4 January 1639 Will of John Guy of Bristol, gent (proved 5 March 1639)

The original document can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/182

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In the name of God Amen The Fowrth day
of January Anno Domini one thousand six hundred thirty and nyne A???? Reg??
??gis ??roli ???? Anglie ?? Decimoquinto I John Guy of the Cittye of Bristoll gent being
sicke and weake in body but of good and perfect mynde and memory (thankes bee given
to Allmighty God for the same) Doe make and ordaine this my last will and testament
in manner and forme followeinge First I commend myselfe both soule and body
into the hands of Almightie God my maker and of Jesus Christ his onely sonne my
onely Saviour and Redeemer Trusting and ashuredly PERsuadeinge my selfe that by
and throughe his pretious death and passion (and not by any merrites or defects of
myne owne) I shall bee made partaker of everlastinge life and live with him forever
in his kingdome And my body I comitt to the Earthe from whence it came to
bee buryed in the parrishe Churche of St Stephens within the said Cittye of Bristoll
where my late deceased father John Guy lyeth buryed there And as for that worldly estate
which God of his infinite mercye hath lent mee in this world I dispose thereof as
followeth Inprimis I give unto the poore people of the parrishe of St Stephens
aforesaid the some of three pounds in money to bee distributed amongest them by
my executrix heerereundernamed and the Churchwardens of the said parrishe att
theire discrecons Item I doe desyre and appointe my said executrix to bestow and lay
out tenne pounds or thereabouts for the erecting of a Monument for my said Father
in the said Churche Item I give and bequeath unto my good freinde Jacob Br???e

Clerke five pounds in money to buy him a Gowne and to preache a sermon att my
funerall And I doe give unto him all my Divinity bookes which were my fathers or mine
???e which the said Jacob Brint shall like and make choice of Item I give devise and
bequeath unto my loving mother Anne Guy all that my Capitall messuage or tenement
with thappurtenances sittuate in Small streete within the said Citty nowe in the tenure
of Nickolas Snell Marchant And alsoe the foreparte of the said messuage or tenement
late in the tenure of Franncis Dirricke Marchant and nowe in the tenure of mee the
said John Guy Together with all sellers sollars Vaults hawles Parlors Kitchins
Chambers Roomes pavements gardens and all other proffitts comodityes and
appurtenances to the said messuage or tenement and the forepart thereof belonging
or in any wise apperteyninge To have and to hould the said messauge or tenement
and the foreparte thereof and all other the premisses with their and every of theire
appurtenences and every parte and parcell thereof unto my said mother Anne Guy
her heires and assignes forever Condiconally that my said mother her heires or assignes
Doe within twoe yeares next comeinge after my decease well and truely pay or cause
to bee paid unto Mary Bucke single woman my kinswoman or her assignes the full sume
of fower hundred powndes of lawfull money of England And in defaulte of payment
thereof as aforesaid Then I give devise and bequeath all that the said Capitall
messuage or Tenement and the foreparte thereof and all other the premisses with theire
and everye of theire appurtenances and every parte and parcell thereof unto the said
Mary Bucke her heires and assignes forever Item I give and bequeath unto my
sister Elizabeth Guy and her assignes All that messuage or tenement in Broad Streete
wherein the widdowe Belsire nowe dwelleth within the said Citty together with
all sellers sollars hawles PARlors Chambers Kitchins Romethes pavements Comodities
and appurtenances whatsoever thereunto belonging togeather alsoe with the lease which I have
thereof and all the Rents and profitts thereof For all the tyme tearme and estate
which shalbee to come therein by vertue of the said Lease after my Decease All the
rest of my goods chattels plate and other things whatsoever heeren not by mee
given and bequeathed my debtts and legacies beinge paid and funerall expences
discharged I give and bequeath unto my said loving mother Anne Guy whome I
doe make and ordaine sole executrix of this my last will and testament And I
doe heereby nominate appointe and desire my good freinds William Greeme Esqr
and John Thrapp gent to bee overseers of this my last will and testament
desireinge them to bee ??deinge and assistinge in the best manner they ca?? unto
my said executrix in the performance of this my last will and testament And I doe
give unto each of them five pownds in money apeece as a token of my love to them
And I doe heereby revoake all former wills and testaments by mee made in
writeinge or word or mouthe and doe declare this to bee my last will and testament
In wittnes whereof and of all other the presmisses I the said John Guy have
heereunto sett my hand and seale the day and yeare first above written
John Guy signed sealed and acknowledged by the said John Guy to bee his
last will and testament the said fowrth day of January Anno Domini one thowsand
six hundred thirty nine in he pnce of Ric Goodyeare  George Hartwell nory pub?? & John Hartwell

Quinto die mensis Marcii Anno Domini [...]
Anglicane millimo sexcenmo tricesimo nono
[this paragraph continues in latin and appears to grant admon to "Anna Guy mater et executrix"]

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