10 November 1838 Will of John Spicer of Somerford Grange, Southampton, esquire (proved 16 January 1839)

The original document can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/1906

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This is the last Will and Testament
of me John Spicer of Somerford Grange in the County of Southampton Esquire
I will all my just debts funeral and testamentary expences to be paid I desire that
the eight Men I now employ may be my Bearers and that they be paid one
Sovereign each for their trouble I give and devise to my Wife Mrs Rebecca Spicer
my Estate at Budbridge and Moor in the Isle of Wight To hold the same unto
her my said Wife her heirs and assigns forever I give to my Brother David Spicer
of Portsea Esquire all the residue of my Estates in the Isle of Wight to hold to him his
heirs and assigns for ever with the intention that all account between us may in
consideration thereof be considered to be discharged and settled I also give devise and 
bequeath unto my said Wife All my Estates at Somerford Grange and Nea in
the Parish of Christchurch To hold to her for the term of her natural life And
from and after her decease I give and devise the same unto Anna the Wife 
of Lieutenant Brander of the ?? Dragoon Guards late Anna Ballard In trust
for her son lately born at Devenport who I request may take the name of
Samuel Spicer I give and bequeath to Mary Ann Butler Widow of Charles
Butler one thousand pounds to be paid her on the decease of my Wife the
said Mrs Rebecca Spicer or sooner if my said Wife shall think proper and I also
give and bequeath to Miss Harriett Read the like sum of One thousand pounds
on the same terms and conditions I give and bequeath to my old Friend Henry
Rowden five hundred pounds I avoid making any mention of Mrs Weymouth
as she appears to be amply provided for if it is otherwise my Brother Mr David
Spicer can render her every aid and I prefer leaving it to him All the Rest
Residue and Remainder of my Estate moneys stocks funds Goods

Chattels and Effects whatsoever and wheresoever I give devise and bequeath 
unto my said Wife her heirs executors administrators and assigns And I hereby
appoint my brother David Spicer Esquire my Wife Mrs Rebecca Spicer and Henry
Rowden Esquire Executors and Executrix of this my Will I declare
my Will to be that if the above mentioned son of the said Lieutenant Brander
shall die a Minor leaving no Child or Children then that my said Estates at
Somerford and Nea shall go to his eldest or next surviving brother but if he shall
die leaving no brothers or brother him surviving then my Will is that the said
Estates shall go to the heir at Law of the said son of the said Lieutenant
Brander  John Spicer  Signed by the said Testator John Spicer and
declared by him to be his last Will and Testament in the presence of us who
being present at the same time have at his request attested and subscribed the
same in his presence  Heny Hopkins  James Druitt

	In the Goods of John Spicer Esquire deceased
Appeared Personally James Druitt of 
Christchurch in the County of Southampton Gentleman and made Oath that
he is the Drawer or Writer of and also one of the subscribed Witnesses to the last
Will and Testament of the said Deceased being the paper writing hereto
annexed marked A the same being without date And the Deponent saith
that the said Will was executed by the said Deceased on the tenth day of
November one thousand eight hundred and thirty eight being the day before
the said Deceaseds death but that the date of the said Will was inadvertently
omitted to be inserted therein by reason of the expedition necessary to be used in
the preparation and execution thereof the death of the Deceased being
at that time expected to take place within a short time and that in fact the
said deceased did die on the following morning And the Deponent further
saith that the said deceased then signed the said Will in the presence of the
Deponent and Henry Hopkins of Hubborne Lodge near Christchurch afore
said Esquire the other subscribed Witness to the said Will present at the same
time who thereupon attested and subscribed the said Will as now appears 
thereon in the presence of the said Deceased  James Druitt  On the
fifth day of January one thousand eight hundred and thirty nine the said
James Druitt was duly sworn to the truth of this Affidavit Before me W F
Burrows Commissioner

Proved at London 16th January 1839 before the Judge by the Oath
of David Spicer Esqr the Brother Rebecca Spicer Widow the Relict and Henry
Rowden the Executors to whom Admon was granted having been first sworn
by Comon duly to administer

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