Bonne Bay Anglican Baptisms

What follows is a list of all Pike baptisms in the Bonne Bay Anglican records held at PANL as of August 2005. This list constitutes a typescript of my handwritten extraction from photocopies of the original records, which is to say that I may have inadvertantly introduced some errors while transcribing and typing... as always, you should double-check against the original records. That said, if you spot any mistakes that I have made, please let me know at Additional Pike entries from other Newfoundland church records can also be found on my website.

Some comments about this list:

At PANL these records are in volumes:

The latter of these two volumes contains about 1000 entries, the vast majority of which provide no dates. I suspect that this volume might be a transcript from a baptismal register, as most of the entries appear to be written in the same handwriting.
Page Name Birthdate Baptism Parents Sponsors
18 Pike, Sarah Ann 29. Nov. 1874 7. Mar. 1875 Edward Charles & Elizabeth Pike Leah Mudge, Catharine Roberts, Michael Eison
20 Benoit, William Thomas 22. Feb. 1875 6. Jun. 1875 Edward & Mary Benoit Charles Pike, Thomas Owen, Frances Caines
27 Pike, William Thomas 12. Jan. 1877 25. Feb. 1877 Charles & Elizabeth Pike Martha Snow, Thomas Ball, Silas Roberts
32 Roberts, Rozely 31. Jan. 1878 10. Mar. 1878 Silas & Martha Roberts Catharine Roberts, Elizabeth Pike, Charles Pike
37 Clarke, Joseph Henry [blank] 9. Feb. 1879 Henry & Grace Clarke Michael Eisan, Charles Pike, Johanna Andycott
38 Pike, Margaret Jesse 30. Jan. 1879 2. Mar. 1879 Charles Edward & Elizabeth Pike Jesse Louisa Pike, Ann Welman, Mesack Wilton
38 Roberts, Elizabeth 5. Mar. 1879 13. Apr. 1879 Mark & Harriet Roberts Mrs Mary Ann Whittle, Mrs Sarah Roberts, Charles Pike
40 Roberts, Mark 8. Sep. 1879 19. Oct. 1879 Eli & Katharine Roberts Mrs M Roberts Junr, Mark Roberts Junr, Chas: Pike
41 Crocker, Alice Jesse 12. Jun. 1879 19. Oct. 1879 Charles & Catharine Crocker Maria Harris, Jessie Pike, Wm Harris
48 McAuly, Margaret Catherine 23. Jan. 1881 20. Feb. 1881 Angus & Emily McAuly Mrs J Lunegrin, Mary Pike, Solomon Wilton
48 Legg, Mary Elizabeth 7. Feb. 1881 1. Mar. 1881 Charles & Maria Legg William Penny, Eliz Rumbolt, Mary Pike
49 Pike, Charles Edward 18. May. 1881 5. Jun. 1881 Charles & Elizabeth Pike Henry Ingram, Wm Mudge, Grace Clark
50 Eisan, John Walter 1. Jul. 1881 14. Aug. 1881 Michael & Phoebe Eisan Mark Roberts, Silas Roberts, Mary Pike
50 Holly, Charles Leonard 21. Jun. 1881 4 Sept [1881] Benjamin & Sarah Holly Charles Pike, Andrew Vincent, Margaret Pike
53 Wilton, Martha Jane

Meshack & Jessie Louisa Wilton Margaret Pike, Elvina & Geo. W. Wilton
53 Crocker, Mary Jane (Illegitimate)

Elijina Crocker Mary Pike, Sarah Jane Payne
56 Pike, Joseph Henry

Charles Ed & Elizabeth Pike James Galliott, John H Moor, Mrs Samuel Wilton
57 Prosper, William Thomas

Wm Henry & Margaret Ida Prosper Charles Pike, Edward Payne, Rosa Mudge
59 Clarke, Hector

Henry & Grace Clarke Mark Roberts, Charles & Elizbeth Pike
61 Pike, Norman

Chas Ed & Elizbeth Pike David Galliott, Wm [Sellar ?], Sareh Ida Prosper
63 Prosper, James Leonard

Wm Henry & Margaret Ida Prosper Geo Wm Wilton, Robt [Dennis ?], Elizbth Pike
63 Wilton, James Theodore

Meshack & Jessie Louisa Wilton Charles Pike, Hezekiah & Esther Wilton
64 Roberts, Walter Harrington

John & Mary Roberts John ([Sam's or Senr's]) Roberts, Wm Allen, Jane Pike
67 Pike, Rendell Gordon

Wm George & Jane Pike Francis Geo Cox, Solomon ([Jr ?]) & Mary Lochard Wilton
68 Pike, Walter Henry

Charles & Elizabeth Pike John Cole, Joseph Mudge, Charlotte Amelia Ingram
69 Matthews, Lilian Bell

James & Matilda Matthews Samuel Wilton, Sarah Ingram, Elizabeth Pike
71 Francis, Maggie

Henry & Emily Francis Charles E Pike, Rose Ellen Payne, Frances Jane Burton
72 Pike, Mary Ellen

Charles Edward & Elizabeth Pike Hezekiah & Mary Ann Wilton, Sarah Ingram
74 [Pike?], William Hector

Sarah Ann Pike Joseph Mudge Jr, George [unclear] & Rosa Allen
75 Pike, Elfreda

Charles Ed & Elizabeth Pike Mark Roberts, Sarah [Gillim ?], Annie Roberts
79 Prosper, William Theodore

William Henry & Margaret Ida Propser Thomas Pike, Richard H Staple, Mary Ann Wilton
80 Atkins, Emily Alice

Richard & Mary Ann Atkins Charles Pike, Sarah Langdon, Emily Caines
81 Holly, Stirling Benjamin

Benjamin & Sarah Ann Holly Charles Pike, Hezekiah Wilton, Julia Roberts
81 Wilton, Charles Hugh

Meshack & Jessie Louisa Wilton William T Pike, Matthew Roberts, Margaret Jessie Pike
81 Prosper, Margaret

William Henry & Margaret Ida Propser Thomas W Pike, Margaret Jessie Pike, Sarah Jane Ingram
83 Wilton, William Aubrey

Meshack & Jessie Louisa Wilton Alexander R Roberts, William T Pike, Jemima Wilton
83 Caines, Walter

Michael & Emily Caines Richard Atkins, Charles Pike, Cornelia Louisa Patey
84 Walsh, Mary Margaret

Joseph & Agnes Walsh William Thomas Pike, Emma Jane Ivney, Susannah [Chiveré or Chimieré]
87 Coombs, Clara Alice

Thomas & Sophia Coombs Charles Ed Pike, Mary Elizabeth Mudge, Caroline Anne Whittle
87 Wilton, Ella Thornton

Meshack & Jessie Louisa Wilton Charles Pike, Martha Jane Wilton, Eliza Ellen Witt
88 Gillim, George Freeman

Thomas & Sarah Jane Gillim John P Cole, Charles Edward Pike, Emily H Hollands
89 House, Norman

Isaac & Margaret Jessie House Charles Pike, Asher House, Maria House
90 Pike, Stephen Witt

William Thomas & Eliza Ellen Pike Samuel C Roberts, William A [Preble ?], [Faith ?] A M Hollands
93 Brown, Arthur Gilbert

Joseph & Harriet Brown William Thomas Pike, James Martin, Sarah Jane Roberts
94 Atkins, Amelia

Richard & Mary Ann Atkins Charles Edward Pike, Jane Thatchell, Maria Humber
94 Pike, Charles [Hernans or Hemans]

William Thomas & Eliza Ellen Pike Douglas M Woodmas, David & Fanny Marcia Galliott

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