Bonne Bay Anglican Marriages, Burials, Confirmations, and Churchings

Bonne Bay Anglican Marriages, Burials, Confirmations, and Churchings

What follows is a list of all Pike references among the marriage, burial, confirmation, and churching entries in the Bonne Bay Anglican records held at PANL as of August 2005. This list constitutes a typescript of my handwritten extraction from photocopies of the original records, which is to say that I may have inadvertantly introduced some errors while transcribing and typing... as always, you should double-check against the original records. That said, if you spot any mistakes that I have made, please let me know at Additional Pike entries from other Newfoundland church records can also be found on my website.

Some comments about this information:

At PANL these records are in volumes with date ranges as indicated.

Marriages (1874 - 1871 - 1879)

Yes, I know that "1874 - 1871 - 1879" is ambiguous, but that is what was written on the volume held by PANL.

Edward Charles Pike     of Bonne Bay                        bachelor
Elizabeth Mudge         of the same place                   spinster
22 Nov 1874, they having previously been married on 11 June of the same year, there being
             no clergyman to be found in the place at that time, by a layman, according to
             a custom prevailing on the shore
Solomon Wilton, [J or I] Michael Eisan, James Humber, Josiah Payne, Luke Roberts, Sarah Mudge

Benjamin Holly          of Conception Bay                   bachelor
Sarah Pike              of Bonne Bay                        spinster
5 Nov 1876
Thomas Pike, Joseph Snow, Phyllis Payne, Jesse Pike, John Payne

Henry Clarke            of Heart's Content, Trinity Bay     bachelor
Grace Mudge             of Bonne Bay                        spinster
23 Dec 1877
Mark Roberts, Charles Pike
NB: previously married on 6 Jan'y 1877 by the Lay Reader
    there being at the time no clergyman to be found on the shore

Burials (1871 - 1881)

I found no Pike entries among these burial records.

Confirmations (1871 - 1902)

The entries in the "Remarks" column in the records held at PANL appear to have been entered by the clergy at some time subsequent to each person's date of confirmation. The "E.I.R." that appears in the 1882 entry for Margaret Pike is, I believe, an abbreviation for "Entered into Rest". The "Estate" column appears to record each person's marital status.

Date Name Age Estate Residence or Congregation Remarks
Sept 1873 Elizabeth Mudge 22 single
Communicated: married Charles Pike
18. Sep. 1874 Sarah Pike 18 S W.P. mard
18. Sep. 1874 Jessie Louisa Pike 14 S W.P. md Meshack Wilton [Comd ?] 1884
29. Jul. 1879 Charles Pike 33 M W.P. Communicated
29. Jul. 1879 Margaret Ida Pike 14 S W.P. married W. Prosper /83
24. Sep. 1882 Margaret Pike 55 M Woody Pt First Communion Oct 13th 1882 E.I.R. July 1893
24. Sep. 1882 Mary Pike 20 S Woody Pt Married T Maynard, now Red Bay Labr
24. Sep. 1893 William Thomas Pike 16 S Woody Point [blank]
24. Sep. 1893 Margaret Jessie Pike 14 S W.P. md to Isaac House
2. Aug. 1898 Isaac House 21 M Belburn mard to Margaret J Pike
7. Aug. 1898 Eliza Ellen Witt 18 S W.P. Comd md to William T Pike

Churchings (1871 - 1904)

These appear to be records of donations. The vast majority of them listed a woman's forename in one column, and then a man's full name in an adjacent column. The "WP" in the 1881 entry below refers, I believe, to Woody Point.

Date Name Name Amount
7. Mar. 1875 Elizabeth Edward Charles Pike 1/
25. Feb. 1877 Elizabeth Charles Pike 25c
2. Mar. 1879 Elizabeth Charles E Pike 20 cts
2. Oct. 1881 Elizabeth Charles Pike (WP) 25 ct
9. Sep. 1883 Elizabeth Charles Ed Pike 25 cts
5. Dec. 1884 Elizabeth Charles Pike 24 cts
3. Oct. 1886 Elizabeth Charles Ed Pike 25 cts
15. May. 1887 Jane Wm Geo Pike 25 cts
28. Oct. 1887 Elizabeth Charles Ed Pike 20 cts
7. Nov. 1890 Elizabeth Charles Pike 20 c
25. Jun. 1893 Elizabeth Charles Pike 20
12. Jul. 1901 Eliza Ellen Willam T Pike 20 c
13. Mar. 1903 Eliza Ellen Willam T Pike 25

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