12 July 1756 Will of Samuel Prosser of Bonavista (proved 5 January 1758)

The original document can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/835

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In the Name of God Amen
I Samuel Prosser of the parish of Thorncomb Devonshire now
in Bonavist do make Constitute and Ordain this my last Will
and Testament in form and manner following being of a Sound
and understanding memory tho' a Weak constitution of Body
Imprimis I most Humbly bequeath my Soul to God who Gave
it and my Body to be Buried in a Christian like manner and that
all my Debts and Funeral Expences be paid and as for what
Worldly Goods God has pleased to Bless me with I Give and
Bequeath in the following manner Item I Give to my Nephew
Samuel Proser Son of Jonathan Proser all my Plantation
Houses Gardens Boats Sails Sains Nets &c and all other
Utensils or whatsoever is or may be found moveables or
Immoveables unto my said Nephew Samuel Proser whom I
make my whole and Sole Executor Item I Give to my Brother
Jonathan Proser Ten pounds of Good and Lawfull money of
Great Britain and to my Sister Joan Hyne Ten pound and
to John the Son of Joan Hyne Ten pound and to my Brother
William Proser Ten pound To my Brother Thomas Ten pound
and to my Brother John Ten pound all which Legacys are to be
Raised from Mr Christopher King of Wimbourn Dorset at
whose care I Remit Executor desiring that the said Mr
King would be so good as to be a Gaurdian over him and to put
him apprentice (viz the said Samuel Proser Junior Son of
Jonathan Proser) this being my last Will and Testament Signed
Sealed and Delivered in the presence of Samuel Prosser
Witness John Ames  John Bofe  William Hix  Bonavista
July 12th 1756

On the fifth day of January In the year of our Lord One
thousand Seven hundred and fifty Eight Administration (with
the Will annexed) of the Goods Chattels and Credits of Samuel
Prosser formerly of the Parish of Tidcomb in the County of 
Devon but late of Bonavista in the West Indies a Batchelor
Deceased was Granted to Christopher King the Testamentary
Guardian named in the said will for the use and Benefit of

Samuel Prosser a minor the nephew of the said Deceased
and Sole Executor named in the said Will and until he Shall
attain the Age of Seventeen years he having been first Sworn
by commission duly to Administer

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