7 March 1663 Will of Arthur Vizer of Alderton Wilts, yeoman (proved 12 February 1672)

The original document can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/341

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In The name of God Amen
the Seaventh day of March In the yeare of our Lord God 1663 I
Arthur Vizer of Alderton in the County of Wilts yeoman being
somewhat aged but in good health and perfect memory (Praysed be
God) Doe make and ordaine this my last will and TEstament in manner
and forme followin g Inprimis I comend my soule into the hands of
Almighty God that gave it Trusting assuredly through the meritts
of his blessed sonne and my Saviour Christ Jesus to be made partaker
of the joyes of Heaven And my body I comitt to the Earth to be decent-
ly buried att the discretion of my Executrix hereafter named Item I
give and bequeath unto my daughter in Law Edith Humfryes (over
and above the yearly Maintenance I have already Provided for her
in the Parish of Luckington One Bedsteed where in I usually Lodge and
standing in the Chamber where the Chimney is And one Standing
Presse in the same Chamber Item I give and bequeath unto my
Loveing Freinds Charles Gore of Alderton aforesaid Esquire and
Benjamin Hine of Kington St Michaells inthe County aforesaid gent
whom I doe make overseers of this my will The sume of Thirty 
pounds of Currant English money To be by them Laid out and disposed of
for the Best benefitt and advantage of my kinswoman Edith Palmer
Soe that James Palmer her Husband may have noe power of it
during her life nor after her death unlesse she otherwise appoint it
by her last will Item I give and bequeath unto my kinsman Edward
Dimori Five pounds of Currant English money Item I give and be-
queath unto my kinsman John Dimori his brother the like sume of 
Five pounds of Currant English money Item I give and bequeath 
unto my kinswoman Katherine their sister the like sume of Five
pounds of Currant English money Item I give and bequeath unto the
Five Children of my kinswoman Alice Kinsman the like sume of Five
pounds a peece of Currant English money And my will and meaning
is That if either or any of the said Children happen to by before
the age of one and Twenty yeares That then the share or portion of
him or them soe dyeing shall remaine To the Survivor To be equally 
distributed amongst them Item I give and bequeath unto my servant
maid Jane Player the sume of Forty shillings of Currant English money
Item I give and bequeath to the parish Church of Alderton aforesaid
Forty shillings To be disposed of att the discretion of my overseers
above menconed unto whom alsoe for their paines and Care I doe
give and bequeath the sume of Twenty shillings a peece to buy each
of them a Gold Ring And my further Will and meaning is That my

Executrix shall pay and discharge all such expences as my said overseers
shall lay out for or concerning any Travell or other trouble that shall
happen unto them in Respect of the overseershipp of this my will And
Lastly I doe appoint my beloved wife Mary Vizer To be the Executrix
of this my last will and Testament And doe hereby Revoake all former 
wills whatsoever And alsoe allow her Twelve moneths tyme after my
decease for payment of the Legacies in money hereby bequeathed In
witnes whereof I have hereunto put my hand and seale the day and
yeare First above written Arthur Vizer his mark  Sealed and
Published in the presence of Willm Neale George Hewse William

Probatum fuit 
[this paragraph continues in Latin to grant probate on 12 February 1672]
duodecimo die mensis Februarii Anno Dni (stilo Anglia millimo Sexcentesimo Septuagesimo Secundo
Maria Vizer Relicta decit defuncti et Executricis

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