1 February (20 Elizabeth [1578]) Will of Cicely Haggatt of Wells (proved 6 May 1583)

The original document can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/65

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In the name of god amen: I Cicely Haggatt
of Wells in the Countie of Somerset widowe, beinge of perfecte mynde and memorye, thankes be
unto allmightie god) but sycke in bodye, Doe make and ordeyne this my laste will and testamente in
manner and forme followinge Fyrste I bequeathe my sowle to allmightie god my Redemer and
Savioure And my bodye to be buried in Sainte Cuthberts Churche of Wells Fyrste my Will
is that Polidorus Hillacre my sonne shall houlde the howse I well in at Wells for ye terme
of yeares whiche I have in yt yf he shall so longe lyve, And yf that he shall dye before
the terme of yeares be expired, Then I give the howse to John Hillacre his sonne for ye resydue
of the terme of yeares then not expired. Item I gyve more to Polidor my sonne the furniture of
the Seller chamber as the bedds besteds and two of the best Coverletts withe the hanginges borde
chaires and the cheste. Item I give him the dyninge chamber furnyshed as yt ys, withe the best
Carpett. Item I gyve more to Polidorus my sonne the bedsteds in the fore chamber withe thee
Cupbord table borde spruce chest the hanginges as yt is but withe two featherbeds and twoo
flockebedds but withoute anye coverletts to the same bedds. Item more I gyve more to Polidore
my sonne the middle Chamber withe the bedsteds and the hangings           table bord
withe the chests two table clothes of Damask withe the napkyns for theme, and two towells of
Damask work two diaper table clothes, two diaper towells, two dosen of DiaPER napkins. Item more
I gyve to Polidore the furniture in the maidens chamber (one presse excepted) and the pewter there
Item I gyve to William Wigmor my sonne the Parsonage of Pennard withe the Lease of the
same. Item I gyve more to William Wigmor my sonne the Leaze of the Demaynes of ye PARsonage
of Barrowe, and Brynt whiche was made unto him of truste to my use. Item I gyve more unto
William Wigmore a featherbed a paire of blanketts and boulster a Coverlett and a paire of sheetes.
Item more I gyve to William Wigmore half a garnishe of vessell, a table clothe of Holland a twell
of the same, and a dosen of hollands napkins.  Itm more I gyve to William Wigmore the houshold
stuff which I boughte at the Vicaredge. Item more to William Wigmore I gyve to Crockes
a Cawdron and a panne, that is to saye, a greate crocke and a lesser. Item I gyve to Christopher
Frye one hundred of sheepe to be delyvered after shere tyme from Mylton, And the Resydue of
sheepe wh? I have at Mylton to be delyvered withe the rest he payinge for theme as theye
shalbe preyzed to Walter Pikes my brother. Item I gyve to Christopher Frye half a
garnishe of vessell of the myddle sorte, that is to saye, sixe platters, six sawcers, sixe potings
Item more to Xpofer Frye a Crock a panne and a featherbed and my best furred gowne a
sattenn half kyrtle and a petycote the best I have. Item I gyve to Jone Longe my daughter
my best turkeys. Item i give to Xpofer Frye the fyve kiene for the Tenne poundes wch hee
hathe paide for theme reservinge theire calves. Item I give to Suzann Hillacre sixe pounds
Thirtene shillinges fowre pence and cleane apparrell, to be paide to her two yeares after my
decease. Item I gyve to Marye Leage sixe poundes thirtene shillinges fowre pence wch I receyved
withe her whereof I was to have for the keepinge of her Three poundes sixe shillings eight pence

Item to Alice Solherne I doe gyve for her service Three poundes sixe shillinges eighte pence.
Item I give to William Hillacre my Sonne the Patent withe the Fee whiche he hadd at Banwell
in consideracion whereof I have bestowed other Legacies to his brother Polidorus. Item I gyve to
William Wigmore and Xpofer Frye all my parte of the Farme of Mylton. Item I gyve to Polidorus
Hillacre the grounde called the Mareswithe the Leaze of the terme of yeares yett to come. Item
more I gyve to Polidorus Hillacre the grounde called Fooke close withe the Lyme Kylles. Item
I gyve to Polidorus Hillacre the grounde in the Backeside. Item I gyve to Polidorus Hillacre the
lease of the Parsonage of Barrowe and Brynte. Item I gyve to Mr George Rodney the Ringe
whiche Mr Hoper gave mee withe a blewe stone. Item I gyve to my brother Walter Pikes the
Ringe whiche Roberte Watkins gave mee. Item i gyve to Polidorus Hillacre and William Wigmore
my Sonnes all the resydue of my gooddes unbequeathed my debtes and funeralls discharged whome I
I make my full and whole executores of this my laste will and testamente. And farther I doe constitute
appointe and make George Rodney sand Walter Pikes overseers of this my laste will and testamente
The whiche I made the Fyrste of Februarye in the fyve and twentithe yeare of Queene Elizabeth
By me George Rodney By me Walter Pikes

Probatum fuit suprascriptum testamentum apud London Coram venerabili
viro mageo Willmo Cruey Legum Doctore curis prerogative cantuariey commissario etc
Sexto die mensis May Anno Domini millimo quinagentesimo octogesimo tertio Juramento Poladori
Hillacre et Willm Wigmore executorum etc Nimbus commissa fuit administracio bonor?? etc de
bene etc Jurat

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