10 March 1579 Will of Robert Watkins of Wells, yeoman (proved 22 April 1580)

Source: TNA, PROB 11/62

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In the name of God Amen the tenth daye of Marche in the yere 
of or lorde god 1579 I Robert Watkins of Wells in the Countie of Somrset yoman beinge sicke in body
but god be thanked of PERfecte remembrannce doe make this my last will and testamt in maner and forme 
followinge Firste I bequeath my soule to Almightie god my maker and Redemr by whose death and passion I
truste to be saved And my bodie to the earthe to be buried in the Churche of St Cuthberts in Wells aforesaid as
neere unto my late wife as conveniently maye be Item I give and bequeath to the maintennce of the bells in ye 
same Churche thre shillinges foure pence Item I give and bequeathe unto the poore people in the Almeshouse 
twentie shillinges Item I give and bequeath unto my sister Margarett twentie shillings Item I give unto evry
of her children tenne shillinges Item I give unto evry one of her Childrens children six shillinges eight pence
Item I give and bequeathe unto John Hellacre my godson one white Cowe comonly called Culid Item I give and
bequeathe unto George Hellacre one tayled heifor or sourtie shillings at the choise of the parents of 
the same George Item I give and bequeathe unto marye Hellacre mother of the saide George Fourtie 
shillinges Item I give and bequeath unto Cecilie Haggate widowe Twentie poundes whereof my Will
is that Tenne poundes of the same legacie shalbe paide wthin one quarter of a yere 
  next after my decease And the
  other x l wthin one quarter 
  of a yeare
then next followinge 
Item I give unto Elinor Frie daughter of the saide Cecilie one billement of golde sett wth perle Item I 
give unto Walter Pikes of Bristowe one golde ringe wth a Garnett Item I give unto Willm Wigmore 
										     x ls

Fourty Shillinges Item I give unto Elizabeth Goodyere xx s Item I give unto Thomas 
Watkins my sonne fiftie poundes to be paide unto him in manor and forme followinge That is to saye 
Twentie poundes wthin one halfe yere next ensuinge my deathe And the other Thyrtie Poundes 
that tyme Twelve monethes followinge More I give unto the saide Thomas So as he overlyveth my
sonne Willm Fourtie poundes Item I give to evrye of my Srvnts that shalbe wth me at the tyme of my
decease theire whole yeres wages The reste of all my goods not given nor bequeathed I give and 
bequeathe unto William my sonne whome I make my whole executor of this my last will and testamt 
And I appointe my trustie frendes Thomas Lluellen gent and Robert Norton Ovrseers of this my last 
Will and Testament And for theire paines I give to eather of them Tenne Shillinges 
Bearinge witnesse the saide Thomas Lluellin and Robert Norton  Signum Roberti Watkins 
Thomas Llen Robert Norton Witnesses

Probatum fuit ... Apud London ...
[this paragraph continues in Latin to grant probate on 22 April 1580]
Vicesimo secundo die mensis
Aprilis Anno Dni millimo Quingentesimo Octogesimo 
Willm Watkins exeuctoris 

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