This and other letters were sent to the Methodist Missionary Society in England from Newfoundland in the early 1800's. The letters are now archived at the Methodist Missionary Society, although microfilm copies can be found at the United Church Archives in Toronto, Ontario under location number "87.225C".

28 January 1822 - James Hickson - Trinity, Newfoundland

Dear Brothers

At this [unclear] I have nothing new to write, as I have said all I thought necessary to the Committee in my journal. In it there is a request for liberty to return home the coming spring should this be granted by the Committee you would oblige me very much if you would write me early in the spring to let me know and if it be not granted still write me that I may know what to do for which ever way it may be, it will be very necessary for me to know before I leave my circuit for the district meeting which will be about the twentieth of May.

I have made this request in a introductory letter I gave to William Kelson Esqr Merchant & Magistrate of this place he is a member of our society and a child of God by faith in the redeemer. He sailed from hence on the 15th instant for Poole and as he thought it was probable he might go to London I gave him my letters to carry to the Mission House and a few lines to introduce him to you. But lest that should not come to hand I have written the above.

George Skelton Esquire, a member of our society, Doctor & Chief Magistrate of the District of Trinity has written the Committee a circumstantial account of our Chapel in this place which I think supersedes the necessity of my saying anything on the subject. It will take about sixty pounds more to finish it. But it is too small for our Sunday night's congregation. The Lord has poured upon the people the spirit of hearing, O that they may receive faith by hearing the word of God. Our prayer meeting which we hold in different parts of the Harbour in the private houses is indeed crowded. And even those who were but a short time ago prejudiced against us, now request me to hold the meetings in their houses. But it is God must give the increase. My eyes are unto him and my expectations are from him.

I have sent a request to Mr Blanshard for 3 doz of Hymn Books of different qualities, and sizes, and 6 prayer Books abridgements and now I would add to that request 6 Magazines, 2 for 1820, and 4 for 1821. I should be glad to have them as early as possible in the spring that I may sell then before the district [the next word is probably "meeting"].

Please to pardon my many blunders. My ink is very hard owing to the intense frost and my time is very short as the vessel is soon to sail. I am very happy in my work, but I should be glad for many reasons to return to England the next spring.

Pray for your Brothers in the Lord Jesus.

James Hickson

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