This and other letters were sent to the Methodist Missionary Society in England from Newfoundland in the early 1800's. The letters are now archived at the Methodist Missionary Society, although microfilm copies can be found at the United Church Archives in Toronto, Ontario under location number "87.225C".

28 January 1829 - Simeon Noall - Trinity, Newfoundland

Allow me to trouble you with a short extract from my journal.

12 January 1829

This day died Margaret Ivamy, aged 95, at English Harbour. She is the mother or grandmother of nearly all our little society at that place. In her younger days she lived, I believe, much like her neighbours who had never heard the gospel; (except it might be now & then some of those dull forms which will never arouse the sleepy conscience nor bring the sinner home to God) & consequently knew nothing of its saving power. But when the Rev'd W. Ellis was stationed at Trinity, being moved to visit this dark & wicked part of the Island, Mrs Ivamy heard the word of divine truth, & received it in the love thereof and when a class was formed here she gladly gave in her name among the despised followers of Jesus. Of this she never repented but has often spoke forth her gratitude that she was permitted to live so long to hear the word of life, to see the evil of sin, and to learn the way to heaven. However, it appears that she still lived without the full enjoyment of that inward religion which consisteth righteousness, peace, & joy in the Holy Ghost untill about five years since, when the Lord was pleased to [unclear, may "pour out" or "prevail"] of his Spirit upon some of the young folks of this place in a remarkable way. Without any instrumental cause, but simply by the operation of the divine Spirit upon their minds, they were brought, as sinners, to the footstool of Mercy, with strong cries and tears, & then were delivered of the burden of their guilt, obtained a knowledge of salvation by the remission of their sins, and were brought to a spiritual acquaintence of God through the blood of Jesus. But this gracious work was not confined entirely to the young. Some of the aged also became the subjects of the Spirits operation. Mrs James Ivamy (some account of whom was given in the number of our Magazine for March last) was one of them. Mrs Ivamy had then the pleasure of seeing several of her grandchildren born from above, & was a partaker of their joy; yes, not only so, but she tasted for herself that the Lord is gracious, & that blessed are they who put their trust in him. Altho' she was not the subject of such a powerful work nor such a rapturous joy as the young folks (nor could it be expected, she being now about her ninetieth year) yet she felt the weight of [a name, possibly N--odemus'] objection "how can a man be born when he is old" removed in her experience. She felt she was made a child of God, and lived to bring forth the genuine fruits of righteousness in old age. She was remarkable for that which is the essence of religion, "Love". Nothing but expressions of the greatest tenderness escaped her lips to her family, & acquaintence, and especially was this her character in respect to the ministers of the gospel. Great joy was always manifested whenever she saw them come into the house, or if she could not recognize them by sight, when she heard the sound of their voice, or was informed that they were come to visit her. She has not been able to attend the service of the public [unclear] for some time but till within a day or two of her death was able to get up & walk about the house. When I saw her last those who look out at the windows were almost darkened, and the doors, at which sounds enter, were shut in the streets; but still the daughters of music were in tolerable play & altho' I cannot relate verbatim the words she uttered, Yet I well recollect they were very pleasing & delightful; having left a sweet impression on my mind of the goodness of God to her & of the stability of her hope. There is no doubt but she is now with God. She has lived long enough to see her eldest son, aged 73, the Reader in our Chapel, & our first class leader; & three other sons with their wives, two grandsons with their wives, and six other grandchildren members of the same little society with herself. And others there are both children & grandchildren, I believe, who having married & left the place belong to other of our societies in this Island; yes, I doubt not but there are great grandchildren too walking in the same way. "Let me die the death of the righteous and let my last and my posterity be like hers." Amen.

13 January 1829

This day I am reputed thirty-four years of age - I am fast approaching to an old man - my hair is very grey & falling off fast, my hand shakes, and I cannot see to mend my pen well by night.

15 January 1829

This day Mrs Ivamy was buried. At first I could hardly fix on what text to preach from but at last I determined to preach from John 11.25 to 26, and to make the sinner a full offer of Christ

16 January 1829

17 January 1829

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