Burin Catholic Marriages

What follows is a list of all Pike marriages in the Burin Catholic church records held at PANL as of August 2005. This list constitutes a typescript of my handwritten extraction from photocopies of the original records, which is to say that I may have inadvertantly introduced some errors while transcribing and typing... as always, you should double-check against the original records. That said, if you spot any mistakes that I have made, please let me know at dapike@mun.ca. Additional Pike entries from other Newfoundland church records can also be found on my website.

Some comments about this list:

At PANL these records are in several volumes: except that the very last marriage listed below actually appears on page 68 of the 1866-1894 baptism volume.

The format of most of the entries that follow is as follows:

Entries are separated by one or more blank lines.
2   David Fitzpatrick
    Litty Pike
    20 Oct 1834
    Henery Sleany, Mary [Furman?]

8   Peter Fitzpatrick
    Mary Walsh
    8 Sept 1838
    Thomas Walsh, Sally Pike

9   John Molloy
    Martha Sleany
    5 Oct 1839
    [Lawrence?] Sleany, Sally Pike

11  Patk Farrell
    Diana Dover
    [25?] Nov 1841
    James Dover, Elisabeth Pike

13  John Sleany
    Sally Pike                  St. Lawrence
    18 May 1843
    William Pike, Seragh Walsh

15  John Parsons
    Mary Shea
    18 Sept 1844
    Peter Hearn, Elisabeth Pike

16  [Lawrence?] Sleany
    Bridget Pike
    21 Sept 1844
    Michael Tobin, Elisabeth Pike

16  Samuel Hutchens
    Martha Pike
    3 Sept 1845
    Will Pike, Elisa Pike

17  Patrick Ward
    Saragh Pike
    27 Nov 1845
    Valentine Dober, Elizabeth Pike

18  John Fitzpatrick
    Eliza Pike
    30 August 1846
    Robert Pike, Catherine Sleany

18  William Pike
    Ellen Penny
    22 Oct 1846
    Michael Fitzpatrick, Martha Pike

23  William Riggs
    Margret Shea
    23 May 1852
    Michael Shea, Elisebeth Pike

23  George Dallimount
    Mariann Penny
    29 Sept 1852
    Thos [Quirk or Quick], Martha Pike

24  John Davis
    Catherine Coady
    7 January 1853
    Philip Coady, Elisabeth Pike

24  George Parsons
    Elisebeth Pike
    1 May 1853
    Nicholas Power, Catherine Shea

24  Robert Pike
    Ellen [Strang or Sleany]
    13 Sept 1853
    Peter Connor, Elisebeth [Strang ?]

26  Nicholas [Power?]
    Rosannah Collens
    14 January 1854
    Michael Power, Elisebeth Pike

26  Patrick Chapman
    Liddy Pike
    17 Nov 1854
    Robert Pike, Elizabeth Pike

27  Patrick Pike
    Catherine Browdridge
    9 Sept 1855
    Thomas Greene, Hariet Hanrahan

28  Michael Hanrahan
    Ellezabeth Pike
    22 Nov 1855
    Robert Pike, Margaret Pike

31  Henery Pike
    Ellen Quirk
    11 Oct 1858
    Patrick Quirk, Sarah Fitzpatrick

33  Robert Pike
    Susan McCarthy
    30 Nov 1860
    Daniel McCarthy, Catherine McCarthy

34  George Pike
    Kate Parsons
    [unclear] Nov 1863
    Hugh Ready, Mary Ann Corbin

35  John Marshall
    [ink blot]aryan Pike
    [unclear] Sept 1864
    Danel Pike, Margret Pike

42  Edward Farrel
    Ellen Deveroux
    30 [Nov 1870   or   January 1871]
    Thomas Farrel, Margt Pike

43  Robert Pike
    Elizabeth Jarvis
    [3?] Oct 1871
    John Walsh, Rose Walsh

59  Richard Brown
    Margeret Cody
    7 January 1885
    William Pike, Kate Cody

62  Joseph Pike
    Elizabeth Handrigan
    20 Nov 1886
    William Handrigan, Bridget Murphy

71  James Hannum
    Elizabeth Pike
    14 Nov 1889
    Willm Pike, Kate Riggs

72  William Davis
    Mary Cody
    1 Dec 1889
    John Pike, Susan Dober

75  Thomas Grant                                Corbin
    Sarah Fleming                               Burin
    13 January 1891
    John Fleming, John Grant, Katie Riggs, Mary Joe Pike

85  Henry Riggs              34 bachelor        Burin           Fisherman
    Mary Picco               29 spinster        Mortier
    23 Nov 1895 at Burin
    John Pike, Isaac Penny, Katie Riggs, Mary Antle

87  Francis Penny            22                 Burin
    Mary Joseph Pike         22
    17 Oct 1896 at Burin
    Isaac Penny, Frances Pike

87  Rd Fewer                 28
    Monica Raoul nee Vicky   42
    18 Oct 1896 at Burin
    Bernard Fewer, J [Penny?], Maria [Josseaurne ?], F Pike

91  Isaac Penny              38                 Burin
    Caroline Marshall        23
    20 Oct 1897 at Burin
    John Marshall, Rd Pike, Maggie Marshall, B Lundrigan

94  Joseph Pike              36                 Sp.Room
    Mary Marg Farrell        25                 Marystown
    27 Nov 1898 at Marystown
    M Farrell, Jeremiah Pike, Rose Coady, Sarah M Drake

99  Rd Pike                  25
    Susanna Brake            26
    25 August 1900 at Burin
    Michael Keating, Wm Penny, Fanny Pike, Lizzie Colford

99  Stephen Parons           51
    Mary Ryan                38                 Salmonier
    22 Nov 1900 at Burin
    R Penny, Rob Lundrigan, Fanny Pike, B Pittman

100 Maurice Parsons          29                 Burin
    Frances Pike             19
    27 Nov 1900 at Burin
    John Pike, R Penny, John ONeill, Kate Parsons, An Flemming, [K?] Penny

102 George Penny             29
    Elizabeth Colford        19
    18 January 1902 at Burin
    Wm Penny, J Pike, H Riggs, Maud Colford, Kate & Julia Penny

102 Wm Hannem                43
    Catherine Parsons        35
    22 January 1902 at Burin
    John Pike, Ignatuis Coady, Anastatia Flemming, M E Brien

103 Michael Reddy            29
    Alice Clancy             27                 Placentia
    25 January 1902
    John Pike, Emily Clancy

Jacobum P Kelly, baptised at 30 Nov 1886 at North Sydney NS
Alice Cheesman, baptised 26 May 1884 at Burin Nfld
2 Nov 1909 at Sydney Mines, NS
pater sponsi & mater sponsi: Pat Kelly & Mary A Howe
pater sponsae & mater sponsae: Richard Cheesman & Ellen Pike
testes matrimonii: Wm J Cooke, Mary Coffey

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