Curling (Corner Brook) Methodist Marriages

What follows is a list of all Pike marriages in the Curling (Corner Brook) Methodist church records held at PANL as of February 2018. This list constitutes a typescript of my handwritten extraction from photocopies of the original records, which is to say that I may have inadvertantly introduced some errors while transcribing and typing... as always, you should double-check against the original records. That said, if you spot any mistakes that I have made, please let me know at

Some comments about this list:

At PANL these records are in several bound volumes as follows:

The format of most of the entries that follow is as follows:

Entries are separated by one or more blank lines.

17 William Pike                 30  Widower     Fisherman               Bay of Islands          Father: [blank]
   Jane Hudson                  30  Widow       Domestic                Bay of Islands          Father: [blank]
   10 October 1905 at Bay of Islands
   Mary Body, Albert Hudson

77 Theodore Pike                19  Bachelor                            Bay of Islands          Father:  John Pike
   Matilda Cooper               21  Spinster                            Bay of Isld             Father:  [blank]
   6 March 1920 in the House of Father of Groom
   Wesley G Pike, Ida Pike

87 Absalom Wells                45  widower     Fisherman               Curling                 Father:  James Wells
   Elizabeth Marshall           35  widow                               Curling                 Father:  John Connell
   15 Nov 1921 in the Parsonage at Curling
   Wesley G Pike, Florence Davis

93 Richard Brown                27  widower     Millman                 Spruce Brook            Father:  Wm Brown
   Ida Pike                     20  spinster                            Petries Valley          Father:  Mark Pike
   11 Jan 1923 in the Home of Bride's Father at Petries Valley
   Harrison Pike, Millie Pelley

103 Robert George Harrison Pike  21 bachelor                            Mount Marih             Father:  John Pike
    Annie Muriel Murley          18 spinster                            Mount Murih             Father:  Elvin Murley
    21 Jan 1924 in the Church at Curling
    Theodore T Pike, Matilda Pike

143 Harold Taylor               21  Bachelor    electrician             Georgetown              Father:  Halliday Taylor
    Alfreda Falle               20  Spinster                            St George's             Father:  Samuel Falle
    20 Oct 1925 in the Church at Curling
    Gilbert Pike, Jean Gibbons

146 Moses Earle                 22  Bachelor    Mechanic                Corner Brook            Father:  William Earle
    Florence Bridge Pike        21  Spinster                            Corner Brook            Father:  Joseph Pike
    29 October 1925 in the United Church Hall at Corner Brook
    Alice M Hollands, H [Gowe es ?]

42  Edward Moses Pike           23  B           Labourer                Spruce Brook    UC
    Christina Pearl Campbell    20  Sp          Domestic                Sydney NS       Anglican
    19 Nov 1931 in the Log Cabin at Spruce Brook
    Fredrick Simmons, Esther Pike

46  Frederick Simmons           20  B           Surveyor                Spruce Brook    United Ch
    Wilfreda Gertrude Renouf    21  S           Domestic                Spruce Brook    RC
    2 Nov 1932 in the United Church Parsonage at Curling
    Edward M Pike, Florence Wilkinson

70  Joseph White                26  Bachelor    Farmer                  Stephenville    RC
    Esther Pike                 21  Spinster    Domestic                Spruce Brook    U Ch
    19 Oct 1934 at Humbermouth
    George Pike, Eileen Wells

73  Theodore Pike               38  Widower     Painter                 Petries         U Church
    Annie Crane                 18  Spinster    Domestic                Petries         C of E
    18 June 1935 in the United Church at Curling
    Garfield Brown, Margaret Brown

49  Ralph Lidstone              20  Bachelor    Taxi driver             Humbermouth             UC
    Vera Pike                   20  Spinster    Domestic                Corner Brook West       C of E
    28 Nov 1949 in the United Church at Humbermouth
    Thos Park, Mabel Chaulk

16  Edward George Blackler      26  B           Labourer                Twillingate NDB         C of Eng
    Ethel Emma Williams         20  S           Domestic                Curling East            C of Eng
    6 Feb 1948 in the United Church Manse at Curling
    Edward Pike, Olive Williams

39  Edwin Clifton Sturge        30  B           Clergyman               Buchans                 United Church
    Ada Marie Pike              21  S           Schoolteacher           Curling                 United Church
    4 Aug 1949 in the Memorial United Church at Curling
    L S Woolfrey, Joan Pike

41  Leonard Gerald Styles       30  B           Truckdriver             Hammond Field           C of E          born River of Ponds, St Brides
    Sadie Blanche Brown         24  S           Domestic                Curling                 UC
    27 Aug 1949 in the Memorial United Church at Curling
    Robert G Pike, Mrs Gladys Raines

11  Willis Woodrow Wicks        26  B           Teacher                 Curling                 UC
    Marion Joan Pike            23  S           Clerk                   Curling                 UC
    29 June 1950 in the Memorial United Church at Curling
    [Irene?] Stanford, Ada Marie Sturge

104 Edward Eugene Pike          21  B           Truck Driver            Corner Brook            Anglican
    Elizabeth Gertrude Dwyer    20  S           Typist                  Curling                 United Church
    3 March 1959 in the Memorial United Church at Curling
    Wesley Gordon Pike, Wilma Nichols

120 George Power                23  Bachelor    Lineman                 Curling                 United Church
    Wilma Nichols               22  Spinster    Domestic                Curling                 United Church
    12 January 1961 in the Memorial United Church at Curling
    William Power, Betty Pike

155 Hayward William Taylor      26  Bachelor    Chemist                 born: Corner Brook      United Church         father Hawyard F Taylor (born St Johns)       mother Ethel Layden (born Corner Brook)
    Olive Marjorie Locke        24  Spinster    Clerk                   born: Buchans           Salvation Army        father Edward Locke                           mother Lulu Osmond
    22 July 1963 at Memorial United Church, Corner Brook
    Gordon Pike (of 1 Eddys Lane), Cora Pike (of 1 Eddys Lane)

212 Robert Gordon Dwyer         20  B           Clerk                   born: Corner Brook      UC
    Marie Eve Tucker            18  S           Clerk                   born: Benoits Cove      Ang
    8 June 1968 at Curling
    Edward Eugene Pike, Judy C Tucker

261 Lloyd Butt                      B           Light & Power           born: Curling           United
    Doris Pike                      S           Sect                    born: Curling           United
    14 April 1972 at Memorial United Church, Curling, Corner Brook
    Melvin W Butt (of Curling), Jeannette MacDonald (of Curling)

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