23 September 1652 Will of Edward Peeter [possibly of Padgham] (proved 26 November 1657)

The original document can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/269

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Weake in body and I bequeath
my Body to the Lord into Padgham Churchyard I give
to my Wife Twenty Poundes eight peeces of pewter and
s????er 4 feather bed 1 ???? bed 2 boulsters 2 boarded
steddles 3 blanketts 3 old paire of sheetes and 1 iron pott
1 ki?e? and 1 bolle and the beefe and 3 Chest and the Chest
inthe hall and the least bedd panne the old Cubbord in
the kitchin one ???k?? and a pann 1 h???ill and marry hath
1 yowe 1 lyanen ????? this my wife brought and this shee

shall have againe I give to my Daughter Margarett Thirty
pound at eighteene yeares of age If she dye before it shall
goe to the boye my sonne John I make Executor and Mr
Henry Boyer Executor in trust my wife shall have her
twenty pound within twelve moneth after my decease Edward
Peeter his last will and Testament and in good and perfect
memory the three and twentieth day of September 1652
Edward Peeter In the presence of Thomas Styant Robert
Styant I pray you Mr Boyer to be a guide to my daughter

This will was proved at London
the sixe and twentieth day of November in the yeare of our
Lord God one thousand sixe hundred fiftye seaven before the
Judges for probate of Wills and grantinge administrations
lawfully authorized by the oathe of John Peeter the sonne
Executor therein named To whome was comitted administracon
of all and singular the goodes chattells and debts of the saide
Deceased he beinge first sworne well and truely to adter

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