2 January 1674 Will of Samuel Rowe of Poole, gentleman (proved 22 December 1675)

The original document can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/349

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In the name of God Amen
I Samuel Rowe of the Towne and County of Poole gent being sicke in body
But (I priase God) of perfect memory Doe make and ordaine this my
last will and Testament in manner following (That is to say) First
I give and bequeath my soule to Almighty God trusting onely for
Salvation in the meritts of Jesus Christ my blessed Redeemer To whome be
all glory for ever Amen Next I bequeath my Body to Christian and
decent buriall As my wife (and sole Executrix) shall see convenient In Trust
of its being raised up att the last day in Glory like unto the Glorious body of our
Lord Jesus Christ According to that Almighty working whereby he is able
even to subdue all things unto himselfe And as to the Temporall Estate where-
with it hath pleased God to endow me I give and bequeath in forme follow-
ing Inprimis I give to my wife Susanna Rowe The Sume of one hundred
and Fifty pounds Sterlg over and besides what money she may have att
present by her) To her owne proper use and behoofe without any Accompt
thereof to be made by her to my Overseers of this my will or unto any other
whatsoever And further (In same manner) I freely give and bequeath
unto her All my Househouldgoods whatsoever whether within dores or
without And alsoe such equall division and proportion (with my Three
Chidlren) which may hereafter be recovered att Law or otherwise
which is or may be duly comeing unto me by and from my wifes rela-
tions Be it in Land money or goods Item for the Remainder of my
Estate present or future (Except what to my wife as abovesaid) I give
and bequeath to be equally bestowed and devided amongst my Three
Daughters To be paid unto them att their respective ages of Twenty one
yeares or dayes of Marriage which shall First happen Item I doe
hereby appoint my wife (in the meane time To have the sole education
of my said children And order her To have and Receive the yearly
Interest of their respective portions for such their education and main-
tenance Till of age or married as abovesaid Item I doe appoint That in
case either of my said Children shall dye before such age of Twenty one
yeares or day of Marriage That then the other Two or one remaineing
shall have and enjoy the said Portion (or Portions) of her of them soe 
deceased Item I doe hereby make and ordaine Susanna Rowe (my wife)
The full and sole Executrix of this my last will and Testament To all
Legall intentions whatsoever with Reserveing (onely) That the
Childrens said porcons shall not be lett out att interest or otherwise
by her without the Advice and consent of the Overseers here after menconed
Item I doe desire and ordaine my Trusty and welbeloved Friends and brothers
Mr Joseph Rowe and Mr Thomas Aldworth my overseers of this my
will and Testament haveing firme confidence and beleife in tehir great
fidelity Love and Christian affections for the good and welfare of the widow
and Fatherles To whom God hath promised a present and future reward
of Temporall and Eternall Blisse and happines Item in reference to
my gratefull ownements of their kindnesses in takeing on them this
Christian care (soe Freely and Freindly) of my wife and Children I doe

Humbly their acceptance of the Sume of Twenty shillings for a Ring in
Token of hearty love and thanks for such their Charatable paines and Charity
in the premisses In witnes to the Truth of every the premisses and particu-
lars I the said Samuel Rowe have here to put my hand and Seale (in Poole
afoursaid) The Second day of January 1674 in the xxvi th yeare of his Maties
Reigne over England &c  Sam: Rowe  Signed Sealed and delivered in
the presence of Sam Hardy  Jo: Gilbert Jno: Gigger  Avis Harward
John Willd  John Wadham

Probatum apud London fuit 
[this paragraph continues in Latin and appears to grant probate on 22 December 1675]
vicesimo scdo die mensis Decembris Ao Dn Millimo Sexcentesimo Septuagesimo Quinto
Susanna Row Relicta

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