Salvation Army Marriages

What follows is a list of all Pike marriages in the Salvation Army records held at PANL as of August 2016. This list constitutes a typescript from photocopies of the original records (although it looks like the records themselves are already transcribed, being put into a central Salvation Army register for the whole province) which is to say that I may have inadvertantly introduced some errors while transcribing and typing... as always, you should double-check against the original records. That said, if you spot any mistakes that I have made, please let me know at Additional Pike entries from other Newfoundland church records can also be found on my website.

Some comments about this list:

At PANL these records are in several volumes as follows:

The format of most of the entries that follow is as follows:

Entries are separated by one or more blank lines.

Thomas Tillington               47      bachelor                Business                Channel                 C of E
Elizabeth Pike                  42      widow                   Housewife               Channel                 C of E
20 July 1927 at Channel, Burgeo District
Percy Figary, Mary Figary

George Walter Pike              24      bachelor                Cooper                  South Dildo
Alice Maud Russell              20      spinster                Housekeeper             Blaketown               S.A.
2 Nov 1933 at Blaketown, Trinity District
Wm J Russell, Margaret Pike

Edward Pike                     24      bachelor                Shoe Worker             Hr Grace                U.C.
Vida May Burden                 20      spinster                Clerk                   Carbonear               U.C.
16 June 1934 at Carbonear, Harbour Grace District
Gordon C Burden, Mrs Gordon Burden

Ronald Pike                     29      bachelor                Painter                 St John's               SA
Ettie Cuff                      22      spinster                Domestic                St John's               SA
20 March 1935 at St John's, St John's District
Hayward Pike, Loretta Abbott

Frederick Sheppard              22      bachelor                Cooper                  Hr Grace                C of E
Myra Cavell Pike                19      spinster                Domestic                Bristol's Hope          UC
20 April 1935 at Hr Grace, Hr Grace District
Gordon Janes, Floria Annie Pike

Samuel Pike                     21      bachelor                Labourer                Corner Brook            SA
May Fillier                     21      spinster                Domestic                Corner Brook            UC
2 May 1935 at Humbermouth, St Georges District
Elias Burt, Mrs Elias Burt

Cecil Pike                      23      bachelor                Fisherman               Burin                   SA
Annie Hoban                     17      spinster                Domestic                Burin                   SA
12 Dec 1935 at Burin, Burin District
William Brown, Frances Isaac

Mark Albert Fry                 26      bachelor                Lumberman               Jamestown               C of E
Ivy Pike                        25      spinster                At Home                 Jamestown               SA
13 Nov 1936 at Jamestown, Bonavista District
Gilbert Philpot, Angeulet Fry

Ralph Sheppard                  23      bachelor                                        Hr Grace                C of E
Florence Pike                   19      spinster                                        Hr Grace                UC
21 August 1937 at Carbonear, Carbonear District
William Pilgrim, Myrtle Dawe

Hubert Hoben                    48      widower                 Fisherman               Burin Bay               SA
Sarah Ann Pike                  65      widow                                           Whale Cove              SA
10 January 1938 at Burin Bay, Burin District
Raymond Paul, Annie Pike

Roosevelt Yates                 24      bachelor                Lumberman               Cottrels Cove           SA
Myrtle Pike                     28      spinster                SA Officer              Cottrels Cove           SA
4 Oct 1939 at Cottrels Cove, Green Bay District
Winfield Yates, Marie L Yates

Maxwell Pike                    23      bachelor                Lumberman               Birchy Bay              UC
Bessie Necho                    18      spinster                Housemaid               Horwood                 SA
20 January 1940 at Horwood
Otto Blake, Edna Budden

Foster Sparks                   23      bachelor                Carpenter               Corner Bk               SA
Evelyn Jean Pike                19      spinster                At home                 H mouth                 SA
21 December 1939 at Humbermouth, Humber District
A Farnelle, Myrtle Pike

Kenneth Pike                    24      bachelor                Fisherman               Channel                 C of E
Jane Hayward                    20      spinster                Domestic                Channel                 UC
18 Feb 1942 at Channel, Burgeo and La Poile
Philip Pike, Gladys Hayes

George R Pike                   20      bachelor                Labourer                Corner Brook            SA
Fanny E Gillard                 18      spinster                Clerk                   Corner Brook            SA
30 Nov 1942 at Corner Brook, Humber District
Augustus Gillard, Myrtle Locke

George R Pike                   20      bachelor                Painter                 Corner Brook            SA
Fanny E Gillard                 18      spinster                Clerk                   Corner Brook            SA
30 Nov 1942 at Corner Brook, Humber
Augustus Gillard, Myrtle Locke

Cecil Ellis Pike                26      bachelor                Labourer                Humbermouth             SA
Violet E Harold                 26      spinster                Domestic                Humbermouth             SA
7 August 1943 at Deer Lake, Humber
Amsdon Chaulk, Muriel Chaulk

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