1 August 1702 Will of John Monnsher of Portsmouth, ropemaker (proved 1 December 1702)

Source: TNA, PROB 11/467

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In the name of God Amen
the first day of August in the yeare of our Lord One Thousand 
seven hundred and Two I John Monnsher of Portsmouth 
in the county of Southton Ropemaker being sick in Body 
but of perfect mind and memory Doe make and ordaine this my last 
will and testament in manner following that is to say Impris I
committ my Soule to God and my Body to the Earth Item all my
messuages lands and Tenements with their and every of their right 
members and apprennces in Portsmouth and Portsea in the said 
County I give and bequeath to my sonne John Monnsher his heires and
assignes forever But if hee dye under age and without Issue they shall
remaine to my other Children William and Elizabeth and the heires of 
their bodyes equally to be shared and divided betweene them but if they
both dye under age and without Issue then the said Messuages Lands and 
Tenements with their and every of their rights Members and 
appurtenances shall be equally divided among all my  relations
among whome my personall estate ought by Law to be distribued if I
should dye intestate without wife or Child and to the heires and assignes 
of such relations equally to be divided share and share alike forever 
Item I give to my brother James Monnsher forty pounds to bee 
paid within three months after my death To Thomas Smith sonne
of Thomas Smith late of Chatham Deceased One hundred 
pounds to be paid him when and as soone as hee shall attaine the age 
of One and Twenty yeares in the meane time my Executors shall
pay him yearly towards his maintenance five pounds To John
Neave the summe of five hundred pounds to be paid within Six
months after my death On this Condition he doe within that time pay
the mony I am bound with him for to John Grover and doe give good 
and sufficient securitie to pay and discharge all the debts and
Legacies (he ought by Law and equitie to pay and discharge) of Richard
Bramble otherwayes the said five hundred pounds Legacy to be void
Item I give to the Mayor and Aldermen of Portsmouth and their
Successors One hundred pounds to be paid within Three Monthes
after my Death To the end they shall on every St Thomas Day
distribute the Interest thereof among poore Widowes not receiving 
Almes there To the poore of the parish there Tenn pounds to be 
distributed the Tuesday next after my Death To my said brother 
James Monnsher Sarah Norell Elizabeth Pyke and each of them 
Tenn pounds To John Vyneing Samuel Hentey and Charles Bissell
all of Portsmouth and to each of them the summe of fourty pounds
Item I doe appoint that my sonne John shall be an Appretice to a
Turkey Merchant Item all the Rest Residue and Remainder of
my goods Chattells rights credits and estate my debts and funerall
expences being paid I give to my sonne John his executors admstrators
and assignes but if hee dye under the Age of One and twenty yeares the
same shall remaine to my said other Children equally to be divided 
betweene them at their respective ages of One and Twenty yeares and if
they both dye under age Then I give the same and every part & parcell
thereof to and amongst all my relations (among whom it ought to bee
distributed by Law if I should dye intestate leaving neither wife nor Child)
equally to be divided betweene them And I doe make the said John Vyneing
Samuel Henley and Charles Bissell Executors in Trust of this my Will

and guardians to all my said Children during their respective minorities And
doe direct that if any part of my personall estate shall happen to bee lost without
the wilfull neglect or defect of my Executors That then they shall not be charged
therewith In witnesse whereof revoaking all other Wills by mee made To this
my last Will and Testament I have put my hand and Seale the day and 
yeare above written John Monnsher Signed Sealed published and declared 
in the presence of ?? Mary Bissell Anthony Binsted J?? Morecroft Junr

Probatum fuit ... apud London ...
[this paragraph continues in Latin to grant probate on 1 December 1702]
Primo die mensis Decembris Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo
Johannis Vyneing Samuelis Henkey et Caroli Bissell

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