22 September 1684 Will of Edward Heighes of Middlesex (proved 6 November 1684)

The original document can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/378

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In the Name of God Amen
I Edward Heighes of Lincolnes Inne in the County of Middx Gent being
sensible of my mortalitie and my spiritts decaying am willing to leave things
quiet after my decease Doe this present two and twentieth day of September
Anno Domini one thousand six hundred eighty foure And in the six and

Thirtieth yeare of the reigne of our Sovereigne Lord Charles the second by the grace of
God of England Scotland France and Ireland King Defender of the Faither &c
make and declare this my last Will and Testament in manner and forme
following that is to say First I commend my soule into the hands of Almighty
God my Creator hopeing to obtaine full and free remission of all my sinns
through the allsufficient meritts death and intercession of my only Saviour
and Redeemer Jesus Christ And my Body I remitt to the earth from
whence it came in hopes of a ioyfull resurrection to bee decently interred
in the parish Church of East Worldham in the county of Southton as neer my
Relatcons as it can conveniently And as touching that small estate wch it
hath pleased God to give me in this world I give will devise and bequeath
the same as followeth First I will that all such debts as I shall iustly owe
at the time of my decease shall bee paid according to equity and good conscience
and because I would have them paid without any Scruple or denyall I doe
hereby give devise and bequeath unto my loveing wife Hannah Heighes
and my Brother Henry Heighes and their heires All that Soyle and
ground and the buildings thereupon scituate in Lovells Court in Paternoster
Rowe London lately purchased by mee and Jonathan Wilson Apothecary
upon this Trust and Confidence that they my said wife and brother
and the survivor of them shall make sale thereof soe soone and to the best
advantage they may or can and the mony raised thereby together with
the rents in the meane time shall pay towards the discharge of my said
Debts And I doe also give and devise unto my said wife and Brother
All my messuages in Lovells Court aforesaid which I hold of the
Company of Clothworkers London Upon this further trust and
Confidence that they shall out of the Rents and profitts thereof pay
all such Debts as my personall estate will not amount unto And
after my debts and funerall expences are fully paid and satisfied then
I give and bequeath all my said Messuages in Lovells Court
aforesaid and all my estate and terme therein unto my daughter
Sarah Heighes and her Assignes And if in case my said daughter shall
happen to die before shee attaine the age of one and twenty yeares or bee
married then I give and bequeath the same unto my two youngest
sonns William and John Heighes and their Assignes And if both my
said sonns shall happen to die before they attaine their sevrall Ages of
one and twenty yeares Then I give and bequeath the same Messuages
unto my eldest sonne Edward Heighes and his assignes Item I give
and bequeath unto my said sonns William and John Heighes and
their heires forever All my farme and Lands called Deane Lands
lyeing in Kingsly in the said County of Southton And my will and
meaning is that the Rents and profitts of the said Lands last
bequeathed shall goe towards the educateing and bringing up of my
three youngest children Sarah William & John Heighes untill such
time as my said Debts shall bee fully paid and satisfied Item I give
& bequeath unto my said sonne Edward Heighes and his heires forever
All my Close called Hartly Close scituate and lying in Hartly in
the said County of Southton and all those my two Closes in the occupacon
of John Maning lyeing in the parish of Alton in the said County
Item I give and bequeath unto my said sonne Edward all the
Damaske lynnen that was my Father Tibbs's and to my daughter
Sarah my Damask bedd and furniture thereunto belonging and to my
said sonns William and John the best of my bookes And I doe hereby

make and ordaine my said wife and brother sole Executors of this my last will
and Testament in trust as aforesaid And I give unto each of them for their
care and paines therein Tenne pounds a piece of lawfull mony of England to
buy them mourning And I doe hereby Revoke all former Wills by mee
made In witnesse whereof I the said Edward Heighes the Testator to
this my last will and testament have sett my hand & seale the day & yeare
above written Edward Heighes Signed Sealed published and declared
in the presence of Johnathan Wilson Barbara Robinson William
Wigan John Arden

Probatum fuit [this paragraph continues in latin to grant probate on
6 November 1684]
sexto die mensis Novembris Anno Domini Millimo Sexcesimo Octogemo quarto
[to] Hanna Heighes Relicta et Henrici Heighes 

[the following is written in the margin]
On the 22nd day of ??????? 1767 Adm??
with the will annexed of all and
singular the Goods Chattels and Credits
of Edward Heighes late of Lincolns
Inn in the County of Middlesex
???? Kensington in the said County
deced left unadministered by Hannah
Heighes Widow the Relict and
Surviving Executors named in the
said Will was granted to ???
Christmas Executor of the Will of
William Heighes deced whilst
living the Natural and lawfull
Son and only surviving Child of
the said deceased he having been
first sworn duly to adminr for
that the said Hannah Heighes dyed
Intestate and no residuary Legatee
is named in the said Will

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