29 September 1691 Will of Moses Pitt of London, haberdasher (proved 8 October 1697)

The original document can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/440

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In the name of God Amen
I Moses Pitt Citizen and Habberdasher of London aged Fifty
two yeares or thereabouts being in perfect health of body and of sound
mind and memory Doe make this my last Will and Testament
revoaking all former Wills Imprimis I bequeath my Soul into the
hands of my Creator the great God of Heaven and Earth humbly
begging pardon for all my sinns both of Omission and Comission for
the sake of my Deare Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ Secondly I desire
body may bee buried privately without any pomp or unnecessary
Charges Thirdly I declare I dye in the comunion of the universall
Church of Christ Jesus on whose merits and satisfaction I relye
for salvation and doe beleive that hee that will be saved must live
piously to his Maker deale justly with his Neighbour and take
care of the preservation of his body and soul And also beleive the
Holy word of God contained in the old and new Testament Fourthly
as to the disposall of my Worldly goods the Lord having given and the

Lord having taken away What of the Lands Houses Leases or
Freehold goods chattles debts money &c shall in lawe or equity bee
mine at the time of my departure out of this Life (after my just
debts paid) I give and bequeath unto my dear and loveing Wife
Mary Pitt and sonn John Pitt to be equally devided betweene 
them share and share like during their naturall lives onely my
Will is that my freehold Estate shall be to my sonn John and
his Heires As also he shall have the Right of renewing all my
Estate which I hold from the Deane and Chapter of Westminster
by Lease or that I hold by Lease from any person or persons
whatsoever or from any Corporacion Company or Society wtsoever
or from or by any title from the Crowne of England This I 
declare to bee my last Will and Testament this Twenty nineth of
September one thousand six hundred ninety one  Moses Pitt
Signed Sealed and published as the last will and testament of the
within menconed Moses Pitt with the Words or by interlined in
the Penult Line in the presence of us Ro: Meldenne Richard Sanden
Samuel Holmes

Octavo Die Mensis Octobris Anno Dn Millimo
sexcentesimo Nonagesimo Septimo 
[this paragraph continues in Latin and appears to grant probate on 8 October 1697]
Maria Pitt Relicta

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