20 October 1653 Will of John Trowbridge, in Taunton (proved 26 June 1654)

Source: TNA, PROB 11/242

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There is oweinge unto me
nowe from my Uncle Mr James Marshall of Exon Merchant Fortie
Nine pounds as this Bill and my Acct appeereth And from my father Mr
Thomas Trowbridge Tenn pounds which I lent him And I have sent for
Muclinx Eight peeces of Sarges cost twentie five pounds And Twentie 
foure pounds Mr Jno Manninge of New England Marchant owes me And
Twentie one pounds Mr William Davis of Muskeeta in Newfoundland owes
which I have ordered George Pardon Master of the Willingminde to receive 
of him this yeere theire and carry it with him for St Lukas and bring home re-
-turnes with him All which summes amounts unto one hundred twentie

nine pounds which if please God to take me hence I doe in the first place
And my Will is that Twenty pounds of it shall be disbursed in the neces-
-saries for my buriall And for the other One hundred and Nine pounds
I doe dispose of as followeth vizt I doe give unto my honored father Mr
Thomas Trowbridge Fortie pounds And I doe give unto my Brothers
Thomas William and James Trowbridge betweene them Fiftie pounds 
And to my Aunte Mace I doe give five pounds And I doe give unto my
Cozen James Marshall Fourteene pounds All which I have given does 
amount unto one hundred and Nine pounds This beinge my last will
whereunto I doe nowe set my hand and seale this twentieth day of October 
one thousand sixe hundred Fiftie three in Taunton John Trowbridge 
Wee whose names underwritten doe confidently beleive this to be the hand
writtinge of John Trowbridge beinge formerly acquainted with his hand 
writinge and forme subscribed James Marshall senior Christo Clarke 
Junior Chr Dore  As for the Tentie pounds I allowed for my buriall 
doe give Forty shillings of it to the poore 

The Twentie sixth day of June in the yeare of our lord god one thou-
-sand sixe hundred Fiftie fower A Comission issued out to Thomas Trow-
-bridge the father and principall Legatarie named in the will of the said De-
-ceased To Admdster All and singular his goods Chattells and debts according 
to the Tenor and effect of his last will and Testament for that the said decea-
-sed therein named noe Executor He being sworne by Comission truely to Ad-
-minister the same

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