This and other letters were sent to the Methodist Missionary Society in England from Newfoundland in the early 1800's. The letters are now archived at the Methodist Missionary Society, although microfilm copies can be found at the United Church Archives in Toronto, Ontario under location number "87.225C".

02 December 1833 - English Harbour, Newfoundland

To the Wesleyan Missionary Committee
[looks like "11:77 Hathan Garden", I suppose it's a street address]

The memorial of the members of the Methodist Society and Friends at English Harbour

Humbly Sheweth

That your memorialists have heard with unfeigned regret that their respected Minister Mr Wilson is to be removed from them in May next.

That it is a circumstance quite unusual to remove a married Preacher, and especially one who has a large family so soon. they hope the Wesleyan Missionary Committee will allow Mr Wilson to remain among them another year. he being a Missionary whom they have long known, whom they highly respect, and with whom they would by no means wish to part. these circumstances, therefore, they hope will have their due weight with the Committee in granting them their present request. And they will, as in duty bound for ever pray, for the success of the Society's Missions and of the Redeemers Cause in every part of the World.

English Harbour
Dec 2nd 1833.

James Ivamy Senr
James Ivamy Junr
Richard Barnes
John Bugden Junr
Rich'd Ivamy
William Higdan
John Barnes
Joseph Barnes
George Ivamy
Martin Ivamy
Wm Ivamy
John Ivamy
George Higden
[looks like "Mark Budgen"]
Frances Barnes
William Besston

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