Carbonear Anglican Marriages

What follows is a list of all Pike marriages in the Carbonear Anglican church records held at PANL as of August 2004. This list constitutes a typescript of my handwritten extraction from photocopies of the original records, which is to say that I may have inadvertantly introduced some errors while transcribing and typing... as always, you should double-check against the original records. That said, if you spot any mistakes that I have made, please let me know at Additional Pike entries from other Newfoundland church records can also be found on my website.

Some comments about this list:

At PANL these records are in several bound volumes as follows:

The format of most of the entries that follow is as follows:

Entries are separated by one or more blank lines.

19 Edward Pike            Clowns Cove          bachelor
   Ann Pynn               Musquetta            widow
   23 December 1821 at Carbonear
   [Julia ?] Taylor, Wm Taylor

23 William Simmonds       Musquitto            bachelor
   Mary Pike              Clowns Cove
   13 January 1822 at Carbonear
   John Pike, Catherine Parsons

29 Samuel Pike            [Carbonear]          widower
   Susan Butt             [Carbonear]          widow
   24 May 1822 at Carbonear
   John Taylor, Thos Shillabeer

31 William Moores         Clowns Cove          widower
   Sarah Parson           Clowns Cove          widow
   2 June 1822 at Carbonear
   George [Lakeman ?], [Fanes ?] Pike

34 Patrick Edward Molloy  St. John's           bachelor
   Catherine Pike         [Carbonear]
   13 January 1823 at Carbonear
   Julia Taylor, Thos Chancey

   William Bennett        Carbonear            widower
   Sarah Pike             Carbonear            widow
   15 January 1826 
   Lorenzo Moore of Carbonear, Edward Pike of Carbonear

   Francis Pike           Carbonear            bachelor
   Mary Legg              Carbonear            spinster
   25 January 1827 at Carbonear
   Frances Pike of Carbonear, Lavinia Pack of Carbonear

   Edward Scaplin         Carbonear            bachelor
   Sarah [Goss ?] Pike    Carbonear            spinster
   28 January 1836
   Melliar Lansdown, Francis Taylor

   Charles Pike           Carbonear            bachelor
   Caroline Ash           Carbonear            spinster
   5 December 1840 at Carbonear
   Nathaniel Pike, Wm Pike

   Frederic Wright        Carbonear
   Esther Bryant          Carbonear
   25 Nov 1841 at Carbonear
   F[rederick ??] Pike, John Howsell

   Matthew McKee          Carbonear            bachelor
   Emma Bennett           Carbonear            spinster
   7 December 1843 at Carbonear
   Francis Pike, George Best, Providence McKee

   Edward Frederic Pike   Carbonear            bachelor
   Christiana Jeans       Carbonear            spinster
   25 May 1845 at Carbonear
   M A Penney, Ann Laing, Thos Laing, Ann Butt, John Powell, John Laing, Thos Shillabeer

   George Rendell         formerly of Bridport Dorset but now of Carbonear       bachelor
   Ann Butt               Carbonear            spinster
   28 November 1849 at Carbonear
   Theresa Butt, [Fr??becca ?] Pike, George Pike, Mary Anne Ayles, 
   George Power, Sarah Stickland, William [Corbin ?], Esther Mills, Ed Fk Pike

   Woodbine Pike [Butt??] Carbonear            bachelor
   Sarah Jane Pearce      Carbonear            spinster
   31 January 1852
   Martha Pike, Amelia Harvey, Lavinia Ayles, Ann Pearce, Mary Ann Ayles,
   Robert Pearce, John Pike, James Pearce

   William Horwood        Brigus               bachelor
   Sarah Jane Waterman    Carbonear            spinster
   18 May 1853 at Carbonear
   Samuel Taylor, Lavinia Julia Taylor, Joshua Pike, Selina Mahaney, John Giles

   David Barrett          Carbonear            bachelor
   Susannah Colborne      Carbonear            spinster
   31 May 1853
   William Colbourn, Mary Ann Pike, Ann Pearce

   Andrew Lang            Carbonear
   Mary Ann Oates         Carbonear
   15 November 1853 at Carbonear
   Mary Ann Pike, Martha Pike, Mark Pike, Josiah Pike, John Foot

   John Giles             Carbonear            bachelor
   Mary Anne Pike         Carbonear            spinster
   16 May 1854 at Carbonear
   Mark Pike, Josiah Pike, Maria Ann Foote

   Frederick Laing        Carbonear            bachelor
   Patience Clarke        Carbonear            spinster
   2 November 1854 at Carbonear
   Richard Pike, George Stickland, Thomas Roberts

   Richard Laing          Carbonear            bachelor
   Sarah French           Carbonear            spinster
   15 January 1857 at Carbonear
   Lorenzo G Pike, Frederick Pike

   David Power            Carbonear            widower
   Elizabeth Cake         Carbonear            widow
   27 May 1857 at Carbonear
   Timothy Pike, Solomon Penny, Julia Power, Mary Jane Power, Thomas Roberts

   Frederick Pike         Carbonear            bachelor
   Julia Power            Carbonear            spinster
   19 November 1857 at Carbonear
   Lorenzo G Pike, Elazar Pike, Amelia Pelly, Thomas Roberts

   John Snooke            Carbonear            bachelor
   Mary Pike              Spaniards Bay        spinster
   18 November 1858 at Carbonear
   Luke Clarke, Samuel Watts, John Clarke, Thomas Roberts

   John Williams          Carbonear            bachelor
   Dorcas Cole            Carbonear            spinster
   7 January 1859 at Carbonear
   Thomas Roberts, Harriet Pike, Harriet Williams, John Parsons,
   Elias Cole Junr, Reuben Williams

   George James Smith     formerly of London Eng      bachelor
   Mary Roberts           Brigus
   27 December 1859 at Carbonear
   James Roberts, Moses Pike, Henry Rogers, Anne Pike, Elizabeth Westcott,
   Catherine Roberts, Thomas Robe[rts ?]

   Alfred Philip Ham      Rio de Janeiro, Brazil      bachelor
   Lavinia Seager Ayles   Carbonear                   spinster
   15 October 1860 at Carbonear
   John Hayward, William Frake, G Makinson, R G B Pack, W A Ayles, A Dorman,
   Frederica [Seager ?], Amelia Fannie Ayles, Mary Jane Rorke, 
   Lavinia Fanny Pike, Jessie Susannah Forward, Sophia Emma Green, Mary Jane Hayward

   Stephen Penny          Carbonear            bachelor
   Sarah Taylor           Carbonear            spinster
   3 June 1864 at Carbonear
   William Ash, Archibald Pike, Harriett A Penney, Thomas Roberts

   George Pike            Freshwater           bachelor
   Henrietta Parsons      Freshwater           spinster
   10 June 1864 at Carbonear
   John Clarke, Laura Jane Parsons, Thomas Roberts

   John Cole              Carbonear            bachelor
   Julia Ann Penny        Carbonear            spinster
   30 December 1869 at Carbonear
   Henry Hiscock, Elizabeth Pike, Jane Saunders, Robert Cole

   Mark James             Carbonear            bachelor
   Malina Taylor          Carbonear            spinster
   1 June 1872 at Carbonear
   Edward Taylor, Delphina A Pike, Catherine Tyre, William H Taylor,
   Abel Taylor, Ambrose Tucker, E Chipman

   Clement Janes          Carbonear            bachelor
   Susanna Poor           Carbonear            spinster
   3 December 1873 at Carbonear
   David Poor, Sarah Murray, John Howell, Emma Poor, George Pike, E B Chipman

   Mark [D?] Pike         Carbonear            bachelor
   Emily Forward          Carbonear            spinster
   4 January 1875 
   Lorenzo Taylor, Julia Bennett, Cephus Pike, Mark Forward, Dora Susannah Pike,
   Mary A Davis, Jane A Tyer, Naithaniel Forward, [Wm ?] E Hawkes, E B Chipman

   William Hayward Taylor Carbonear            bachelor
   Catherine Tyre         Carbonear            spinster
   1 March 1875 at Carbonear
   [Cephuss ?] Pike, Jane Ann Tyer, W C Hawkes, Henry Powell, Edith Bridle, 
   Samuel Best, Laura Horwood, E B Chipman

   Samuel Westcott        Carbonear            bachelor
   Louisa Bishop          Carbonear            spinster
   1 June 1875 at Carbonear
   Robert Pearce, Cyril Bishop, Asenath Howell, Wilhelmina Pike, E B Chipman

   Henry Dean             Carbonear            bachelor
   Sarah Squib            Carbonear            spinster
   12 June 1875 at Carbonear
   John Moore, Charles Squib, Charles Dean, Emily Dean, Jane Moore, William Pike, E B Chipman

   Cephas Pike [signed: James C Pike]   Carbonear  bachelor
   Jane Ann Tyers                       Carbonear  spinster
   8 June 1876 at Carbonear
   Mark [W or U ?] Pike [NB: this signature matches that of the Mark Pike married on 4 Jan 1875],
   Laura Horwood, William Best, E B Chipman, Catherine Taylor, Barbara Butt, Ann E Pike

   George Abbott          Harbour Grace        widower
   Mary Jane Simpson      Harbour Grace        widow
   6 July 1876 at Carbonear
   Albert Pike, Ann E Parsons, Tobias Webber, E B Chipman, John Long

   Edward Best Chipman    Carbonear            bachelor
   Elizabeth [B ?] Pike   Carbonear            spinster
   24 May 1877 at Carbonear
   [Thomas ?] C Churchill, Emily Pike, Mary Chipman, Sophia Julia Pike, 
   Arthur B Peach, Martha Rumson, Wesley Pike, John McNeil

   Mark Forward           Carbonear            bachelor
   Mary Ann Davis         Carbonear            spinster
   30 December 1877 at Carbonear
   Mark [W ?] Pike [NB: this signature matches that of the Mark Pike married on 4 Jan 1875],
   John Forward, Amela Davis, Jane Forward, John Long, E B Chipman

   Ambrose Toms           Carbonear            bachelor
   Jane Priddle           Carbonear            spinster
   30 November 1881 at Carbonear
   Paulina Bennett, Tryphena Mashall, John Thoms, William Pike, James Thoms, Joseph Thoms

   William Best           Carbonear            bachelor
   Harriet K Pike         Carbonear            spinster
   31 May 1882 at Carbonear
   Cephus Pike, Julia Pike, Stephen Pike, George Neal, Laura Horwood

   John Babb [Jr ?]       Carbonear            bachelor
   Mary Pike              Brigus               spinster
   1 December 1883 at Carbonear
   John Tucker, William Babb, Thomas [Fraize ?]

   Christopher Boorne     Labrador             bachelor      Fisherman
   Mary Ann Clarke        Carbonear            spinster
   27 May 1884 at Carbonear
   Elizabeth Laing, William Pike, Mahala George

   Alfred Lock            Carbonear            bachelor      Seaman
   Mary Louisa Pearce     Carbonear            spinster
   10 December 1886 at Carbonear
   Mary Julia Pike, William C Hawker, James Pearce, George Pearce, Alice Pearce

   Micah Hedge            Carbonear            bachelor
   Emma Jane Ash          Carbonear            spinster
   16 December 1887 at Carbonear
   Herbert T Pike, Laura Bridle

   Ernest Pike            Carbonear            bachelor
   Mary Toms              Carbonear            spinster
   22 December 1887
   Cephas Pike, Fanny Toms, James Pearce, Charles [Ice?]land, John C Thoms

   Robert Clarke          Carbonear            bachelor
   Margret Janes          Carbonear            spinster
   22 November 1888 at Carbonear
   Willis Howell, Sisley Pike

   William Tuckerson      Norway               bachelor
   Mary Julia Pike        Carbonear            spinster
   18 April 1890 at Carbonear
   James Macpherson, Marion Joyce, Leander Pike, Bessie Mortimer,
   M J Hawker, Sophie J Pike, Emily Pike, W C Hawker

   Leander Pike           Carbonear            bachelor
   Elizabeth Ada Mortimer Carbonear            spinster
   11 September 1890 at Carbonear
   Wallie Maddock, Selby Pike, Walter Maddock, Clara Mortimer

   Richard Pike           Carbonear            bachelor
   Mary Ann Pye           Carbonear            spinster
   31 December 1891 at Carbonear
   Albert Pike, Samuel Pye, Laura Pye, Sarah Cole

   Willis Henry Pike         30 Harbour Grace        bachelor
   Leah Thorne               24 New Harbour          spinster
   29 February 1892 at Carbonear
   Edwin Parsons, Clara Parsons, Mark Sillers, Annie Pike

   George Ernest Sanders     26 Pushthrough          bachelor      Teacher
   Martha Susanna Snooks     27 Carbonear            spinster
   12 June 1894 at Carbonear
   W C Hawker, Philip Sanders, George Snook, K [E?] Young, W N Bennett,
   Katie Pike, A Turnbull, Lizzie Clarke, Bessie Westcott

   Eleazer Snook             22 Carbonear            bachelor      Carpenter      Father: John Snook, Fisherman
   Catherine Tryphena Pike   21 Carbonear            spinster                     Father: Mark Pike, Fisherman
   20 November 1896 at Carbonear
   [W?] Hawker, Susanna Pike, Charles Forward, Mary Ann Mahany

   William Babb              32 Carbonear            bachelor      Fisherman      Father: John Babb, Fisherman
   Selina Churchill          22 Random               spinster                     Father: John Churchill, Fisherman
   21 November 1896 at Carbonear
   William E Pike, Mararet Burgess

   Albert Edward Pike        31 Carbonear            bachelor      Fisherman      Father: George Pike, Fisherman
   Sarah Cole                24 Carbonear            spinster                     Father: Joseph Cole, Fisherman
   4 January 1900 at Carbonear
   Joseph Cole, Minnie Churchill, Cephas Pike, Lizzie Burgess, Martha Ann Williams

   Edward Frampton           26 Carbonear            bachelor      Fisherman      Father: Charles Frampton, Fisherman
   Selina Penney             30 Carbonear            spinster                     Father: Lionel Penney, Fisherman
   2 February 1900
   William Pike, Joseph Burke, Augusta Burke, Mahala Jane Frampton

45 James Crocker             23 Carbonear            bachelor      Fisherman      Father: George Crocker, Fisherman
   Mary Ellen Murray         23 Carbonear            spinster                     Father: Josiah Murray, Fisherman
   11 May 1900 in the Church of St James, Carbonear
   Alfred Crocker, Sarah Ann Murray, Joseph P Pike, William Clarke, Louisa Forward, Jane Rowe, Lizzie Jane Forward

   Charles Forward           23 Carbonear            bachelor      Fisherman      Father: Nathaniel Forward, Fisherman
   Annie Marks               22 Carbonear            spinster                     Father: John Marks, Blacksmith
   26 March 1901 at Carbonear
   John Marks, [Thos Mark ?], [S Garland ?], Susannna Pearce Pike, [T?] Garland, Ada Marks, Katie Forward

   William Clarke            24 Carbonear            bachelor      Fisherman      Father: William Henry Clarke, Fisherman
   Emma Frances Rowe         20 Carbonear            spinster                     Father: Joshua Rowe, Carpenter
   16 December 1901 at Carbonear
   Simeon F Pike, Josua Rowe, Sarah Rowe

   John Charles Sheppard     40 Harbour Grace        widower       Labourer       Father: John Sheppard, Fisherman
   Susannah Thompson         30 Harbour Grace        spinster                     Father: Wm Thompson, Storekeeper
   26 February 1902
   [R or K] J Thompson, Clara Sheppard, Moses French, Annie Pike

   Thomas William Marks       22 Carbonear           bachelor      Blacksmith     Father: John Marks, Blacksmith
   Catherine Isabella Forward 19 Carbonear           spinster                     Father: Nathaniel Forward, Fisherman
   14 November 1902
   Charles Forward, [George?] Forward, Ada Marks, Louisa Forward, Lilian Pike, Susanna Pearce Pike

   John Green                25 Venison Island Labrador   bachelor Fisherman      Father: Ambrose Green, Fisherman
   Mary Maud Laing           20 Carbonear                 spinster                Father: John Lang, Fisherman
   11 December 1902 at Carbonear
   George Pike, George Lang, Miriam Laing

   Richard Cumbon Clarke     30 Freshwater           bachelor      Carpenter      Father: John Clarke, Fisherman
   Martha Ann Williams       25 Carbonear            spinster                     Father: Johns Williams, Fisherman
   2 January 1903 at Carbonear
   William Pike, Mary E Stokes, John J McCarthy, [Wm ?] Lock

   Thomas Earle              25 Carbonear            bachelor      Fisherman      Father: Moses Earle, Fisherman
   Jessie Louisa Widger      21 Carbonear            spinster                     Father: Silas Widger, Fisherman
   7 May 1903 at Carbonear
   James Garland, Arth Earle, Giles Smith, Maud Earle, Mary Pike, Ada Marks

   Frederick Long            32 Carbonear            bachelor      Sailor         Father: Alfred Long, Fisherman
   Effie Butt                23 Carbonear            spinster                     Father: Esau Butt, Fisherman
   13 May 1904 at Carbonear
   Albert Pike, George Rossiter, Caroline Butt

   William Thomas Peddle     26 St. John's           bachelor      Salesman       Father: John Peddle, Fisherman
   Lillian Thistle           21 Carbonear            spinster                     Father: William Thistle, Fisherman
   21 July 1904 at Carbonear
   Joseph Colbourn, Louie Marks, Lilian Pike, Martin Pottle

   Joseph Green              25 Venison Island Labrador   bachelor Fisherman      Father: Francis Green, Fisherman
   Martha Lanning            24 Venison Island Labrador   spinster                Father: Frank Lanning, Fisherman
   22 December 1904 at Carbonear
   George Pike, Francis Green, Thomas Mahaney, Eliza Mahaney

   Selby Harris              22 Carbonear            bachelor      Fisherman      Father: John Harris, Fisherman
   Wilhelmina Pike           23 Carbonear            spinster                     Father: Frederic Pike, Fisherman
   17 May 1906 at Carbonear
   Fred Pike, [Alfed Pike ?], Eliza Ash, Maud Pippy

   James Poole               24 Carbonear            bachelor      Fisherman      Father: James Poole, Fisherman
   Annie Pike                21 Carbonear            spinster                     Father: Mark Pike, Fisherman
   14 May 1908 at Carbonear
   George W Poole, Henry French, Susanna P Pike, Amelia Poole

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