3 May 1645 Will of George Heath of Sutton St Nicholas, yeoman (proved 27 July 1647)

Source: TNA, PROB 11/201

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In the name of the father the
sonne and of the Holy Ghost I George Heath of Sutton Saint Nicholas in the Countie
of Heref yeoman beinge well and healthy in body and whole in mind and in perfect memory
beinge pressed for a soldier for the Kings service and defence doe Ordaine ane make this my
last will and Testament in manner followinge And first of all I bequeath my soule to God
my Creator from whom I received the same And for my wordly goods I doe thus dispose Imprimus
I give devise and bequeath to my welbeloved kinsman Thomas Guise all my free lands &
Tenements lyinge in Sutton Saint Nicholas parish and the parish of Marden in the County
of Heref To have and To hold the said lands and Tenements wth their and every of
their Appurtenancs to him the said Thomas Gise and his heires and Assignes for ever
from and immediately after my decease Item I give and bequeath to my Cozen John Davies 
Children the summe of fortie shillings to be amonge them equally devided and to be unto
them paid out of my goods and specialties wthin a yeare after my decease Item I give
and bequeath to Roger Heath my Unckle the summe of forty shillings if he be now livinge
And I give and bequeath to my Cozen Roger Heath the younger the summe of twentie
shillings Item I give and bequeath to my kinswoman Ales Croone the wife of William
Croone of the Lakes the summe of Tenne shillings and my will is that the said severall
summes of money shalbe unto them paid wthin one yeare after my decease Item I 
give and bequeath to my Cozen Thomas Gise all my householdstuffe and imployments
of household and all my Corne now growinge upon the grounds if I the said George Heath happen to die
And my will is that out of my goods Corne and other my meanes the said Thomas Gise 
shall pay the summe of fortie shillings and the whole use thereof to Walter Leech of the 
parish of Pi??? in the Countie of Heref yeoman because I never paid him any peny since
first I receaved the same and likewise to pay to William Beavan the money wch I owe
unto him upon an account of a iust reckoninge to be to be made betweene him the said Wm Beavan
his wife and the said Thomas Gise Item I give to Margery Heath my mother in lawe my sowe
upon Condicon that shee shall unto me at my returne home the summe of five shillings 
or two score piggs to the same valew and all the Rest of my goods Brasse Pewter and
household stuffe by me undisposed I leave in trust wth my kinsman Thomas Gise to be
by him restored to me or to be accounteable therefore to me at my returne or before if
I shall have occasion to use the same In witness whereof I the said George Heath

have caused this my will to be read and published and put my hand and thereunto the third day
of May Anno ???? Caroli ???????? Anno Domini One thousand sixe hundred
forty five And of this my will I made my said kinsman Thomas Gise my sole Executor
George Heath Sealed and subscribed by the Testator in the presence of Thomas Lawrence
marke Thomas Mathewes marke John Walwyn

Probatum ac per sententiam
Definitivam Approbatum fuit Testamentum Supriscriptum apud London ...
[this paragraph continues in Latin to grant probate on 27 July 1647]
Decimo septimo die mensis Julii Anno Domini Millesimo sexcente-
seimo Quadragesimo septimo 
Thoma Gise 

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