[17 or 18] May 1532 Will of Robert Thorne (proved 10 October 1532)

Source: TNA, PROB 11/24

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In the name of god Amen The xvii th day of May In the yere of our lord god m v xxxii
I Robert Thorne being seekely but in my PERfyte mynde and reason suche as yt hathe please god to gyve me fearing deathe which
is naturall for evry lyving Creature Willing to dispoase me the beste for the helthe of my soule that god will gyve me grace
to order this my testament and last will after the manner folowing First I bequeathe my soule to allmyghty god that created 
yt and redemed yt desiring of his infynyte mercy to have mercy on yt and put yt in his glorye that yt was created for the 
laude and preyse of his name Also I beleve in the blessyd Trynytie father and sonne and holly gooste and all that holy church
holdithe and belevithe as a faythefull christen man shuld doe In the whiche fayth I proteste to lyve and dye humbly 
beseching allmighty god and our ladye sainte marye and all the saints of hevyn to be intercessours for me for all temtacons
payne seeknes or Agonye of deathe I may have grace so to peeyver in this holly belefe So that I may dye in parfyte fayeth
hoope and charytie so that my soule may be saved Also I will my bodye be buryed in xpen buryall in suche churche or 
place as to my executours shall be thought convenyent and that at my burying to be said masse and d???ge as a ??sten man 
ought to have Also afore all thinges I wolde my debts be payed if anny can be proved that I owe by wryting or Recordes 
and also suche wares as the househould stuffe that is in my power of others be delivered to their owners of wares I declare 
twoo chestes of Jeane velvitts in the whiche arre xxxiii peaces blacke perteyning to Gregario Catanio more two hetts 
of perles markyed w a spectakels in the whiche is cc perles that arre also of the said Gregorio Also I bequethe to the 
childerne of my sister Katherine Woseley iiii c sterling that is to saye to every of them C l and every oone to enheryte 
of the other yf anny dye afore lawfull age Also I bequethe to my sister Alice Jackman and to her childerne all that 
the said Thomas Jackman her husband dothe rest owing me at this pnt daye whiche is v C l and not certeyne 
debtes that hathe proceded of oyle and soope whiche debts to PERteyne to me and not to hym but only I bequethe the reddy 
monneye that he owyth for rest of thaccompte to his wife and childerne to the somme of the said v c l litle more or
lesse Also I signeth to Edmond Wythipoll ???? And to Elizabthe Withapoll his sister other ??? And to the 
childerne of Johane Wythypoll of namsburye I bequethe ??? to be reparted among them after the discresion of my
maister Paule Withipoule to be reparted more or lesse to every of them Also I bequethe to the childerne of myn uncle 
Wyllyam Thorne deceased namyd James Thorne and Thomas Thorne ?? a peace and asmuche more to the twoo 
daughters of the said Wyllyam Thorne the one maryed in this Cittie the other in maydeston Also I bequethe toward
the making upp of the free scole of sainte Bartholmews in brystowe iii C l sterling and more that my lord Del????
owythe as by his obligacon appearethe Also I bequethe iii C l to the releafe of the poore comonty of Bristowe to be 
repartyed after the discresion of twoo of the best men of conscience that may be founde in every parrishe of the saide 
Towne of bristowe Also I bequethe toward the redemption of the Fefarme and prysage of the said Twone of bristow
so that yt be redemed within this three yere CC l Also I bequethe to Agnes Amayne and to her sister there maryed
in Brystowe xxx l to every of them Also I bequeth to my godsonne Robert Thorne the sonne of my brother 
Nicholas Thorne C l Also I bequethe to Vyncent Thorne my sonne being in Spayne thre thowsannd pounds 
sterling whiche I will that Carol Catanio that hathe the keping of him at the present tyme of the said my sonne in 
Spayne shall retaigne of the goodes of myne that the said Carol Catannio and his brythane have to thuse and benef??t
of the said childe tyll he be of lawfull age And setting yt in sainte georges of Jeane And if the said Vyncent my sonne dye
afore he come to lawfull age the saide ???? to retourne to my heires Also I bequethe to Anna Ga???a mother of the the saide 
Vyncent ??? wt condition that she renounce all that pretendes of Inhertannce of the bequest of her said sonne Also 
I bequethe to the v alm??s houses in bristowe ??? to the releif of the poore people of the said alm??s houses to be rePARted 
after the discresion of myn executours Also I bequethe to Thomas Lucar and Wyllyam Ballard Frances Fowler 
Anthony Cornell John Shipman John nessam Thomas Tyson Humfrey Coston Wyllyam Pickering Wyllyam Harper 
John Wosley to every of the m x l and to Emanuell Lucar ??? Also I bequeathe to Thomas Moffett maister of the gramer 
scole in bristowe xxv l and to Robert Moffett his sone x l Also I bequethe v c l to be repartyed in the Cyttie of 
London in the xxv wardes xx l in every warde among the poore householders after the discresion of honnest men chosen 
by my executours in every warde of whiche is parte all redy deliveryd by Emanuell Lucar to my maister Powle Wythipoll
Also of certeyne debts that arr owing me by my booke that is xiii l vi s viii d that my maister Wythipoll owithe 
me and xxv l that Wyllyam Yatte of bristowe oweth me xx l that Robert Ondeley oweth me iiii l xv s that 
that Wylliam Pepwall owythe me and x l iii s ii d that Bennett Jay oweth me and xx l that Powle Wythipoll

owythe me all these foresaid debts I forgive and bequethe yt to every of them and wolde not yt were aped Also I bequethe to my
sister Alice late wife of Thomas Jackman for her twoo childern c l a peace beside that bequest aforewrytten Also I wold there be 
deliveryd to Emanuell Lucar cc l sterling in money for to occupye for his owne behoofe for the space of v yeres uppon his owne obliga
tion wtout anny suretyes Also I bequethe toward the releefe of the prysonners ?? at the discresion of myn executours in this Cittie 
of London Also I bequethe to the mariage of poore maydens in london ?? to be repartyd after the discresion of myn executours Also I
bequethe to the releef of the poore prysoners in bristowe ??? to be reparted after the discresion of myn executours Also I bequethe to the
mariage of poore maydens in bristowe ??? to be reparted after the discresion of myne Executours Also I bequethe to the making 
of a place for merchannts for the streate where yt shalbe thought by my Executours C l wt condition that yt be made wtin 
the space of iii yeres after my decease or ells the saide monney to be disp??sed after the will of my executours Also I bequethe 
for reparacon of high wayes ??? ????? marsh??? bristowe C l at s??he places there as yt shall seame best at the discresion of 
myn Executours Also I bequethe toward the repar????? aboute Bristowe of the highwayes C l Also I bequethe to Aldermary
churche in watling streate x l Also I bequethe to sainte Nichols churche in bristow xx l Also I bequethe to the iiii orders
of Friers in bristowe to every order xx l the one halfe for the reparacon of theire churches and houses And the other half for 
their sustentacon Also I bequethe to the iiii prysonnes aboute London that is to saye Newgate Ludgate Kinges ???he and 
marshallscey C l to be dlivered by myn Executours a noble every quarter of the yere to every hous in breade by my executors
till the said C l be confirmed and paid Also I bequethe to the pyrsoners in bristowe C l to be bestowed in like manner 
as to this in London Also I bequethe three hundreth poundes in reddy monney which I wold have dispouse in the chamber 
of Brystowe to thentent that yerely may be made provision of corne and wodd for the s???? of the pore com??? as to be 
bought asmuche corne and wodd as that amonteth in tyme of best cheape and to be deliveryd at the same price when it is 
worthe more so that allwayes the said iii C l doo contynue in the said chambre Also I bequethe that I wolde have deposited 
in the said chambr of Brystowe fyve hundred poundes to thentent to so??me yong men that are mynded to clothe making in that 
Towne so that he that will bynd hymselfe and gyve best suritye and make in d??de most clothe shall enioye most monney wt 
out paying anny interesse but that he shall restore the monney that he receyves into the chambr at thend of xii moneythes
after suche f???? at my Executors shall demise Also I wold th??? be noon other accompts nor no other thing demanded off
Emanuell Lucer my ???te by myn executours And that they and all others to be content of all that hath past betwene us and
to receyve the accompt as by our books appeathe wtout anny further serche made ayen him Also I bequethe unto Collinges 
wife of this Cyttie whiche is daughter to Wyllyam Thorne my Cossyn xx l Also I name for myn executours whome I give
charge to fulfill and accomplishe all that is in this my said testament Paule Wythypoule my maister for one Executour and 
Emanuell Lucar of an other executour and Henry Hubbethorne for overseer that my testament fullfilled my brother
Nicholas Thorne to inheryt all the rest of my goods whome I make sole inheitour of all my rest of my goodes Desyring
hym afore all thinges to see my testament fulfilled and in good deades of mercy that he will specially reparte in good deades of 
mercy to the releef of the Towne of brystowe to the poore people v C l above my bequests aforesaid And I wolde there be 
in the power of the said my Executours ?? l to be distributed and orderyd as myn Executours shall seame bes? for my soule 
Also that my brother Nicholas Thorne give a iuste accompte to myne executours of all that he shall rest owing to me w paymet 
Also I bequethe to my sister Alice Jackman for her selfe v c marks Also I bequethe to my Executours and overseer for theire 
labor in compling this my testament for the confidence and truste that I have in them xx l a peace The residew of all my
goodes as well oon ?h???de the fee as beyond the See this my present will fulfilled I give and bequethe to Nicholas Thorne my
brother Also I bequethe to Wyllyam Wythypoll beside that that is before bequethed xx l And In wynntes of trowthe I the
said Robard Thorne have subscribed my name the day and tyme above wrytten and the foresaid legacies to be payd according 
as monney shall growe of my debts and wares to be solde Recordes present at the subscribing and sealing of this ?? last will
of the said Robert Thorne the xviii th day of may Ano 1532 Richard Raynold mercer Thomas Hanson clothwerker Wyllm
Ma?ham clothwerker and Edward ???? clothewerker

Probaturm fuit ... 
[this paragraph continues in Latin to grant probate on 10 October 1532]
decimo die mensis Octobris Anno Dni millimo quangeso xxxii 
Emanuelis Lucar

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