10 September 1548 Will of John Thorne of Bristol, merchant (proved 14 November 1556)

Source: TNA, PROB 11/38

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In the name of god Amen I John Thorne of bristowe Marchannt 
being sicke of bodie and parfytt of rembrannc doe make my last will and testament First I bequethe
my soule unto Almightie god my Maker trusting with a perfitt faithe that by the blode & passion
of Jesu Christe my Redemer to have clere remission of all my synnes And my bodie to be buried
with in the churche yarde of saynte Nicholas and at my knylle I will there be ronge but on bell
and my bodie to be brought to churche to my grave wt the prescis of our owne churche And I will
there be given to the poore at my buryinge in servet fyve pounds Also I will that my debtes I do owe
whiche apperith in my boke to be paide by myne Executours Also I give and bequeathe to Agnes 
Thorne my wief all my householdstuff and one hundreth mrks in money to be paid fourtie marks 
in plate and redie money and fourtie poundes to be paide of the debt of Sr Henry Capell whiche
is to be paide within three monthes after the deathe of his father Sr Gylles Capell and my said
wief to discharge my Executours of all suche debts as she dothe owe which aperithe not in my boake 
Also I give and bequeath unto my Sister Elizabeth Thorne tenne pounds in money Also I give

and bequeathe to Edward Pryn my Scarlet gowne forde and a velvet Jacket Item I give unto
John Shrene my sonne in Lawe my beste doblet frocket with velvet and my Jacket of damaske
and of the money he owethe me I forgive hym tenne pounde And yf Edwarde pryn will
have my Scarlett gowne that ys lyned for fyve pounds I am so contentyd or ells lett hym
be solde Also I give and bequeathe unto Richard Grene my gowne furred wth Foynes And 
to Nicholas Warde my gowne of blacke furred wt blacke Lambe And to John Keynes thelder
my gowne furd with blacke ??ny Also I do give unto Franncis Wosley my blacke satten
Doblet Also I do give unto Mr gerney my best doblet of velvet Also I do give unto
Jerram Grene a doblet of Chamblet frocket with velvet and lyned with white fu??an Also
I do give unto the children of Edward Pryn to be paid of the debte of Sr henry Capell that 
ys to be paide after the deathe of his father to every one of them fourty shillings And to Edward
Dowtinge my godsonne fourtie shillinges And to Richard Bennt whiche is in Frannce and
to Richard Bacon and to evry one of them fourtie shillings the whiche to be paide oute of the 
said debt and Richard Bacons parte I will shalbe delyvrd to his father or mother when
yt shalbe recevyd Also I do ordeyne and make Edward Pryn and John Shrene 
aforesaid to be myne Executours to whome I do give full power to Receyve my debtes and
to paye my debts and legacies as aforesaide And the residue of all my goodes not beinge 
bequeathed I do remytt to the discretion and ordere of my saide Executours And for witnes
of trothe I do hereunto fyrm my name the tenthe of Septembr the first yere of Edward
the Sixth by the grace of god of England Frannce and Irelande kinge Defender of the
faithe and under god supreme hed of the churche of England and Ireland by me Jo Thorne
By me John Pill George knight

Probatum fuit ... 
[this paragraph continues in Latin to grant probate on 14 November 1556]
Decimo quarto die Mensis Novembris Anno dni Milimo qugentmo
quinquagesimo sexto 
Edwardi Pryne Executoris 

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