24 May 1651 Will of Robert Guy of Doynton, Gloucestershire, gentleman (proved 02 June 1652)

The original document can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/222

The will of Robert's father John is also available here.

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In the name of God Amen:
this twenty fourth of May 1651  I Robert Guy of Dington in the County of Glou
gent being sicke of body but of good and perfect memory Doe make and ordaine this
my last will and testament in manner and forme following that is to say First of
all I commend my solle into the hands of god not doubting but by the merritts and
sufferings of my saviour Christ to be a saved saint in heaven As for my wordly
goods and estate I give and devise in manner and forme following Inprimis as for that
mony that is due unto me from Mr Seymor with the charges I have bin at in defending
the suite I had commenced against me by Mr Ruswell my will and pleasure is that as
soone as it cann be recovered from Mr Seymor with the advice of my Overseers it
shalbe put to use the benefitt whereof I give and bequeath unto my loveing wife
Joane dureing the terme of her naturall life As for the principall I give and bequeath
in manner and forme following an equall division to be made amongst the Children
that are now living of my sister Peidrs of which are Edward George Elizabeth and
Grace the Children of my brother Pykes which are John Walter William and Thomas
the daughter of my sister Cutt whose name is Jane and to John Guy the sonne of my           due unto me with tenne
brother William Guy Item I give and forgive unto my mother Mrs Ann Guy all sume             poundes yearelie to be
or sumes of mony that is due unto me by bills bonds accounts or any other way ^ my        ^ paid by my wife unto
wife can either obtain the said mony from Mr Seymor or can receive use for the same         my said mother as soon as
from him Item for all other of my goods and estate not devised I give unto my wife
Joane who I make my full and whole Executrix And I doe ^ desire my loveing brothers       ^ alsoe
William Guy and Walter Pykes to be my Overseers of this my last will and testamt
In wittnes whereof I have here unto sett my hand the day and yeare first above
written the marke of Robert Guy Wittnesses hereunto Thos Bucke Wat Pykes
the marke of Elizabeth Crassing ???????????? since my subscribing unto this my will
above written I doe give and bequeath unto my Nephew John Pykes all my right
title and interrest that I have unto my lands in the New found Land Wittnesse my
marke the marke of Robert Guy Thos Bucke Wat Pykes

This will was proved at London the second day of June in the yeare of our Lord God
one thousand six hundred fifty two before Sr Nathaniel Brent knight Doctor of Laws
Master or keeper of the prerogative Court by the oath of Joane Guy the Relict of
the said Deceased and executrix named in the said will to whom was committed
Administration of all and singular the goods chattells and debts of the said will
she being sworne by Commission well and truly to administer the same

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