19 September 1711 Will of Samuel White of Poole (proved 26 April 1721)

The original document can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/579

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I Samuel White of the Towne
and County of Pool Marrinr being at present in Health of body and of
sound and perfect memory through the mercy and Goodness of God doe in
the feare of the Lord make this my last Will and Testament comitting my
Soul and Spirit unto him that gave it in assured Hope through Faith in the Son
of his Love that hath Shed his precious blood for me to partake of that
Inheritance with all those whome he hath Redeemed from the Earth and
hath given an Earnest thereof unto, which is his good Spirit, And as touching
such Worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleased the Lord to bless me in this Life
after my Debts are paid and Satisfied I give Devise and bequeath the same 
in manner and forme following Imprimis I give and bequeath unto my
loveing Sister Anne Russell the Sum of Five pounds per Annum of lawfull
money of Great Britain to be paid unto her by my Executrix out of my Estate
dureing the Terme of her Life, either half yearly or Quarterly as my said Sister
shall think fit Item I give and bequeath unto my Sons (vizt) William White
Saml White, Mark White and Josph White for the only use service & behoof

of Friends of the Ministry of Jesus Christ of and amongst the people called
Quakers (vizt) Travelling Friends the Sume of Fifty pounds of like lawfull
money to be converted to their use and to be Settled for their Supply for ever
Item I give and bequeath unto my Couz Mary Taverner the Sume of Twenty
pounds to be paid unto her within two years after my decease (vizt) Ten pounds
each year yearly till paid Item I give unto my Couz Elinor White the Sum
of Five pounds to be laid out for her in Cloaths as is needfull Item I give
unto the Poor of this Towne the Sum of Five pounds and leave it to the
Discretion of my Executrix to hand it forth and She may See meet And for as much
as a great part of my Estate lyes in the hands of the prsent Governmt and
to be paid to me out of the Queens Transport Office, my Will is that if my
Executrix does receive all that is due to me from the said Office, that all the
before mentioned Legacyes be justly and fully paid, but if it should soe happen
that but half of the said moneys should be paid then it is my Will that my
Executrix should pay but one half of the aforesaid Legacies to each respective
Legatee And so proportionably for my Executrix to pay accordingly, as She shall
or may receive more or less of the said moneys But if Shee should not
receive any part thereof Then my Will is that Shee pay none of the aforesaid
Legacys except to my Sister Anne Russell to whome my Will and Desire is
Shee pay the Sume of Five pounds per Annum as before mentioned
Item all the rest and residue of my Moneys Creditts Goods and Chattells
whatsoever and all and singular my Lands Messuages and Tenements I
give Devise and bequeath unto my loveing Wife Mary White to be by her
freely possessed and Enjoyed for and during the Terme of her natural Life
if Shee shall so long remaine a Widow and Keep in my Name whome I also
appoint my Sole Executrix of this my last Will and Testament But in Case She
should take to her another Husband Then my Will is that my Four Sons
hereafter named allow and pay unto her yearly out of my Estate the Sum
of Ten pounds per Annum dureing her Life And after her Decease or Day
of Marriage which shall first happen I give Devise and bequeath all and
singuler my Lands Messuages Tenements Goods and Chattells as aforesaid
unto my loveing Children (vizt) William White Samuel White Mark White and
Joseph White to be equally divided and proportionably shared and parted between
them to each and every of their respective use and uses if they shall have
occasion to make use thereof themselves, but otherwise it is my Will that it be
equally divided amongst all and every of their Children, that both Male
and Female may have a proportionable part and Share thereof But if it
should soe happen that either or any of these my four Sons aforesaid Should dye
before possessed thereof or leave noe Issue behind them Then it is my Will
that his or their part or Share might be equally divided between the Survivors
or Survivor of them, and to his or their Children and I doe hereby nominate
and appoint my four Sons abovenamed (vizt) William, Samuel, Mark, and
Joseph White, to be my Overseers of this my Will, and assistants to their Mother
that this my Will may be duly and truly performed And my Will and desire is
that all the aforesaid Legacys (except those before mentioned to be paid yearly)
be paid within one Month after my decease if my Executrix shall have received
the said moneys out of the Transport Office And I do desire that Brotherly
love may continue amongst all my Children, and Relations, that the End of our
Creation may be Answered in all things, for the End of the Commandmt is love
to God and our Neighbours, And I doe hereby revoke, disanull and make void
all other and former Wills by me at any time made, ratifying and confirming
this and noe other to be my last Will and Testament In Witness whereof I

have hereunto Set my hand and Seale, the nineteenth day of September in the
year of our Lord One Thousand Seven hundred and Eleven (Samull White)
Signed Sealed published pronounced and declared by the Testator as his last
Will and Testament in the presence of us  Jane Colbren  Eliz Tremain  Jere

Probatum fuit [this paragraph continues in Latin to grant probate at London
on 26 April 1721]
Vicesimo Sexto die Mensis Aprilis Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Vicesimo Primo
[to] Maria White Relicta dicti defuncti et Executricis

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