear
   Chas H Butt, Bessie Fogwill, Jessie N Pike, D J Taylor, A Penney, R Simpson, A [Spucles ??]

   William Pike           21 Mosquito                Fisherman bachelor
   Ursula Mary Earle      21 Carbonear                         spinster
   29 October 1901 at Carbonear
   Eugene French, [too faint to read] Earle

   Robert Francis Noel    24 Freshwater              Fisherman bachelor
   Mary Ann Churchill     23 Carbonear South                   spinster
   5 March 1902 in house of Mr Thomas Churchill, Carbonear South
   Thos C Churchill, Linora W Churchill, [Gilm ?] S Noel, Hannah Pike, Bartlett Churchill

   Bartlett Ephraim Churchill  25 Carbonear South    Fisherman bachelor
   Mary Hannah Pike            24 Carbonear South              spinster
   23 December 1902 in home of the bride, South Side, Carbonear
   J C Taylor, Maggie Udell, John E Chipman, Linnie Churchill, May Pike

   Albert Pike            24 Carbonear South         Fisherman bachelor
   Emily Butt             22 Carbonear South                   spinster
   15 January 1903 at Carbonear
   Eli Butt, Louisa [Pipe or Pike], Absm Howell, Effie Butt

   Charles Thomas Lang       Carbonear South          Netmaker widower
   Sarah Jane Butt           Carbonear South                   spinster
   21 March 1903 in house of Mr Robert Baker, South Side, Carbonear
   Edward Duncan Pike, Susanna Baker

   George Stanley         21 Harbour Grace           Fisherman bachelor
   Phoebe Parsons         21 Harbour Grace                     spinster
   26 May 1903 at Carbonear
   [Mary ?] Pike, Tryphena Davis

   John Charles Pike      24 Carbonear South            Seaman
   Susanna Pearce Pike    23 Carbonear South
   8 April 1904 in home of Mrs M Bemister, Carbonear North
   Thomas Marks, [Katie ?] Marks

   Daniel Pike            25 Carbonear               Fisherman bachelor
   Annie Green            23 Venisen Island, Labrador          spinster
   3 January 1905 [at Carbonear]
   Thomas Mahony, George Pike

   Robert Penney          23 South Side Carbonear    Fisherman bachelor
   Ella Clarke            22 Carbonear                         spinster
   8 June 1905
   James Clarke, George Pike, Rupert Colbourn

   John Edgar Fraize      28 Carbonear South            Sailor bachelor
   Caroline Butt          22                                   spinster
   [23 or 24] January 1907
   Joseph Burden, Emily Pike, Albert Pike

   Alfred Pike            28 Carbonear                  Seaman bachelor  Methodist
   Mary Ann Cole          19 Carbonear                         spinster  Methodist
   30 April 1907 at home of Reuben Cole, Crockers Cove, Carbonear
   Robert Forward, [Linnie or Lizzie] Pike, John Watts, Ruben [Moores ?]

302 Josiah Herbert Pike   26 Carbonear                         bachelor  SA  [ie Salvation Army]
    Ethel Sutton          19 Victoria                          spinster  WCh [ie Wesleyan Methodist Chapel ?]
    24 May 1928 in the SS Church
    Robert Pike, James Sutten, Clara M Pike, Lilah Crocker

4   William Hymghon Badcock  29 Carbonear               Draper bachelor  Meth
    Helena Smith Nicholl     29 Carbonear                      spinster  Meth
    2 September 1908 at house of bride's father, Carbonear
    S B Pike Jr, F B Badcock

9   William Henry Parsons    27 Carbonear            Physician bachelor  Presbyterian
    Flora Julia Pike         27 Harbour Grace                  spinster  Meth
    26 November 1908 at house of bride's father, Carbonear
    Gh Shentafords, Maysie Pike, James Pike, A Penney JP

17  Hayward Leasor Rowe      25 Carbonear            Carpenter bachelor  Meth
    Maud Beatrice Pike       20 Carbonear S                    spinster  C of E
    9 March 1909 at house of bride's father, Carbonear South
    Ernest Pike, Dora Pike

18  Eleazor Taylor           27 Carbonear            Fisherman bachelor  Meth
    Louisa Pike              25 Carbonear S                    spinster  Meth
    22 April 1909 at house of bride's father, Carbonear
    Albert Pike, Emily Pike, Fielding Taylor, Marrian Taylor

29  Ralph Davis              24 Carbonear            Fisherman bachelor  Meth
    Frances Pike             23 Carbonear                      spinster  Meth
    3 February 1910 at bride's father's house, Carbonear
    Sarah Davis, James Pike

30  James Burden             28 Carbonear               Draper bachelor  Meth
    Emma Pike                23 Carbonear South                spinster  Meth
    15 February 1910 at house of bride's father, Carbonear South
    George C Forward, Lilian Pike

36  George Crocker Forward   28 Carbonear            Fisherman bachelor  C of E
    Ida Lilian Pike          27 Carbonear                      spinster  Meth
    26 May 1910 at house of Mr Walter Tucker, Carbonear
    W Tucker, Lily Tucker, H Allan Cameron

42  Ishmael Sooley           29 Hearts Delight       Fisherman bachelor  C of E
    Bertha Pike              30 Carbonear S Side               spinster  Meth
    16 November 1910 at Carbonear S Side
    Arthur [W.G. ?] Earle, Mary Janes

47  George Hubert Soper      24 Carbonear                Clerk bachelor  Meth
    Mary Legge Pike          21 Carbonear                      spinster  Meth
    4 January 1911 at Carbonear
    James Pike, Susannah Pike

59  William Pike             27 Harbour Grace        Fisherman bachelor  Meth
    Phebe Noseworthy         22 Harbour Grace                  spinster  C of E
    2 May 1911 at Carbonear
    John Pike, Maggie Penney

75  James Taylor             52 Carbonear               Cabman bachelor  Meth
    Barbara Campbell         33 Carbonear                      spinster  Meth
    24 January 1912 at Carbonear
    Gh Stentaford, S B Pike Jr, Olivia Penney, Cicely Gould Stentaford

83  Ernest Walsh     [22 or 32] Carbonear            Fisherman bachelor  C of E
    Nellie Pike              20 Bristols Hope                  spinster  Meth
    20 May 1912 at Carbonear
    William Pye, Miriam Pye

87  James Hayward Pike       32 Alberta           Bank Manager bachelor  Meth
    Josephine Penney         30 Carbonear                      spinster  Meth
    21 August 1912 at Carbonear
    Fredrick Richard Pike, S Grace Penney

100 Bertram Powell           20 Carbonear            Carpenter bachelor  Meth
    Susanna Thistle          21 Broad Cove                     spinster  Meth
    28 February 1913 at Carbonear
    Frank P Pike, Mriiam Noftll

113 Arthur Simpson Pike      27 Rhode Island USA   Electrician bachelor  Meth
    Mary Ernestine Forward   27 Carbonear                      spisnter  Meth
    25 September 1913 at Carbonear
    Stephen J Pike, Hilda Forward

117 Harold Garnett Maddock   27 Carbonear             Merchant bachelor  Meth
    Laura Lillian Soper      29 Carbonear                      spisnter  Meth
    21 April 1914 at Carbonear
    Robt Maddock, Emmie Maddock, H D Pike

121 Robert Maddock           29 Carbonear           Shopkeeper bachelor  Meth
    Harriet Diademia Pike    27 St. John's      School Teacher spinster  Meth
    30 September 1914 at residence of the Hon J R Goodison, Carbonear
    John Rorke Jn, Martha G Pike, J R Goodison

130 William George Pike      30 Carbonear               Seaman bachelor  Meth
    Nellie Thoms             21 Carbonear                      spinster  C of E
    29 June 1915 at bridegroom's home, Carbonear
    Thomas Howell, Maud Gillespie, Julia Howell

134 George Pike              22 Harbour Grace      Shoe Cutter bachelor  Meth
    Mazie Gordon             24 Harbour Grace                  spinster  C of E
    1 November 1915 at Carbonear
    Mark Bickhaw, Jennie Elworthy

141 George James Titford     25 Harbour Grace          Fishing bachelor  Meth
    Jane Pike                22 Harbour Grace                  spinster  Meth
    13 December 1915 at Carbonear
    William Henry Pike, Alice Alcock

150 John Powell Moore        33 Darlingford Man         Farmer bachelor  Meth
    Nellie Sterton Pike      23 Carbonear                      spinster  Meth
    11 April 1916 at house of John Powell Esq, Carbonear
    Frank P Pike, Winnie Moore

156 Charles D Garland        43 Harbour Grace                  widower   C of E
    Sarah May Pike           28 Carbonear                      spinster  Meth
    12 December 1916 at Carbonear
    Florence Pike, Augustus Garland

158 John Wilfred Butt        26 Carbonear            Carpenter bachelor  Meth
    Livy May Herald          26 Carbonear                      spinster  Meth
    3 January 1917 at South Side Church, Carbonear
    Florence Pike, Alexander Butt

177 William Douglas Penney   23 Carbonear               Sailor bachelor  Meth      of John Thomas & Elizabeth Penney
    Bessie Spracklin Pike    20 Carbonear                      spinster  Meth      of Thomas & Jennette Pike
    4 July 1918 at home of the bride, Carbonear
    Sadie Pike, John Pike

178 John Pike                36 Carbonear               Sailor bachelor  Meth      of John & [Amelia or Cecilia] Pike, Carbonear
    Fanny Pike               35                                spinster  Meth      of John & Tryphena Pike, Carbonear
    9 July 1918 at home of the bridegroom, Carbonear
    Sadie Pike, William Penney

187 William White            29 Carbonear (SS)       Fisherman bachelor  Meth
    Hettie Tucker            24 Winterton T.B.                 spinster  Meth
    [31 ?] May 1919 at Carbonear
    George Augustus Garland, Lizzie Pike

195 Joseph Pike              36 Carbonear (Pond Side) Fisherman bachelor Meth
    Sarah Davis              30 Carbonear                       spinster Meth
    19 November 1919 at home of the bride, Carbonear
    Hubert Pike, Alfreda Oates

201 James Power              23
    Annie Pike               23
    17 December 1919 at Carbonear
    [Wm or Um ?] Pike, Nellie Pike

209 John Charles Barnes      23 Torquey, T.B.        Fisherman bachelor  Meth
    Elizabeth Pike       [23 ?] Old Perlican B de V            spinster  Meth
    24 April 1920 at home of Eugene McCarthy, Carbonear
    Harold McCarthy, Hilda Saunders

216 Lorenza Moore            31 Grand Falls         Accountant bachelor  Meth
    Olivia Penney            28 Carbonear                      spinster  Meth
    14 September 1920 at home of the bride, Carbonear
    Strat C Pike, Winifred Moore

224 James Kirby              27 Silverdale N.D.B.       Seaman bachelor  Meth
    Janet Pike               30 Carbonear                      spinster
    22 April 1921 at Carbonear
    George Pike, Susie Long

243 George Augustus Garland  25 Carbonear               Cooper bachelor  C of E
    Elizabeth Pike           21 Carbonear                      spinster  Meth
    31 May 1922 at Carbonear
    Moses Earle, Clara Pike, Florence Pike

252 Frank Penny Pike         30 Carbonear                      bachelor  Meth
    Winifred Moore           29 Carbonear                      spinster  Meth
    27 September 1922 at home of the bride's parents, Carbonear
    Jas Moore, Georgina Moore, Mary [S ?] Duff

255 Augustus Pike            29 St. John's           Constable bachelor  Meth
    Hilda Powell             25 Carbonear                      spinster  Meth
    6 December 1922 at house of bride's parents, Carbonear
    Mary Powell, Fred B Powell, Nellie Pike

256 Hubert Pike              31 Carbonear            Fisherman bachelor  Meth
    Lenora Forward           25 Carbonear                      spinster  Meth
    28 December 1922 at house of the bride, Carbonear
    Nellie Pike, James Pike

257 James Frederick Pike     32 Carbonear                      bachelor  Meth
    Margaret Powell          25 Carbonear                      spinster  Meth
    4 January 1923 at home of bride's parents, Carbonear
    Hubert Pike, Annie Pike

259 Wallace John Richards    21 Hearts Content                 bachelor
    Nina Marguerite Taylor   20 Carbonear                      spinster  Meth
    28 February 1923 at home of bride's parents, Carbonear
    Arthur Taylor, Kathleen [F ?] Rorke, Susie N Pike

262 Maxwell Eugene Young     25 Hearts Content        Operator bachelor  [Meth ?]
    Annie Dove Pike          28 Carbonear                      spinster  Meth
    30 June 1923 at home of bride's parents, Carbonear
    Eugene Pike, Susanna Pike

265 James Arthur Pike        30 Carbonear         Postal Clerk bachelor  C of E
    Mary Parsons             30 Carbonear                      spisnter  Meth
    5 December 1923 at home of bride, Carbonear
    Laura Frampton, Giles Smith

278 Ethelbert Best           37 St. John's        [Mill Wrt ?] [widower ?]  Meth
    May White                22 Carbonear                      spinster     Meth
    13 February 1924 at Carbonear
    Sarah White, Herbert Pike, George Pike

285 Eugene Pike              27 Harbour Grace                  bachelor  Meth
    Bertha Smith             22 Bishops Cove                             C of E
    28 May 1925 at Carbonear
    Mrs Susy Ash, Mr Graham Ash

those to no 262   Maxwell Eugene Young  25
                  Annie Dove Pike       28
                  30 June 1923 at Mrs Pikes, Carbonear
                  Eugene Pike, Susanna Pike

306 Samuel Cole              21 Crockers Cove        Fisherman bachelor  WCh
    Minnie Kennel            18 Crockers Cove                  spinster  WCh
    31 January 1929 at Carbonear
    William Pike, Lucy Kennell

308 Harry Warren             32 Bay Roberts     Cable Operator bachelor  C of E
    Mary A Parsons           22 Carbonear                      spinster  Meth
    11 September 1929 at home of Mrs J Parsons, Carbonear
    Mark Parsons, Muriel Pike

328 Charles Noel             30 Freshwater           Carpenter bachelor  UC of C [ie United Church of Canada]
    Annie Louise Pike        31 Carbonear                      spinster  UC of C
    29 December 1930 in Carbonear United Church
    Harold Parsons, Fannie Pike

340 John Clarke              27 Carbonear             Salesman bachelor  United Church
    Florence Beatrice Pike   24 Carbonear South                spinster  United Church
    20 April 1933 at house of Thomas Pike, Carbonear
    Wm H Clarke, Tryphena Pike

341 Robert Pike              30 Carbonear SS         Fisherman bachelor  United Church
    Alfreda Snook            23 Sagona, Fortune Bay   Domestic spinster  United Church
    1 June 1933 at United Church, Carbonear
    Herbert Pike, Cicely Janes

354 William Douglas Penney      39 Grand Falls                 widower   UC of C
    Eliza Tryphena Wellman Pike 32 Carbonear                   spinster  UC of C
    18 October 1934 at Carbonear
    Florence Clarke, John Clarke

370 Joseph Louis Broderick      30 Freshwater        Carpenter bachelor  UC of C
    Emily Julia Elizabeth Pike  27 Carbonear             Clerk spinster  UC of C
    23 October 1937 at United Church, Carbonear
    William James Broderick, Gertrude Bell Soper

381 William James Sutton    21 Victoria               Labourer bachelor  UC of C
    Lexey Muriol Swain      19 Carbonear                       spinster  UC of C
    10 December 1938 at Carbonear
    [J ?] H Pike, Martha Tucker

391 Alfred Horatio Pike     32 St. John's            Architect bachelor  United Church
    Vera Beatrice Howell    29 St. John's              Teacher spinster  United Church
    4 November 1939 in Woodstock Tea Rooms, Topsail
    Donald W K Dawes, Edna L Pike

393 Andrew Moores           28 Freshwater            Fisherman bachelor  United Church
    Effie May Pike          28 Carbonear                 Clerk spinster  United Church
    5 December 1939 at Carbonear
    George Oates, Carrie Fraize

396 Albert Archibald        20 Harbour Grace        unemployed bachelor  United Church
    Doris Jean Power        19 Carbonear              Domestic spinster  United Church
    29 January 1940 at home of Hubert Pike, Carbonear
    Hubert Pike, Leonora Pike

423 Edward Eugene Pike      51 Carbonear              Merchant bachelor  United Church
    Celia May Moores        38 Carbonear              Domestic spinster  United Church
    27 June 1942 at home of bride's mother, Carbonear
    Silas Moores, Doris C Moores

431 Albert Peddle           20 Bristols Hope           Butcher bachelor  C of E
    Marjoria Winnifred Butt 20 Carbonear              Domestic spinster  United Church
    21 November 1942 at Carbonear
    John C Crane, Mrs Gladys Pike

439 Wm Charles Chubbs       23 Carbonear             Machinist bachelor  C of E
    Elva Jane Pike          19 Carbonear South        Domestic spinster  C of E
    17 April 1943 at Carbonear South
    Oscar Chubbs, Verna Pike

446 George Hayward Murray   22 Carbonear South       Carpenter bachelor  United Church
    Clarice May Pike        24 Carbonear                 Clerk spinster  United Church
    11 November 1943 at Carbonear South
    James Burgess, Anna Pike

451 Leonard Cole            23 Victoria           Truck Driver bachelor  Pentecostal
    Anna Pike               19 Carbonear                 Clerk spinster  United Church
    11 May 1944 at Carbonear, in the United Church Parsonage
    Jack Nicholl, Mary Pike

475 John Charles Burgess    25 Carbonear S           Fisherman bach      U.C.
    Bertha Spooner Burden   24 Carbonear                 Clerk spin      U.C.
    7 Nov 1945 in the United Church, Carbonear
    James Burgess, Ina Pike

477 Albert Taylor Fry       27 Charleston, B.Bay     Carpenter bach      C of E
    Viola Winnifred Small   27 Carboenar            Beautician spinster  U.C.
    28 Nov 1945 in the United Church, Carbonear
    E Lloyd Powell, Joan Pike

513 Howard Leslie Snow        24 St John's    Mo[unclear] Mechanic bachelor     Church of England       born at St John's
    Lavinia Margaret Howell   29 Carbonear              Beautician spinster     United Church           born at Carbonear
    18 Sept 1948 in the Home of McNeil Howell, Carbonear
    George Nightingale, Muriel Pike

521 John William Pike         20 Carbonear               Carpenter bach         U.C.                    born at Carbonear
    Mary Catherine Davis      17 Carboenar South           At Home spin         U.C.                    born at Bristol's Hope
    7 May 1949 in the Parsonage, Carbonear
    Chester Murray, Jean Butt

524 George Seymour Pike       18 Carbonear South         Fisherman bach         C of E                  born at Carbonear South
    Mary Phyllis Clarke       19 Clarke's Beach            At Home sping        U.C.                    born at Victoria
    25 May 1949 in the Parsonage, Carbonear
    Reginald Garland, Margot Pike

534 Chesley Power             20 Carbonear South         Carpenter bach         U.C.                    born at Carbonear South
    Annie Hefford             18 New Perlican             Domestic spin         C of E                  born at New Perlican
    29 Dec 1949 in the Parsonage, Carbonear
    Arnold Pike, Hilda Reid

541 John Reginald Saunders    25 Carbonear                  Cooper bach         U.C.                    born at Carbonear
    Elaine French             22 Carbonear S                 Clerk spin         U.C.                    born at Carbonear South
    9 Oct 1950 in the United Church, Carbonear South
    William P Saunders, Shirley Pike

572 Frank Penney Pike         21 Carbonear                         B            U.C.                    born at Carbonear
    Betty Lorraine Pike       18 Carbonear South                   S            U.C.                    born at Carbonear
    3 Dec 1952 in the United Church, Carbonear South
    George Pike, Shirley Pike

601 Melvin Ernest Clarke      24 Victoria                  Painter B            U.C.                    born at Victoria
    Vida Muriel Burden        19 Carbonear            Stenographer S            U.C.                    born at Carbonear
    20 August 1955 in the United Church, Carbonear
    Gladys Pike, Reginald Clarke

609 Wallace Farnham           35 Bay Roberts            Telegraphy bach         C of E                  born at Hearts Content
    Joan Pike                 26 Carbonear                   Nurse spin         U.C.                    born at Carbonear
    18 Sept 1956 in the United Church, Carbonear
    [B Rowe ?], Mary V Pike

617 Robert Duff               26 Gander    Telegraph Communication B            UC                      born at Carbonear
    Shirley Pike              22 Carbonear              Sales Lady S            UC                      born at Carbonear
    26 June 1957 in the United Church, Carbonear (Southside)
    Priscilla A Earle, Richard Rorke

618 Irving Wareham            26 Salmon Cove        School Teacher B            U.C.
    Clara Noel                24 Carbonear            Stenographer S            U.C.
    16 August 1957 in the United Church, Carbonear
    D B Wareham, Lillian Pike

626 Adolph Penney             23 Carbonear                 Soldier B            U.C.
    Minnie Pike               20 Hr Grace                    Clerk S            U.C.
    6 August 1958 in the United Church Manse, Carbonear
    [Jordan?] Penney, Helen Noseworthy

629 Eric Elliott              24 St John's                Mechanic B            UC
    Lillian Pike              25 Carbonear            Stenographer S            UC
    20 August 1958 in the United Church, Carbonear
    George Murray, Mary Mills

841 George Leonard Pike       22 Carbonear                   Clerk B            UC
    Melba Jean Penney         24 Carbonear                 Teacher S            UC
    24 June 1959 in the United Church, Carbonear
    J P Pike, Venute Davis

903 John Reginald Crane       27 St John's                Salesman B            Anglican
    Flora Louise Hedges       22 Carbonear            Stenographer S            UC
    1 August 1964 in the Carbonear United Church
    Freda L Butt, J S Pike

932 Martin Thomas Oates       20 Carbonear             Taxi Driver B            UC
    Nancy Helen Pike          20 Carbonear             Sales Clerk S            Anglican
    18 June 1966 in Bethany United Church, Carbonear
    [it appears that I didn't record the names of witnesses to this marriage]

934 Everett Burden            21 Carbonear         Insurance Clerk B            UC
    Augusta Pike              22 Carbonear              Bank Clerk S            Anglican
    1 July 1966 in Bethany United Church, Carbonear
    Elaine Butt, Hubert Burden

958 John Robert Davis         22 Freshwater                Teacher B            UC
    Muriel Yvonne Pike        21 Carbonear            Stenographer S            UC
    26 May 1967 in the Carbonear South United Church
    Shirley Moore, Fernleigh Davis

963 James Rex Pike            23 Carbonear                Mechanic B            UC
    Florence Anne Button      19 Sibley's Cove TB     Stenographer S            UC
    18 Nov 1967 in Bethany United Church, Carbonear
    Donna Pike, David Tilley

968 William James Oates       21 Carbonear            Loan Manager B            UC
    Clara Elizabeth Pike      19 Carbonear              Sales Lady S            Anglican
    3 Feb 1968 in the Carbonear South United Church
    Nancy Oates, Arthur Oates

974 Wallace Graham Pike       22 Harbour Grace              Welder B            UC
    Margaret Ann Bursey       23 Bell Island              Waitress S            RC
    8 June 1968 in Bethany United Church, Carbonear
    Ruby King, Warrick King

1003 Clyde Wilmore Butt       24 Carbonear                Mechanic B            United Church of Canada
     Mary Netta Pike          24 Carbonear                   Clerk S            Anglican
     2 August 1969 in Bethany United Church, Carbonear
     Cyril C Pike, Rowena Butt

1013 Herder Edward Noel       23 Freshwater            Electrician B            United Church of Canada
     Christine Pike           22 Carbonear            Nursing Asst S            United Church of Canada
     6 Feb 1970 in the Southside United Church, Carbonear
     Mr Milton Peach, Mrs Anne Penney

1025 David Tilley             26 Carbonear                Salesman B            Anglican
     Donna Patricia Pike      21 Carbonear                 Teacher S            United Church of Canada
     22 August 1970 in Bethany United Church, Carbonear
     Max Powell Jr, Carol Powell

1028 Clarence George Pike     20 Old Perlican             Labourer B            United Church of Canada
     Isabel Keats             18 Bay de Verde              At Home S            Jehovah's Witness
     18 Sept 1970 in Bethany United Church, Carbonear
     Donald H Bursey, Vegrina Keats

1053 Clarence Wayne Parsons   22 Salmon Cove               Teacher B            United Church of Canada
     Elizabeth Pauline Pike   24 Carbonear                 Teacher S            United Church of Canada
     12 August 1972 in the Carbonear South United Church
     James Parsons, Marilyn Thompson

1085 Aubrey Manuel Drover     22 St John's              Contractor bachelor     Anglican
     Beverley Anne Pike       20 Carbonear                         spinster     United
     22 June 1974 in Bethany United Church, Carbonear
     Janice Pike, Aidan Drover

1115 Selby Gordon Penney      22 Mount Pearl   Claims Supervisor (Ins) bachelor     United              born at Carbonear
                father: James H Penney          born at Blow-me-Down
                mother: Clara Parsons           born at Carbonear
     Gloria Elizabeth Pike    18 Mount Pearl               Bank Teller spinster     United              born at Carbonear
                father: George S Pike Jr        born at Carbonear
                mother: Mary Clarke             born at Carbonear
     14 June 1975 in the Carbonear South United Church
     David Pike (residence: Carbonear), Glenis Pike (residence: Carbonear)

1116 Gerald Edward Slade      19 Harbour Grace          Bar Tender bachelor     Anglican                born at Toronto
                father: Jordon Pike             born at Carbonear
                mother: Elizabeth Seaward       born at New Perlican
     Juanita Elizabeth Pike   18 Carbonear     Recreation Director spinster     United                  born at Carbonear
                father: Edward Slade            born at Salmon Cove
                mother: Geraldine Payne         born at Fogo Island
     16 June 1975 in Bethany United Church, Carbonear
     Raymond Bastarache, Juanita Bastarache
     [sic - the parents seem to have been mis-entered in the church register]

1128 David Allan Pike         28              Heavy Equip Operator bachelor     United                  born at Harbour Grace
                father: George Pike
                mother: Violet Neil
     Mary Lillian Clarke      25                         Secretary spinster     United                  born at Carbonear
                father: Roy Clarke              born at Victoria
                mother: Myrtle Young            born at Carbonear
     31 January 1976 at the Manse, Carbonear
     Gordon Verge, Mary Verge

1141 Kevin Joseph Drover      25 St John's        Warehouse Worker bachelor     Roman Catholic          born at St John's
                father: David Drover            born at St John's
                mother: Josephine Slade         born at Carbonear
     Mararet Ellen Moore      26 Carbonear                 Teacher spinster     United Church of Canada   born at Carbonear
                father: Harry Moore             born at Carbonear
                mother: Verna Pike              born at Carbonear
     9 Oct 1976 in Park Ave United Church, Carbonear
     Thomas Cull (residence: St John's), Shirley Holden (residence: Mt Pearl)

1152 Leo Edward Harlick      22  12A Neptune Road, St John's    Science Technician  bachelor    Roman Catholic   born at Portsmouth, England
                father: Edward Francis Harlick  born at St John's
                mother: Marjorie Whitehead      born in England
     Stephanie Joy Pike      19  I Fleming Street, St John's    University Student  spinster    United Church of Canada      born at St John's
                father: John Stratford Pike     born at Carbonear
                mother: Mary Crane              born at St John's
     29 April 1977 in Bethany United Church, Carbonear (License No 08684)
     V Paul Riply Jr (residence: St John's), Linda Earle (residence: Carbonear)

1153 Leslie Lloyd Peddle     25  Bishop's Cove                  Marine Mechanic     bachelor    Anglican        born at Bishop's Cove
                father: Gordon Peddle           born at Bishop's Cove
                mother: Phyllis Smith           born at Bishop's Cove
     Jacqueline Gail Davis   16  Carbonear                                          spinster    United Church of Canada      born at Carbonear
                father: James Davis             born at Carbonear
                mother: Jacqueline Winter
     14 May 1977 at Park Avenue United Church, Carbonear (License 04580)
     Frederick Keeping (residence: Burnt Islands), Joan Pike (residence: Carbonear)

1206 James Alfred Pike       29  Carbonear                      Fisherman           B           Salvation Army          born at Carbonear
                father: William Pike            born at Carbonear
                mother: Greta Pike              born at Carbonear
     Carol Anne Doran        34  St John's                      Domestic            Divorced    Roman Catholic          born at St John's
                father: Alex Noseworthy         born at St John's
                mother: [blank]
     24 Oct 1980 in the United Church Manse, Carbonear (License 24851)
     George Foote, Elizabeth Foote

1226 William James Sheppard  23  Harbour Grace                  Civil Servant       B           Anglican                born at Harbour Grace
                father: William Sheppard        born at Harbour Grace
                mother: Philomina Sheppard      born at Harbour Grace
     Janice Lorraine Pike    22  Carbonear                      Secretary           S           United Church           born at Carbonear
                father: Frank Pike              born at Carbonear
                mother: Betty Pike              born at Carbonear
     14 November 1981 in Bethany United Church (License 22559)
     Paul Sheppard (residence: Harbour Grace), Beverley Drover

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