This and other letters were sent to the Methodist Missionary Society in England from Newfoundland in the early 1800's. The letters are now archived at the Methodist Missionary Society, although microfilm copies can be found at the United Church Archives in Toronto, Ontario under location number "87.225C".

27 November 1833 - Trinity, Newfoundland

To the General Secretaries of the Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society

The Memorial of the Trustees Circuit Stewards and Members of the Methodist Society at Trinity

Humbly Sheweth

That it is with regret that your Memorialists have been informed that the Reverend Wm Willson, Wesleyan Missionary at this place is to be removed from hence in May next.

That your Memorialists beg leave to state for the information of the Committee, that they have been in habits of intimacy with Mr Willson for many years, he having frequently visited Trinity during the time he was stationed at Old Perlican and Bonavista, and often preached here. That they have a high respect for him both for his piety, zeal, and general conduct as a Missionary; and that they would therefore be very sorry that he should be removed from this station before the usual period of two years, from the time he came to reside among them as their regular Minister, has elapsed, unless there should be some very urgent necessity for his being so soon removed, which they cannot be aware of. They therefore trust that as Mr Willson has given every satisfaction here, as he has a large family and as he is scarcely yet settled in the New Mission House, that the Committee will have the goodness to allow him to remain at Trinity for another Missionary year, after the present one, which will expire in May next. And your Memorialists, as in duty bound, will forever pray.

Trinity, Newfoundland
November 27th 1833.

Geo Skelton, J.P.
Susan Skelton
Wm Kelson, J.P.
Ann Kelson
James Tocker
William D. Cross
Charles Finish
Elizabeth Hiscock's 2nd mark
Mary Ann Hiscock
Jasper Hiscock's mark
Charles Newhook
Martha Newhook
Elizabeth Field
Elizabeth Hiscock 1st mark
Wiliam Stoneman
Jon B [looks like it might be "Bowden"]
Mary B [looks like it might be "Bowden"]
Mary Sweet's mark
Susannah Hitchcock's mark
Catharine [looks like it might be "Horn"]'s mark
Jno Crocker Junr
Maria Crocker
James [looks like "Chord"]

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