14 February 1763 Will of John Sweet of Trinity (proved 18 July 1792)

The original document can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/1221

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In the Name of God Amen
I John Sweet Inhabitant of Trinity in Newfoundland being
of sound and disposing Mind and Memory thanks be to God
for it do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament
in manner and form following First of all I recommend
my Soul to Almighty God thro the Merits of Jesus Christ
and my Body to ths Dust to be Buried at the Discretion of
my Friends Item I Give and Bequeath unto my Wife
Mary Sweet all her Wearing Apparell and Furniture and
all and every Sum and Sums of Money that I shall or
may be possessed of at the time of my Decease whether in
England or here in whose hands soever it may appear
to be she paying out of it the Sum of Fifty Pounds unto
my Daughter Ann Sweet as shall be after named Fmore
I Give and Bequeath unto my said Wife twelve Pounds
Sterling per Annum to be paid to her by my said wife
by my two Sons or whomsoever shall Occupy my said Room
hereinafter mentioned to her their Mother for her natural
Life and afterward to continue the same to my Daughter
Ann Sweet if she should be then unmarried but when
she's Married that is to cease Item I Give and Devise
to my   Son John Sweet and his Heirs my now Dwelling
House wth the two Gardens adjoining and the Cow House
that is between them I also Give and Bequeath unto him

the ? W part of my now fishing Room (that is to say)
my Landwash Flakes and the three Narrow Flakes that
is opposite to them with all the Beach that's betwixt them
and more thirty Foot on that part my larger Beach next
to what before mentioned say thirty foot from the now
Boundarys of the Church Yard where there Door or Hatch now
is thro wch we go from my now Dwelling House to the Church
thence in a Direct line down to the Path and more the??
lower part of the small beach on the South side of the
Path that goes down from my now dwelling House to the
Stage and more one Moiety of my Stage or Stages of the
Store House and what other House or Houses may be on the
Premises at my Decease more than is hereafter mentioned wth
one Moiety of the Meadow thats near the House that's
to say the Farthest part from the Storehouse and also my
three Meadows in the sound known by the name of Uppe
and Middle Lance Cove and Goosbery Point to him and
his Heirs I Give the above Item I Give and Demise unto
my Son William Sweet and his Heirs a sufficient Roome
to Build a Dwelling House on the Upper part of the small
beach on the South side the path going Down towards the
Stage as is before mentioned where there is now two small
Houses and all that point of Land to the S:E of it as
far as mine and also the Garden next to the Store House
and the Largest Beach as far as the Boundarys before
fixt for his Brother John that's to say thirty Foot from
the Fence that now makes the Church yard that part of
it as before where is a Door or hatch thro which to go
to Church from thence in a right line down to the path
with the three narrow Flakes
inside the said Beach and also the ???? Flake or Flakes
??ward from that and I do
Further Give and Bequeath to my Son Wm Sweet and his
heirs the other Moiety of my Stage or Stages and also of the Store
Houses and the other Moiety of the Meadow that part
that's next the Storehouse and the Moiety or one half what
other House or Houses may be ont he premises more
than before mentioned at the time of my Decease Item
I Give and Devise unto my Daughter Ann Sweet all
her wearing Apparel and Furniture and my two ??
Rooms at Hants Harbour known by the Name of John
Quekers Room wch Appears by an Instrument to have
been purchased from George Garland and more I Give
and Bequeath to my said Daughter Ann Sweet the
Sum of Fifty Pounds to be paid her by my Executrix
hereinafter named out of what I have Bequeathed
her Item I give and Demise unto my two Sons John
and William Sweet all my Roome at the South West
part of Sammon Cove to them and their Heirs for ever
to be equal between them wth all its profits and advantages
wth whatever Stage or Stages house or Houses or whatever
may be there at the time of my Decease Further I Give
and Bequeath unto my two Sons John and William Sweet
all my Boats of every sort with Sails Netts and all

manner of Fishing Craft belonging to the Fishery to be
equally Divided between them he large Kettle included and as
to my Household Goods and whatever Stock of Provision of
every kind as well live Stock as otherwise not before named
I Give and Bequeath it to and amongst my wife Mary
Sweet and my two Sons John and William Sweet and my
Daughter Ann Sweet to be equally Divided amongst them
Lastly I make ordain and appoint my Wife Mary Sweet to
be my Sole Executrix of this my last Will and Testament
In Witness of which I have hereunto set my hand and Seal
this Fourteenth Day of February in the year of our Lord one
thousand seven hundred and sixty three  John Sweet  JS his Mark
LS Signed Sealed and Declared to be the last Will and 
Testament in the presence of  Jno Warden  Jno Clark

On the eighteenth Day of July in the year of our Lord
one thousand seven hundred and ninety two administration
(with the will annexed of all and singular the Goods Chattels
and Credits of John Sweet late of the Bay of Trinity in the
island of Newfoundland deceased was granted to Ann Dampier
formerly Sweet wife of Thomas Dampier the natural and lawful Daughter and one of
the next of kin of the said deceased having been first sworn
by Commission duly to administer Mary Sweet widow the Relict
of the said Deceased and the sole Executrix named in the said
will Surviving the said Deceased but dying without taking upon
her the Execution thereof and no Residuary Legatee being
named therein

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