7 June [1583] Will of James Poulton of Hartpury, Gloucestershire (proved 3 November 1584)

The original document can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/67

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In the name of god amen The seavententh daye of June in Anno
Regn Elizabethe the fyve and twentith I James Poulton of Hartbury in the Countie of the
Cittye of Glouceter yeoman being sicke in bodye but whole and perfect in remembrannce Doe ordayne
and make this my last will and testament in the name of the eternall lyving god, the father, Sonne
and holy ghoste, in whose name I was baptized, in whome only I hope and beleve to be saved Item
fyrst I give and bequeathe my soule into thye handes O god, father, sonne and holy ghost, and my
body to be buried in the parishe Churche of Harpury Item I give to the poorest soule of the PARishe
of Harpury tenne shillinges Item I give to the poore of the PARishe of Corse thirtene shillinges
fower pence, and towardes the rePARacions of the bells of the same PARishe three shillinges fower pence
Item I give to the poore of the PARishe of Upleaden tenne shillinges Item I give to the poore of
Eldresfeild fyve shillinges, and three shillinges fower pence towardes the rePARacions of the Belles
of the same PARishe. Item I give and bequeathe to William Poulton my sonne my Must my??
and my Querne that is at my Law?de howse, Fower standing bedsteedes, and my Cupborde
in the Hall in the same howse, Fower ploughe strings, one corne Wayne with yron bounde wheeles, or else
in steede of the same wayne, Fyftye shillinges and the same to be at the choyse of my sayde sonne and
one Dreybridell one Troprall, one hockelyucke, twoe yron wedges, one pinsons, twoe hatchetts, one
Axe, twoe yron Doges, twoe hawell tymber, my greate pan of brasse, one brasse pott of sixe
gallons, one weying beame with Scalles to the same, one grydiron   one fyer picke
three paire of Pothooks, one barre of yron in the Chymney in the Hall, twoe ploughe stoves, Twoe
hedgebylls, one handsawe, one D???ge mattocke, one other mattocke, one ploughe, one paire of horsse
harrowes, one paier of bastard harrowes, three square bordes with formes to them, the table borde
in the hall with the benche and formes to the same, the steyned clothe my best Cupp of stone withe
the toppe and bottome layed with sylvr and guilte, all my bookes, my Crossebowe with the Racke to
the same, my longe bowe with my quyver and all my arrowes, one paire of Andirons, my Sworde
and dagger and my bearinge bill. Item I give and bequeathe to Richarde my sonne my Must myll
my Querne my Cestone, my standing bedsted in my PARlour with the Cupborde, the Table boorde,
formes, benches, tressels and steyned clothes in the same PARlor wheare I doe nowe dwell, my best brasse

pott, the barre of yron in the Chymney one corne Wayne with yron bounde wheeles, two
d???ge waynes the wheeles bounde with yron and the same three Waynes to be worthe fyve pounds
and Tenne shillings One axe harrowe one paire of horse harrowes Fower yocks with stringe
of yron to them one Srop brydell one t??prall, one paier of yron Dogs to hawell tymber, One
mattocke one d??ge mattock fower ??agers fower oxen, one sylver Salte with the C??r of sylvr to the same, and
one featherbed wthall that dothe belonge to the same bedd, and this my guifte to Richarde my sone
to be paide to him at the deathe of his saide Mother, And if it happen that Richard my Sonne
doe dye wthin the lyfe of his sayde Mother wthout yssue of his bodye lawfully begotten, Then
all that his guifte afore to him given I give and bequeathe to Thomas Poulton his brother. Item
I give and bequeath to Thomas my sonne one fetherbed with the boulster the second best that
I have, twoe payer of flaxen sheets, one paier of  blanketts, one covrlett, and one flockebed
with a boulster to be worthe twenty shillinges, three paier of hempen sheets and one twylly
canvas, And Fourty poundes of lawfull englishe money and dozen of silver spoones. Item I give
and bequeathe to Ellynor my daughter one bedd with thappurtenannces and Fourtye poundes of
lawfull money of England. Item I give and bequeathe to Anne my daughter one bedd wth
thappurtenannces and Fourty poundes of lawfull money of England. Item I give and bequeathe
to Sybell my daughter one bedd with the purtenannce, and three score poundes of lawfull money
of England, and to theise my three daughters I give to every one of them three platters and three
pottingers apeece. Item I give and bequeathe to that childe that mowe my wief goeth wthall
whether yt be sonne or daughter yf god doe marke the same to lyfe Three score poundes of lawfull
money of England And also I give and bequeathe to Richard my sonne above named twenty pounds
of lawfull Englishe money to be payde to him at his age of one and twenty yeares. And for
the fyrst sixe score poundes above given my will is that the same shalbe putt forthe by the discression
of my Overseers to the use and preferment of the same children to whom yt ys given att twoe hole
yeares ende next after my decease. And for the other sixe score poundes next after given to bee
lykewise putt forthe for the preferment of the same children to whome yt ys given at the ende of
fower yeares next after the ende of the sayde twoe yeares And all the same somes of money or
legacies above given to my saide children to be paide to them and every of them with the trewe
encrease thereof at their ages of one and twentye yeares olde a peece or else at theire dayes of theire
marriages which soever shall fyrst happen. And further my verye will is that yf of my
children doe dye before the age or dayes of their marriages above named Then his or theire parte
so dying I give and bequeathe to the other that be surviving to be equally distributed betweene them
Item I give to my base daughter Grace Poulton Fyve poundes of lawfull englishe money
to be paide to my Overseers wthin one whole yeare after my deceasse and the same to be putt
forthe by them for her most preferment And to be paide to her by them at her age of one and
twentye yeares or at her daye of marriage. Item I give to John Poulton my brother Fourty
shillings. Item I give to Anne Poulton my syster fyve poundes of lawfull money of England
Item I give wo William Meaking tenne shillings. Item I give to Thomas Martyn three shillings.
Item I give to Arthure Hopkins three shillings. Item I give to James Cacke my godsonne
one Ewe worthe fyve shillings. Item I give to John Elton the younger one ewe worthye
fower shillinges fower pence. Item I give to Frannces River one ewe worthe fyve shillinges
Item I give to Richard Barley twoe shillings. Item I give to Joane Chester three shillinges
fower pence. Item also I will that my sayde executors or executrix whome I shall herein
name shall have the lettinge and setting of my Mansion howse in Corse with all the Landes
meadowes pastures ???dings Comons proffitts and commodities with all and singular their appurte
nannces to the same mansion house belonging or in any wyse apperteyninge or there wthall at any tyme
heretofore used ma???red and occupyed untyll suche tyme that William my sonne above named
doe come to the age of Fower and twentie yeares oulde towardes the payment of my guifts and
legacies above named Provided that my executors nor executrix nor any other having the
use or occupacon of my abovesaide mansion howse with theappurtenannces shall not fell nor
cutt downe any manner of tree nor trees nowe growing or hereafter to be growing in and
uppon the whole PREmisses above named nor other wayes to make any manner of waste in or

uppon the sayde premisses nor any parte thereof by any manner of meanes howsoevr. Item all the
Resydue of my goods and cattells (whatsoever is not above given nor bequeathed) I give and bequeathe
to Margery my wieff whome I doe make and orddyne my whole and only Executrix to paye my
Debtes Legacies and funerall and to to receive my debtes. Also I doe ordeyne and make Roger Keyse
of Upleadon, Richard Hill of Dymocke, Thomas Phelpes of Redmerley, Phillipp Sneede of
Stannton, Thomas Coocke or Corse and Thomas Poulton of Treddington my brother Overseers
of this my last will and testament to see the same performed and kepte, and alsoe to see that my sayde
Executrix doe bringe me honestly to the earthe and all them to have their costs borne by my sayde
Executrix for all suche paynes as they shall take therein, and every of them to have one busshell of
of wheate for a remembrannce of my goodwill.  Witnesses to this present Will Roger Keyse
Rycharde Hill, Thomas Phelpes, Phillip Sneede, Thomas Coocke, Thomas Poulton wth
other moe  debtes owinge to this Testator wthout specialtye of sondry men as appeareth
by his booke as hereafter followeth Thomas Rawlyns alias Compton sixe poundes fowretene
shillings William Morewent gent sixe poundes, Richard Rever of Corse Fyftene pounds
William Keylocke of Mynstreworth Fourty shillinges Phillipp Sneede of Stanton One
and twentye shillinges eight pence. John Parker of Bromesborowe sixe shillinges eighte
pence. The same John Parker one swarme of bees. William Vydler servannte to Maister
Dalamer fower shillings. Elizabeth Heyward for wood Eleaven shillings. James Heyward
of Hartpury Twenty shillinges, Richarde Hall of Corse sixe shillinges eight pence. Roberte
MOrse alias Smithe Twentye shillinges, William Hindy of Hartpury three shillings sixe
pence, Richarde Elkyn of the same parrishe tenne shillings. Richarde Heyward of EldreFeild
Seaven shillinges. William Clerke of Uploeadon the younger tenne shillinges, Richarde Clerk
his Father Sixe shillinges eight pence. John Syesmore Fower shillinges. William Glassenbury
Seaventene shillinges. John Roone of Tybberton Three poundes Fyftene shillinges. Hughe
Heywood fower shillinges. John Mathewe of EldreFelde sixe shillinges. William Twyning
of Upleadon thelder Eleaven shillinges. John Sandforde of Corse twelve shillinges eighte
pence. John Malton and John Vudrell seaventene shillings. Gyelles Meakings Thirteene
shillings fower pence. William Drew of Harpurty twoe shillinges eighte pence. Roger
Heyward sonne of Nicholas Heywarde Tenne shillinges. John White of Dymock Fourty
shillings. Richarde Hill my borther in lawe Tenne poundes. Philipp Dolly twentie shillings
John Taylor of Chadtesley Fyve poundes, Thomas Etkins seaventene shillings. Thomas
Poulton Twenty shillings. William Grasin of Mynsterworthe Fourty eight shillings
eight pence. The whole Some of theise PARcells of Debtes is Threescore eighte poundes
fower pence

Probatum fuit [this paragraph continues in latin to grant probate at London
on 3 November 1584]
Tertio die mensis Novembris Anno Domini millimo quingentesimo quarto                    [sic... should be quingentesimo octagesimo quarto]
[to] Margerie Relicte et executricis

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