7 July 1829 Will of William John Pitt of Organford, esquire (proved 23 January 1835)

The original document can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/1841

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In the Name of God Amen
I William John Pitt of Organ in the Parish of Lytchet Minster in the County of
Dorset Esquire do make and declare this my last Will and Testament in manner following
first I name and request my most sincere friend and relation The Revd Mr James Hanham
Bart his son The Revd Phelips Hanham and William Castleman Esquire of Wimebourne
Minster my Executors I also will that immediately after my burial all my stock Crop (if any)
utensils goods and furniture be sold and my rents collected to defray the Expences incurred
also that all my Estates and Lands at Lytchet Minster and Sturminster Marshall in
the County of Dorset together with the Estate at Milford in the County of Hants be sold
(except the little living called Coombs's and the field called Mill Craft with the five
Cottages and Gardens adjoining situated at Organ) as soon as convenient not to depreciate
their value That Mrs Whitby of Newlands If living do have the first offer of the Milford
Estate Also I will that with the proceeds the mortgage with all my just debts by imed-
iately paid off also that the residue of the money be bought into the three per Cent
Consols The whole Interest of which together with the rent of the Meadows and paper Mill called
West Mill situated near the Town of Wareham in the County of Dorset which I hold on
mortgage I give to my Executors In trust for my sisters Mrs Susan Bacon wife of Harry
Bacon for her whole and sole use only during her life and her receipt only to be
sufficient discharge and that not her present or any future husband do have the receiving
of any part of the said interest or rents also I will that after her death the said Interest and rent be equally devided between my Gt niece Jane
Penelope Hanham Mrs Sarah Wickens wife of the Revd John Wickens and Susan Pitt
Spinster of Chelsea Middlesex also for their sole uses and not for their present or future
husbands at the death of either her part to be divided between the survivors the last
survivor to take the whole for her life At her death the whole interest to be paid to
my nephew the Revd Phelips Hanham If he does not come to the title and Estates of 
his father and after him the whole principle and interest to  accumulate until
his second son attain the age of twenty one when the whole principle and interest I bequeath
to his sole use I also give to the Revd Phelips Hanham provided he does not come to
the title & Estates of his father the little living called Coombs's but if he does I give it
to his second son and his heirs also I give to my nephew William Pitt in the Royal
Navy and his heirs should he marry and have a family All that tenement or cottage
called Cheesmans also those two tenements close bye also called Cheesmans also those two
Tenements formerly the old Chequors public house together with the gardens orchard
and field adjoining called Mill Croft with all rights and privileges thereto belonging
as also the picture of his late father but should he die without male issue the whole to go
to the Revd Phelips Hanham or as above provided in case of his coming to the title
and estates of his father The use of my plate I give to my sister for her life after her to go
to the Revd Phelips Hanhams second son The Red Table China with the blue
tea set I give to Jane Penelopy Hanham with the picture of my lament son The blue table china and blue tea set

with my crest on it and also the breakfast set with cypher M.P. and crest I give to the Revd 
Phelips Hanham with my guns and shooting things My picture taken at China I give to my
sister Mrs Bacon the one in pearel I give to my sincere friend the Revd Sir James Hanham
Bart and I give to my friend Mr Castleman the sum of thirty pounds for his trouble I also
give to my truly faithful Servant Sarah Bishop twenty pounds as a reward for the most
conscienceous honesty and integrity I ever witness'd through my whole life  William Jno
Pitt  LS  Signed and Declared this seventh day of July 1829 in the presence of
Robert Chisman  Sarah Bishop  Festus Bishop

Proved at London 23d Jany 1835 before the Judge by the oaths of The Revd
Sir James Hanham Baronet The Reverend Phelips Hanham Clerk and William
Castleman Esquire the Executors to whom admon was granted having been first sworn by Com-
mission duly to administer

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