Pikes buried in St. David's

The following photos were taken on 17 June 2020. Clicking on a thumbnail below will take you to the full image.

If you came to this page directly, then you might want to know that I have additional information about the Pike families of Newfoundland on my website.

All photos are: Copyright © David Pike.

Elizabeth Pike

Isaac J. Pike
Isabella Pike

Isaac James Pike

Elizabeth Pike
Jeremiah Pike

Isaac Alphonso Pike

Tolbert D Pike
Veronica M Pike

Willis E Pike

Martha Jane Pike

Ockie H Pike

Maude Pike Faulkner

Edward Jeremiah Pike

Ann Martha Morris Pike

Harold T Pike

Viola L Pike

Mary Margaret Pike

Charles F Pike

Adrian F Pike
Rose B Pike

Herman Pike

Annie E Pike

Kevin D Pike

Maisie Pike
Cecil Pike

Raymond J Pike
Jaymes R Pike

Albert H Pike
Martha A Pike

Ronald J Pike
Vida Pike

Ralph R Pike
Annie A Pike

Willis E Pike

Martha Jane Pike

Willoughby Pike

Raymond Pike

Maud Pike

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